• Father who reportedly gave children prescription drugs jailed on neglect charge

    Published: Wed, Oct 22, 2014

    A Tulsa father accused of giving his three children unauthorized prescription medication to control their behavior was arrested on Tuesday. Charles Wayne Gillum, 24, was taken to the Tulsa Jail on a child neglect charge filed July 23. A Tulsa police affidavit filed Aug. 7 indicated that Gillum repeatedly gave his children — ages 1, 2 and 3 — Clonidine and Daytrana, which are commonly prescribed to individuals dealing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Parents enter pleas after 2-year-old starved 'literally, almost to death'

    BY AMANDA BLAND, Tulsa World | Published: Tue, Oct 21, 2014

    The parents of a 2-year-old girl hospitalized in critical condition last year entered blind guilty pleas on a neglect charge Tuesday in lieu of a scheduled jury trial. The girl, who was two months from her third birthday at the time of her parents’ arrest, had been left lying in a crib most of her life, weighed 13 pounds and couldn’t walk, talk or chew, authorities said. She was later diagnosed with leukemia, but since her parents did not seek medical care before her hospitalization they were unaware of her having the blood disorder, said Assistant District Attorney Sarah McAmis. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Tulsa County officials told to delete documents, text indicates

    BY KEVIN CANFIELD, Tulsa World | Published: Tue, Oct 21, 2014

    Tulsa County’s interim information technology director on Saturday instructed at least four county employees to shred, destroy and delete a document critical of his role in selecting an IT management company for the county, records indicate. Dan Pease’s text message was sent at 7:27 a.m., less than 24 hours after the county received an anonymous “citizen request” stating that Pease has a conflict of interest because he works for one of the firms being considered to operate the county’s Information Technology Department full-time. The “ citizen request” link on the Tulsa County website’s Contact Us section allows residents to request information and/or action from the county. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • KSWO: Woman arrested in Lawton claimed Jesus Christ will pay her restaurant tab

    Published: Mon, Oct 20, 2014

    Police say a woman in Lawton ordered food and alcoholic drinks at a restaurant in Lawton and told managers that her husband, Jesus Christ, would pay for them, KSWO reports . Kristi Rhines was booked into the Lawton City Jail on a complaint of fraud. Read the rest of this story at KSWO.com .

  • Social media posts detail spending habits of Duncan triple-homicide suspect

    BY ZIVA BRANSTETTER, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Oct 16, 2014

    Hours before he allegedly gunned down his parents and sister, Alan Hruby snapped a photo of OU's football stadium from his dorm room window and posted it on social media. "You could say we have a good view," his post on Instagram and Twitter says. The time was 12:41 a.m. Thursday, the same day Hruby, 19, allegedly left his cell phone in his dorm room at OU's Headington Hall and drove to his family's upscale neighborhood in Duncan. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Fallin declines invitation for second debate

    BY BARBARA HOBEROCK, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Oct 15, 2014

    Gov. Mary Fallin on Wednesday declined an invitation for a second debate to be held at the University of Oklahoma. Her opponent, Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs, had accepted the offer made earlier this week in an editorial in the campus newspaper. “We are disappointed,” said OU Daily editor Blayklee Buchanan, 21. “We really hope to see the candidates come debate on our campus and give students that direct access to the candidates so they can vote from an educated standpoint.” Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Aerospace company announces contract that will eventually bring 300 jobs to state

    BY CASEY SMITH, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Oct 15, 2014

    NORDAM announced Wednesday that a contract signed in 2010 will eventually bring approximately 300 new jobs to Tulsa. The aerospace company has designed, engineered, developed and manufactured an integrated powerplant system for two Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, PW814GA and PW815GA. The integrated powerplant system and engines will be used on the Gulfstream G500 and G600 aircraft, the new family of business jets that Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced Tuesday in Savannah, Ga. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Hilti moving North American headquarters from Tulsa to Dallas area

    BY ROD WALTON, Tulsa World | Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Hilti North America announced Tuesday it will move its corporate headquarters from Tulsa to the Dallas-Fort Worth area by next summer. The Liechtenstein-based international tool company will maintain its operations center in Tulsa once the move is completed in June 2015. The Tulsa facility will employ about 425 people at that time. About 250 positions will move to the Dallas area, Hilti reported. The $26 billion complex will house the company's headquarters, test lab, repair service and distribution centers, according to the release. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Records show mistakes, questionable evidence in woman's overturned murder case

    BY CARY ASPINWALL and ZIVA BRANSTETTER, Tulsa World | Published: Mon, Oct 13, 2014

    Prosecutor Tim Harris stood before jurors deciding Michelle Murphy’s fate and told them police found someone’s blood near her slain baby’s body — blood he implied could be hers. “Ladies and gentleman, beyond a reasonable doubt this woman killed her child,” he told them. What Harris didn’t tell jurors is that as the trial started Nov. 14, 1995, he possessed a report from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation that said Murphy’s blood type was different than the type found at the scene. That test determined DNA found at the scene was not hers, contradicting Harris’ implication to jurors about what the Tulsa police lab tests showed. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • God's E.R. helps cast out demonic manifestations

    BY BILL SHERMAN, Tulsa World | Published: Fri, Oct 10, 2014

    N o heads were spinning 360 degrees, and no one was shrieking or foaming at the mouth Monday night during God’s E.R. ministry sessions, which are held several times a week in Tulsa to cast demons out of people and then to help them stay free. “We see a variety of (demonic) manifestations, but not for long,” said John Heim, a volunteer minister who is also a Tulsa air traffic controller. “We don’t allow manifestations. They might raise their heads, but we take authority over them.” Sessions are peaceful and nonthreatening, he said. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Inhofe drops opposition to Ebola funding

    BY RANDY KREHBIEL, Tulsa World | Updated: Fri, Oct 10, 2014

    U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Friday he has dropped his opposition to the use of military resources to combat the spread of Ebola in West Africa. "After careful consideration," Inhofe said in a press release, "I believe that the outbreak has reached a point that the only organization in the world able to provide the capabilities and speed necessary to respond to this crisis is the U.S. military." Inhofe went on to say, however, that he is unlikely to agree with future requests "because of the failure of the Obama administration to responsibly and strategically plan in advance for how the U.S. will be involved in West Africa." Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Here Is The Richest Woman In Each State

    Published: Fri, Oct 10, 2014

    When we think about the most powerful women in America, names like Oprah Winfrey, Janet Yellen, and Sheryl Sandberg come to mind. But measure sheerly by the size of their bank accounts, and a different group of women top the charts. This map from the real estate blog Movoto displays the net worth of the richest female resident in each U.S. state. Darker shades of blue reflect those at the richest end of the wealth spectrum. Darker reds correlate with lesser net worth. Lighter shades of both indicate something closer to the middle.

  • Tulsa minister pleads guilty in nearly $1 million embezzlement case

    BY MIKE AVERILL, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Oct 9, 2014

    The Rev. Willard Jones, former executive director of the Greater Cornerstone Community Center at pastor at Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church, pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly $1 million in funds on Thursday. Jones, 63, pleaded guilty to three counts of wire fraud and one count of subscribing to a false tax return, according to U.S. Attorney Danny C. Williams Sr., for the Northern District of Oklahoma. Jones, who was charged Aug. 13, admitted in his plea to misappropriating approximately $933,000 from the Greater Cornerstone Community Development Project, a nonprofit created to raise money for the creation and operation of the Great Cornerstone Community Center, between September 2007 and June 2013. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Other same-sex couples taking the plunge in Tulsa County

    BY GINNIE GRAHAM, Tulsa World | Published: Mon, Oct 6, 2014

    When Josh McCormick and Bill Owens went to work Monday, they didn't expect to rush down to the Tulsa County Courthouse at lunchtime to get a marriage license. The couple has been together for seven years and have been talking about making it legal for the past four years. They were just waiting for the chance. "It's great to see this happen in our own state," said McCormick, 42. "I knew this would happen eventually. I just thought it'd be 10 or 20 years. I figured Oklahoma would be the last state to approve it." Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Bennett doubles down on anti-Muslim vitriol at Muskogee tea party event

    BY DYLAN GOFORTH, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Oct 2, 2014

    MUSKOGEE — If it wasn’t clear already, it should be now. State Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, is not going to back down on his criticism of Muslims and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Speaking to about 25 members of the Muskogee Patriot Group at the town’s public library on Thursday, Bennett doubled down on statements he’s made that have garnered national attention in the last few weeks, covering a variety of topics but saving some especially vicious vitriol for CAIR. Bennett told the tea party group that there’s “no difference between moderate Islam and extreme Islam” and said CAIR might have been lying to promote its pro-Muslim agenda when it denounced the actions of Alton Nolen, who is accused of beheading a woman in Moore last week. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Attorneys seek contempt ruling against Tulsa DA in murder case

    BY ZIVA BRANSTETTER, Tulsa World | Updated: Thu, Oct 2, 2014

    Attorneys for a woman who was exonerated in a 20-year-old murder case have asked a judge to find Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris in contempt of court on an allegation that he withheld evidence that could have proved her innocence years ago. The motion by attorneys Richard O’Carroll and Sharisse O’Carroll asks Tulsa County District Judge William Kellough to hold Harris in contempt of court for his conduct in the prosecution of Michelle Murphy. Murphy was freed from prison this summer based on newly discovered evidence after serving nearly 20 years for the murder of her infant son. Earlier this month, Kellough declared her innocent, and all charges were dropped. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper accused of rape resigns

    BY DYLAN GOFORTH, Tulsa World | Published: Mon, Sep 29, 2014

    Eric Roberts, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper arrested earlier this month on accusations that he raped and sexually assaulted three women during traffic stops, has resigned from the patrol, according to OHP Capt. George Brown. Brown said Roberts' resignation letter arrived late Thursday and was processed Friday. Roberts has not been charged, though a document released this month by the Creek County District Attorney's Office outlined three traffic stops that Roberts made this summer where he allegedly sexually assaulted women. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Oklahoma PTA calls for State Superintendent Janet Barresi to step down

    BY KIM ARCHER, Tulsa World | Updated: Fri, Sep 26, 2014

    The Oklahoma Parent Teacher Association is joining the chorus of calls for state Superintendent Janet Barresi to resign from office immediately. Barresi has "continued to erode the relationship between the state Department of Education and the school boards, administrators, teachers and parents of Oklahoma public schools," Oklahoma PTA President Jeffery Corbett said in a statement Friday. The call comes a day after Lee Baxter, a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education, demanded at the end of the board's regular meeting that Barresi step down immediately rather than wait until her term is over in January. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Because I Said So: My five days on the SNAP Challenge were not fun

    BY ADAM DAIGLE, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Sep 24, 2014

    I thought I knew hunger. We all think we do, right? You get in a situation where you don’t have time to eat, find yourself hungrier than you thought you’d be and you can’t go on without something to eat. Is that hunger to you? Hunger is worse than that. My only experience with real hunger was years ago when my pay at one newspaper job didn’t go far enough. But last week when my wife and I accepted the SNAP Challenge from the good people at Restore Hope Ministries for five days, I quickly realized my only experience with hunger was nothing. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Deputies' use of force in Turley arrest unjustified, mother says

    BY SAMANTHA VICENT and KENDRICK MARSHALL, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Sep 24, 2014

    The use of force in the arrest Monday of a man who reportedly attempted to rob a convenience store appears to be justified, despite his mother's claims that deputies went too far in their efforts, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday. Paul Wallace Richardson, 26, is in the Tulsa Jail on complaints of attempted robbery and resisting arrest in connection with an incident Monday night at the Maverick Mini-Mart in the 6400 block of North Peoria Avenue in Turley. Tulsa County Sheriff's Maj. Shannon Clark said surveillance footage shows Richardson's mother, Charlene Richardson, stop him from stealing a cash register he had grabbed after climbing onto the counter. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .