• Visa loves the fees and announces a stock split

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    Visa is surging, and that's likely a good sign for the economy. The credit card company reported an 11% jump in payment volume. Over $1 trillion worth of transactions were made on Visa (V) cards from October 1 to December 31. That's not too far off from the size of the total Australian economy, and that was only one quarter for the company. Visa also announced a stock split. On March 19, investors who hold one share in the company will receive four shares. It's a common move by companies when their stock price gets too high. Visa currently trades for about $250 a share, which will make shares about $63 apiece after the split.

  • Incredible 50-ft 'dragon' dinosaur unearthed by Chinese farmers

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    Paleontologists have discovered a 50-ft "dragon" dinosaur species in China that may have roamed the earth 160 million years ago in the Late Jurassic period. The long skeleton was found in 2006 by some local farmers digging for a fishpond in Qijiang city in China's southwestern Chongqing province.

  • 'Fresh Off The Boat' sitcom draws backlash after tweet

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    ABC's "Fresh Off The Boat," the first sitcom to feature an Asian American family in two decades, has run into renewed controversy a week before its debut. While the show has been praised for its potential to rebut stereotypes, its social media team flubbed when it tweeted a graphic featuring caricatures of different races underneath the phrase "We're all a little #FreshOffTheBoat."

  • OU football: Samaje Perine nominated for ESPN Sport Science Award

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    OU freshman running back Samaje Perine will be in Phoenix on Friday as part of the second annual ESPN Sport Science Newton Awards. In its second year, the Sport Science Newton Awards aren't judged via a voting process, but are based on "unprecedented scientific analysis of thousands of athletic performances" throughout the year. Perine has been nominated in the category of "Outstandind New Limit" for his record-breaking  427-yard, five-touchdown performance against Kansas in November.

  • Liver transplant ethics: Should alcoholics be sober first?

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    A Toronto woman whose husband died of liver failure in 2010 plans to challenge an Ontario policy that requires alcoholics to be sober six months before they are considered as candidates for a liver transplant. In 2010, Mark Selkirk was diagnosed with acute alcoholic hepatitis and told by doctors he would die without a liver transplant. In Ontario, patients who need a new liver must abstain from drinking for six months before they are eligible for a transplant. Selkirk died two weeks after his diagnosis.

  • This Concept Is Everything You're Hoping For the iPhone 7

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    Some people are just getting their iPhone 6s, but many are already looking for the next big thing, says Popsugar. Designer Yasser Farahi created an elaborate concept of what the next evolution in iPhone might look like. À la the Pantone color of the year, Marsala , Yasser is thinking Apple will go with muted, earthy colors for the iPhone 7. His vision of the phone is a device that's much thinner and evolved in every way.

  • Buzz Kill: 3 Daily Cocktails May Boost Stroke Risk: Study

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    You may want to keep that third beer of the night stashed in your fridge, NBC News says. People in their 50s and 60s who down more than two alcoholic beverages daily have a 34 percent higher risk of stroke compared to lighter drinkers — and are more apt to suffer a stroke five years earlier in life regardless of their genetics or their other health habits, asserts a study released Thursday. In fact, sipping beyond a two-drink maximum each day may boost a middle-aged person's stroke risk more than even traditional health dangers like high blood pressure and diabetes, say researchers who base their findings on tracking more than 11,000 Swedish twins for roughly half their lives.

  • Romney to tell supporters his 2016 plans Friday

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    Former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has made a decision on whether to go forward with a third presidential bid and will tell to supporters which way he is going in a Friday morning call, a source familiar with Romney's plans tells CNN. Another Romney source said "the call is an 'update' call with finance, political, policy and grassroots leadership around the country." While Romney will not officially announce his plans for 2016, he will clarify whether he is moving towards a run or pulling back from the prospect.

  • Commission hears report critical of Oklahoma's handling of new teacher evaluations

    BY ANDREA EGER, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    The statewide commission overseeing Oklahoma’s new teacher-evaluation system received a stinging new report Thursday about educators’ lack of buy-in and trust in the system. Researchers from the Southern Regional Education Board, or SREB, conducted focus groups with 131 educators from 58 school districts across the state in September and October. They told the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Commission that while new methods for rating teachers based on classroom observations are widely considered to be a significant improvement over schools’ old ways of evaluating teachers, other student data-based measures of educator performance are widely misunderstood and considered invalid. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • State Rep. Sally Kern withdraws bill that would have allowed businesses to discriminate against gays

    BY BARBARA HOBEROCK, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    Rep. Sally Kern has withdrawn a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gay people. The Oklahoma City Republican issued a statement Thursday indicating the measure did not accomplish her desired purpose. She was not available for additional comment. Kern's House Bill 1597 stated: “No business entity shall be required to provide any services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods or privileges related to any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person, group or association.” Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Police union spokesman pushes young black woman at public hearing on civilian review

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    Jeff Roorda, business manager for the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association, pushed a young black woman at a public hearing on civilian review at St. Louis City Hall on Wednesday, January 28.

  • Helmerich & Payne to lay off 2,000 employees despite $203 million profit

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    The cuts are spurred by a reduction in rig use due to falling crude oil prices, CEO John Lindsay said during the earning call with analysts.

  • Police investigating officer-involved shooting in Stillwater

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in Stillwater.

  • The all-female 'Ghostbusters' cast, remade as paper dolls

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    After months of speculation, it seems the cast of the next Ghostbusters is set. On Tuesday, director Paul Feig tweeted an image of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, the new team of paranormal investigators in the upcoming all-female remake, Mashable reports. Filming isn't expected to begin until this summer, but it's never to early to start merchandising. So we made these paper dolls of the new squad in full bustin' regalia, complete with unlicensed nuclear accelerators. Plus Slimer, because why not? Print and cut them out to make your own ghastly adventures, or just make your officemates jealous.

  • When a tweet diverts a plane: FBI probing Twitter threats against airlines

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    Five U.S. flights have been evacuated, delayed or diverted in the past week as a result of threats made against airlines on Twitter, Mashable reports.  On top of that, at least 20 different flights have been threatened in a series of tweets from different users since Saturday, NBC News reported. More than 50 threats have been made online since Jan. 17, CNN said. The messages are often bomb threats, or sometimes discuss other weapons supposedly aboard a plane.

  • Texas Rep. to Staff: Ask Muslim Visitors to Pledge Allegiance to U.S.

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    Freshman state Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, is not in Austin today to celebrate Texas Muslim Capitol Day. But she left instructions for the staff in her Capitol office on how to handle visitors who are, including asking them to declare allegiance to the United States, The Texas Tribune reports. "I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office with instructions to staff to ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws," she posted on Facebook. "We will see how long they stay in my office." Texas Muslim Capitol Day is organized by the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. On its website, the day-long event is described as "an opportunity for community members to learn about the democratic political process and how to be an advocate for important issues." The agenda calls for sessions about political activism and visits to the offices of state representatives.

  • DeMarco Murray says he's prepared to play elsewhere

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray stopped by the Dan Patrick show on Thursday morning (you can watch the entire interview here ), and said that he's prepared to play elsewhere in 2015 if he doesn't re-sign with the Cowboys. "Yeah. I understand the business aspect of it," Murray said when asked by Patrick if he's prepared to play for another team next season. "There's no hard feelings if we can't reach a deal together, but hopefully we can and we'll see what happens." Murray, who led the NFL in rushing in 2014 (1,845 yards), is a free agent entering the offseason. The former OU running back said it wasn't so much about a final pay day or big contract, but "at the end of the day, it's about winning a Super Bowl." "I don't know yet. We're just taking it day-by-day. We're not worried about it too much right now," Murray said of his contract negotiations. "We just wrapped up the Pro Bowl. We'll touch bases when we have to, but right now we don't." Patrick went on to ask Murray if both he and current Cowboys teammate Dez Bryant can both be re-signed. It's been widely debated whether or not the Cowboys can ( or should ) keep Murray, Bryant, or both. "You're asking the wrong guy," Murray said. "Hopefully, when it's all said and done, we both remain there. We've built a great foundation along with coach (Jason) Garrett and the rest of the team. I think that team is heading in the right direction." Murray's former OU teammate Sam Bradford  also addressed questions about his future Wednesday on WWLS 98.1 FM.

  • Jesse Ventura Won't See 'American Sniper'; Says Chris Kyle Is No Hero

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    American Sniper is tops at the box office but don’t expect to see former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura lining up at a theater for it.

  • Ball pit for grown ups opens in Hammersmith

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    A ball pit for adults only has opened in west London.

  • Amazing picture shows 200-year-old mummified monk in lotus position discovered in Mongolia

    Published: Thu, Jan 29, 2015

    A 200-year-old mummified monk in a lotus position has been discovered in Mongolia.