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  • Oklahoma State freshman Devon Thomas not on Cowboys' football roster

    staff reports | Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    OSU coach Mike Gundy said at his Big 12 Media Days press conference that "the roster that we handed out today are the players that will report next week."

  • Mad scientists create real cheese even vegans can eat

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    Consider this: For the energy it takes to raise one U.S.-bred cow, you can get up to ten-times as many calories by growing grain. But as inefficient as raising livestock is, and as queasy as commercial cattle production methods may make you, you can't deny that the products we get from animals are culinarily indispensable and utterly (udderly?) delicious. That's why a group of volunteer scientists out of San Francisco have started an Indiegogo campaign to create a vegan cheese that's indistinguishable from cow cheese, according to Normally, vegan cheeses are derived from tapioca flour, vegetable glycerin, or nuts. They also tend to be rather unsatisfying, to put it charitably. That's because all current vegan cheeses lack a crucial ingredient: the animal proteins found in milk.

  • LEGO rolls out 'Dark Knight' Tumbler for Comic-Con

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    Why so serious? Because Batman's most intimidating Batmobile ever is getting the LEGO treatment, according to USA TODAY. A LEGO Tumbler, the Caped Crusader's black armored vehicle of choice in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movie trilogy, will be on display at Comic-Con this week beginning Wednesday. Following the pop-culture convention, which runs through July 27, the Tumbler toy (1,869 pieces, $199) goes on sale at LEGO stores and in September.

  • A Nine-Year-Old Boy Has Remarried A 62-Year-Old Woman In South Africa

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    This is Saneie Masilela and his bride, Helen Shabangu, at their second ritual marriage ceremony in Kildare Village, Mpumalanga, South Africa, according to BuzzFeed. At nine-years-old, Saneie is the world’s youngest groom. Helen is a 62-year-old married mother of five. She works at a recycling plant. The couple originally married in 2013 after Saneie claimed that his dead ancestors had instructed him to do so. They then repeated their vows with a second ceremony this year, according to local wedding tradition, BuzzFeed reports.

  • Police involved in standoff at Shawnee home

    BY NEWS9.COM | Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    Shawnee police are involved in a standoff after a suspect broke into a home and refused to come outside Monday morning.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal First Look as ‘Nightcrawler’ Surfaces in Craigslist Video: ‘Hard Worker Seeking Employment’

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    The first video of Jake Gyllenhaal as his “Nightcrawler” character surfaced on the Internet Saturday in a bizarre place: Craigslist. Or perhaps not a bizarre place at all and simply the kickoff of a clever viral marketing campaign, according to The Wrap. A representative for Open Road has not yet returned TheWrap's request for comment. In the clip, Gyllenhaal's character — an aggressive freelance crime journalist — is searching for employment while philosophizing on the current climate for present day job seekers.

  • Google is testing an awesome new Google Maps feature we can’t wait to get our hands on

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    Google Maps is an amazing tool that has quite literally changed our lives. Even the shortest trips to unknown locations used to be a production that involved searches and routing on Mapquest (or, heaven forbid, on an actual paper map) and then carrying printouts of one’s path to consult while driving. Now, we type a quick search in Google Maps on our phones and go. Of course, Google is hardly one to rest on its laurels despite having released a product that has had such an impact. The company is constantly adding nifty new features to Maps, and now it’s working on one we cannot wait to get our hands on, BGR reports. Getting to your destination is one thing, but discovering interesting things about your surroundings is an area where Maps clearly has room to improve. As noted by Android Police on Monday, Google is seemingly testing new features in Google Maps that may do a good job of supplying those improvements.

  • Netflix tests private viewing mode to hide your B-movie binges

    Updated: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    We’ve all been down that road: You decide to watch some roadhouse B-movie fare on Netflix, hoping that it will be fun on some level, but it ends up just being a very bad choice — one that you and everyone sharing your account are reminded of the next day, and that your friends may even see as well, if you have chosen to share your viewing with Facebook. Netflix may be able to help you with those B-movie binges soon: reports the company is starting to test a private viewing mode.

  • Patriot Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak Dies at Age 21

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    Skye McCole Bartusiak, who played Mel Gibson's young daughter in 2000's The Patriot, died at the age of 21 on Saturday, July 19. She was found at her home in Houston, Texas, but a cause of death has not been determined, CNN reports. Bartusiak's mother Helen McCole Bartusiak told CNN that her daughter had been suffering from epileptic seizures recently, and her boyfriend found her sitting up in her bed. "We think she had a seizure and choked and nobody was there," her mother said. "They were working on her for 45 minutes and could not get a heartbeat."

  • Big 12's 'Football Coaches' video morphs Kliff Kingsbury into Charlie Weis

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    And all the Kingsbury groupies shrieked in horror. At Big 12 Media Days on Monday, the conference released two videos to kick off the event. One was of coaches promoting the Big 12's "One True Champion" motto, with the coaches of each team morphing into another coach one-by-one. Kansas State's Bill Snyder into Texas' Charlie Strong; Strong into OSU's Mike Gundy; Gundy into West Virginia's Dana Holgorsen and so forth. Things get officially weird when Big 12 dreamboat Kliff Kingsbury of Texas Tech turns into Kansas' Charlie Weis. One True Champion. Several Strange Mutations.

  • Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Power Lines In Clinton; Several Injured - CBS Boston

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    A hot air balloon crashed into power lines on Saturday night injuring five people.

  • WATCH: 105-year-old woman throws out ceremonial first pitch

    Updated: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    SAN DIEGO — At 105 years old, Agnes McKee of Oceanside, Calif., became the oldest person to toss the ceremonial first pitch at a San Diego Padres game when she took the field Sunday. In honor of her big birthday, McKee was chosen to throw the first pitch at the Padres game Sunday.

  • Mystery: Posters in NYC, D.C. call Clintons 'America's Lannisters'

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    A new Clinton mystery has hit New York City and Washington, D.C. with the surprise display of posters declaring the Clintons as “America's Most Dangerous Family" and "America's Lannisters," says the Washington Examiner. One of the ad posters appears similar to the style of the hit Netflix series, "House of Cards." The poster is in black and white and shows Bill and Hillary under an upside down U.S. flag, the sign of distress. That poster reads, “America's Most Dangerous Family.” The second offers a "Game of Thrones" reference with pictures of the Clintons and longtime aide Carville as "America's Lannisters."

  • Poetry and Rehab: Friends Paint Picture of Hooker in Google Murder Case

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    After her arrest in California, on July 4th, Alix Tichelman broke out as America’s vilified, irresistible character du jour. She was billed as "The call girl killer" and "the black widow of Silicon Valley": a soulless young woman mixed up in the death of a Google executive and father of five. Police charged her with manslaughter. In court on Wednesday, where she pleaded not guilty, her attorney slammed the public narrative and compared his client to "a wounded bird." Now a half dozen of Tichelman’s friends have also come forward, portraying the troubled 26-year-old as a sensitive, big-hearted dreamer.

  • Son whose father died after cop used chokehold says officer ‘should be in jail’

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    The grieving son of a man who died after an NYPD officer put him in an illegal chokehold said Sunday he wants to see the cop behind bars, reports the New York Daily News. Eric Garner’s son, Eric Snipes, 18, spoke out just hours after four emergency workers who responded to Thursday’s tragic scene in Staten Island were put on modified duty pending an investigation. Snipes focused his anger on Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the plainclothes cop seen in a viral video putting Garner in a chokehold and refusing to let up even when the father of six repeatedly yelled he couldn’t breathe.

  • KOKH: New plan on Oklahoma City bike lanes disappoints riders

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    The Oklahoma City City Council approved a $360,000 plan for 62 new miles of bike routes that had cyclists excited, says KOKH. But riders who've seen this plan say until they're comfortable enough taking their bikes out into the streets and getting them among traffic, there won't be an effective ...

  • News 9: ‘All-Clear’ Given Following OKC Hospital Bomb Threat

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    An ‘all-clear’ is given at a metro hospital after a man called News 9 to say his cousin placed two bombs in the building to protest gay marriage in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City police say they first received a call from the unidentified man at 10:30 Sunday night who made a vague bomb threat to Deaconess Hospital on ...

  • KFOR: Toddler tragedy at a popular Edmond park

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    EDMOND - A toddler is dead after a trip to an Edmond park over the weekend, KFOR reports. Police say it happened around 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Mitch Park when ...

  • 14-year-old girl killed in Go Kart wreck near Texas Motor Speedway

    Published: Sun, Jul 20, 2014

    A day of fun quickly turned tragic near the Texas Motor Speedway when a Go Kart went out of control, fatally injuring the 14-year-old female driver. The family of Kierstin Eaddy confirmed to NBC 5 that she was the one killed in the accident. They say the Flower Mound resident was an honor student and a volunteer. They told NBC 5's Catherine Ross that "they're trying to understand why God took such a special little girl today." According to CareFlite, Eaddy was driving in a solo Go Kart race when something went wrong.

  • Andrei Kirilenko in report: Jason Kidd 'couldn't handle' New York pressure

    Published: Sun, Jul 20, 2014

    Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko had some harsh words for former Nets coach Jason Kidd when he said in a report from a Russian media outlet that Kidd either couldn't handle the pressure in New York or didn't want it. The 41-year-old, 10-time All-Star point guard led Brooklyn to the Eastern Conference semifinals vs. Miami in his first year as head coach. Miami won that series 4-1. Shortly after the end of the season, he left the Nets in rather controversial fashion after he had interviewed for the Bucks' head coaching job even though Larry Drew was already been in the spot. Without reportedly informing his team, Kidd left for Milwaukee, Drew was let go and Brooklyn ended up hiring Lionel Hollins to replace Kidd. The 33-year-old Kirilenko, an All-Star in 2004, said of New York that "the pressure is huge" and perhaps Kidd simply couldn't deal with it, according to the report.