Carla Hinton
Religion Editor

Carla Hinton, an Oklahoma City native, joined The Oklahoman in 1986 as a National Society of Newspaper Editors minority intern. She began reporting full-time for The Oklahoman two years later and has served as a beat writer covering a wide variety of news, including social services, transportation, minority affairs and Oklahoma City Hall.

Hinton also serves as assistant editor and editor of the local news section for several years, but she is perhaps best known as The Oklahoman's religion editor, a post she has held since June 2002. She has enjoyed learning about the many different world religions in her role as religion editor and doesn't consider it a bad thing when colleagues refer to her as "the church lady."

Career highlights have included meeting renowned evangelist Billy Graham and covering local reaction to the election of a new pope after the death of Pope John Paul II. In her spare time, Hinton enjoys reading suspense novels (ala James Patterson), watching HGTV shows and keeping up with the activities of her two grown sons and (almost grown) daughter

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Carla Hinton Wed, Oct. 15 2014 07:47:21 PM CST "Anything that I've done that is worthy of an award like this is because of God," Bobby Gruenewald of LINK tells crowd.
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Carla Hinton Wed, Oct. 15 2014 07:30:55 PM CST This is the 21st anniversary of the CBMC's Salt & Light Award event. Mart Green of Marden is taking the podium.
Carla Hinton Wed, Oct. 15 2014 06:45:47 PM CST I'm at the 2014 CBS Salt & Light Award Dinner where LINK's Bobby Gruenewald is to be honored with this year's award.
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