Chris Landsberger
Assistant Photography Editor

Chris Landsberger is a native of Oklahoma and, as a photographer, has been able to travel coast to coast and everywhere in between to cover news for the last 13 years. He has been a part history that included coverage of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh's trial and execution, President George W. Bush, and Super Bowl coverage. Landsberger, 38, is a photographer and asst. director of photography for The Oklahoman. He received a bachelor's degree in photojournalism in 1999 from the University of Central Oklahoma. He has worked his way from being a staff photographer at the Edmond Sun to chief photographer at the Enid News & Eagle and director of photography at the Topeka Capital-Journal. He has worked at The Oklahoman for 6 years.

Top Stories

  • OHP Trooper tackles OU Fan

    Chris Landsberger | Updated: Mon, Nov 18, 2013

      One of the biggest things talked about after the University of Oklahoma Sooners 48-10 win over the Iowa State University Cyclones was the biggest hit of the game. The hit happened late in the third quarter when Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Orr took down a fan who braved the outcome of running onto the field during a timeout to show just how much he supported his Sooners. -Chris Landsberger …

  • True Blue Thunder in Cyanotype

    Nate Billings | Published: Sat, Oct 26, 2013

      Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant (35) is shown in this cyanotype print made from a photo taken during the Oklahoma City Thunder media day on Friday, Sept. 27, 2013, in Oklahoma City. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman. Cyanotype print by Nate Billings, The Oklahoman   Before we’d had any planning meetings for this year’s Oklahoma City Thunder preview section, I was thinking blue. I admit it. I like experimenting with pre-digital photo techniques. Whether it’s taking a plastic camera to cover college football games or using a 4×5 view camera with discontinued Polaroid film to make portraits of past and present football stars , I like trying something different. And for this year’s Thunder section, I wanted to print cyanotypes , a type of photographic print that dates back to 1842. Cyanotypes are an analog, alternate photography process. Unlike most analog photography which is silver-based, cyanotypes use iron compounds to produce prints made of blue tones instead of black and white. Since the Thunder’s main color is blue, I thought printing all-blue photographs was a cool way to illustrate our preview and then give it a unifying visual theme. To produce a cyanotype print, you cannot enlarge the negative. Too much UV light is needed to make it work. Cyanotypes have to be made as contact prints where the negative being reproduced is placed directly on the exposed photographic paper, creating a picture the same size as the negative. To make this project happen it was going to take a team effort. First, we needed pictures of the players. For that I turned to Chris Landsberger who was covering the Thunder’s annual media day, our best and often only opportunity to take portraits of the players. Chris, a portrait wizard, liked the cyanotype idea and agreed to let me take his work and print it in blue.   The original portrait of Kevin Durant taken on Thunder media day by Chris Landsberger.   Once Chris had photographed his digital portraits, we needed large negatives to use for the cyanotype contact printing. The easiest way to turn digital photographs into large negatives is to use an inkjet printer and print the negative on transparency paper. Doug Hoke, our director of photography, owns a wonderful printer and agreed to print the negatives. Before the negative can be printed, however, the digital file must be inverted, flipped, have the tone adjusted to get the right density and then tinted.   This is what the above Kevin Durant photograph looks like when it is turned into a digital negative. The image is flipped so that the emulsion side of the negative will be facing down during the contact print. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman   Once we had the negatives prepared, Doug printed them on transparency paper.   A negative is printed on transparency paper to be used for contact printing.   Next, it was time for the chemistry in the cyanotype process. I combined solutions of Ferric ammonium citrate (green) and Potassium ferricyanide and then coated Bristol paper using a brush with the combined solution to make the paper sensitive to UV light. The brush strokes from coating the paper left each print with a unique border.   Bristol paper coated with iron compounds to make it sensitive to UV light.   Once the paper dried, I took each negative and made contact prints in the sun. The negative sat sandwiched between the light-sensitive paper and a piece of glass to hold everything in place. After 10 minutes to an hour in the sun, depending on how bright it was outside, the paper was properly exposed and ready to reveal the image.…

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