Dennis King
Movie Critic (Contributor)
King spent 31 years as an ink-stained wretch working for newspapers in Seminole, Ada, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. He holds a B.A. degree in English from the University of Central Oklahoma and for 16 years served as an adjunct instructor in journalism and English at Tulsa Community College. For 20 years, he was full-time film critic at the Tulsa World.

In 2006, he left Tulsa and along with his wife, Suzan (a retired English professor), moved to a cabin in Dingmans Ferry, PA. There, along the banks for the Delaware River, he chased after two rambunctious Labrador retrievers, fly fished the waters of the Poconos and did his best to become a full-time trout bum. Still scratching a writer’s itch, he freelanced articles for Explorer magazine and Gray’s Sporting Journal and wrote a stage play about classic movies and old movie theaters, titled “Spirits of the Coronado” (after his long-gone boyhood theater at 39th Street and MacArthur Boulevard).

In December, he and Suzan moved into an apartment in upper Manhattan, where they plan to eat bagels for breakfast and street-cart hot dogs for lunch, haunt the Angelika Theater and the Film Forum, go to plays and museums, ride the subways, complain about the subways and generally live like true New Yorkers.

Top Stories

  • ’85 Years of the Oscar’ is the ultimate, glossy yearbook for Hollywood’s annual party

    Dennis King | Updated: Thu, Feb 27, 2014

    As the old sports saw goes: You can’t tell the players without a program. And for this Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, the most lavish and expansive program of all is “85 Years of the Oscar” (Abbeville Press, $75), by erudite TCM host Robert Osborne.

  • Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'Les Petits Meurtres D'Agatha Christie Set 1'

    Dennis King | Published: Mon, Feb 24, 2014

    This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is: “Les Petits Meurtres D’Agatha Christie Set 1” Agatha Christie, that most British of whodunit authors, gets a dash of French savoir-faire in “Les Petits Meurtres D’Agatha Christie Set 1” (due out on DVD Tuesday).

  • Colin Farrell: On the wisdom of working with animals and children

    Dennis King | Updated: Fri, Feb 21, 2014

      NEW YORK – In “Winter’s Tale,” the lavishly romantic fairy tale adapted from Mark Helprin’s novel, star Colin Farrell soars over the snowy New York City landscape astride a winged white stallion. While those fantastical scenes were obviously thanks to the magic of computer generated special effects, Farrell, who plays an early 20th century cat burglar pursuing his true love across a century, said he did indeed spend much of the film’s on-location shooting schedule riding that white horse around the streets of the city.

  • Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'Jean Rollin: The Vampire Films'

    Dennis King | Published: Tue, Feb 18, 2014

    This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is: “Jean Rollin: The Vampire Films” Jean Rollin, who died in 2010, was an influential French film director, actor and novelist best known for his work in the “fantastique” genre, which included a sexy succession of vampire and horror movies.

  • Movie review: Magic, realism form an uneasy marriage in dreamy ‘Winter’s Tale’

    Dennis King | Published: Sat, Feb 15, 2014

      Part moody meditation on love and mortality, part epic-sized battle between the forces of darkness and light, the lovely and baldly saccharine “Winter’s Tale” is an adult fairy tale shot through a gauzy lens of Valentine’s Day dreaminess. It’s Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman’s first outing in the director’s chair, and his unabashedly romantic adaptation of Mark Helprin’s ambitious novel of magical realism makes a game but uneven attempt at wedding the book’s tricky physical and metaphysical properties on screen.

  • Movie review: ‘Endless Love’ floats along on an endless stream of clichés

    Dennis King | Published: Sat, Feb 15, 2014

    Feeling a bit like a recycled Valentine card, “Endless Love” presents a pretty, frilly but frayed contemporary take on the patented Romeo and Juliet saga, with a hot young cast and more than a few cloying clichés to move it along.

  • ‘Winter’s Tale’ director aiming for ‘ridiculously romantic’ adult fairy tale

    Dennis King | Published: Fri, Feb 14, 2014

    BY DENNIS KING NEW YORK – A cynic might suggest that the script for “Winter’s Tale” seems to have been written on a doily – all curious curlicues and fanciful filigrees – and that the film looks as if it were shot inside a snow globe of frosty, fantastical New York City tableaux.

  • For Colin Farrell, love scenes are just another (nice) day at the office

    Dennis King | Published: Fri, Feb 14, 2014

    BY DENNIS KING NEW YORK – “Winter’s Tale,” like most lush, dreamy romances these days, features one soft-focus love scene between buff, photogenic stars Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay. In this mystical, century-spanning love story, Farrell plays a roguish cat burglar, and Brown Findlay is a fragile, consumptive young heiress who never expected to find true love.

  • Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'Reel Zombies'

    Dennis King | Published: Tue, Feb 11, 2014

    This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is: “Reel Zombies” Zombie movies are so ubiquitous these days that it seems impossible for anyone to successfully parody them. But a pair of low-budget film fringe-dwellers gives it a decidedly moldy try with “Reel Zombies” (due out on DVD Tuesday).

  • Maureen O’Hara bio tells of fiery lass who defied Hollywood temptations

    Dennis King | Published: Mon, Feb 10, 2014

    In Hollywood’s Golden Age, she was hailed as the “Queen of Technicolor” but was said to have lived such a normal and wholesome life off screen that apparently no one ever thought it worthwhile to write a full-length biography of her career.

  • Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'The Hungover Games'

    Dennis King | Published: Tue, Feb 4, 2014

    This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is: “The Hungover Games” Even though the next installment of “The Hunger Games” is months away, and there’s no firm word yet on a fourth outing for the party-hearty Wolf Pack dudes of “The Hangover,” parody fans can have their cake and eat it too with “The Hungover Games” (due out on DVD Tuesday).

  • DVD review: “The Gene Autry Show: The Complete TV Series - Collector’s Edition”

    Dennis King | Published: Fri, Jan 31, 2014

    Although he was born in Tioga, Texas, Hollywood’s premiere singing cowboy Gene Autry sports deep enough Oklahoma roots to have a whole town in Carter County named in his honor. The legend of his show-biz career – he’s the only entertainer with five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (for radio, recordings, motion pictures, television and live performance) – is amply documented and the stuff of enduring pride in this adopted native son.

  • Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'The War Between Men and Women'

    Dennis King | Updated: Mon, Jan 27, 2014

    This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is: “The War Between Men and Women” With the recent release of Ben Stiller’s adaptation of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” Paramount has rushed to capitalize on newfound interest in James Thurber’s work with the issue of a slightly cranky 1972 Jack Lemmon comedy, “The War Between Men and Women” (due out on DVD Tuesday).

  • ‘The Fat Lady Sang’ celebrates ‘the Kid’ who still strives to stay in the picture

    Dennis King | Updated: Fri, Jan 24, 2014

    Apparently, it’s not over until Robert Evans – actor, producer, raconteur, supreme egotist and one-time notorious Hollywood playboy – says it is. In his fast and raunchy memoir, “The Fat Lady Sang” (It Books, $17.99), the irrepressible hustler and huckster in Evans appears to be still alive and jiving, even though the author is well into his 80s.

  • Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'Mr. Show: The Complete Collection'

    Dennis King | Published: Tue, Jan 21, 2014

    This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is: “Mr. Show: The Complete Collection” Regarded as one of the most innovative, cutting-edge sketch comedy shows of its time, “Mr. Show with Bob and David” has gathered a loyal and knowing cult following in the years since it aired on HBO from 1995-98.

  • Movie review: ‘Ride Along’ pairs Kevin Hart, Ice Cube in by-the-book cop comedy

    Dennis King | Published: Mon, Jan 20, 2014

    The teaming of motor-mouth comic Kevin Hart and scowling rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube in “Ride Along” isn’t likely to make us forget about “Tango and Cash,” “Starsky and Hutch” or even “Turner and Hooch” on the blotter of arresting cop-buddy action comedies.

  • Fly Fishing Film Tour 2014 again slates show in Oklahoma City

    Dennis King | Published: Thu, Jan 16, 2014

    The 2014 edition of the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) gets underway this month, and again this year Oklahoma anglers will have a front-row seat on the popular program that features the newest works of the sport’s best, cutting-edge filmmakers. The F3T officially kicks off Jan.

  • Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'I'm In Love With a Church Girl'

    Dennis King | Published: Mon, Jan 13, 2014

    This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is: “I’m In Love With a Church Girl” Tyler Perry has a pretty solid lock on faith-based films that dip their toes in the comedy and pathos of real urban life, but now rapper and aspiring actor Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins is taking a feeble shot at the genre with the belabored melodrama “I’m In Love With a Church Girl” (due out on DVD Tuesday).

  • Movie review: ‘Lone Survivor’ depicts brutal realities of Navy SEAL mission

    Dennis King | Published: Fri, Jan 10, 2014

    After the satisfyingly triumphant depiction of U.S. Navy SEALs at their deadly and efficient best in last year’s “Zero Dark Thirty,” a wrenching, counterbalancing picture is offered in “Lone Survivor,” which shows a harsher, more unpredictable outcome to this sort of pitiless, off-the-grid black-ops work.

  • ‘Grudge Match’ stars would rather be actors than boxers

    Dennis King | Published: Thu, Jan 9, 2014

    NEW YORK – As actors strongly identified with boxing culture, Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are slyly winking at their iconic status in the ring their new pugilistic comedy “Grudge Match.” But when the stars of “Rocky” and “Raging Bull” were posed with a fantasy proposition during a pre-release press conference hosted by Warner Bros., each actor seemed slightly taken aback.