Jacob Unruh

Jacob Unruh is a graduate of Northeastern State University. He was born in Cherokee and raised near Vera where he attended Caney Valley High School.During his tenure at NSU, Unruh wrote for The Northeastern (NSU's student newspaper), the Tahlequah Daily Press and the Tulsa World. From there, Unruh spent three years at the Lawton Constitution covering prep sports and Oklahoma football before joining The Oklahoman sports staff.

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Jacob Unruh Today at 5:07 PM @TFred23 @oksportsexpress Haha. He also offered me first crack at replacing him. I politely declined. No need for me to ruin a good thing.
Jacob Unruh Today at 5:00 PM @oksportsexpress Whoops!
Jacob Unruh Today at 5:00 PM RT @oksportsexpress: @jacobunruh guess it's time to tell my wife !
Jacob Unruh Today at 4:27 PM .@oksportsexpress host Van Shea Iven has accepted a position with the OSSAA. Will start in July once show is finished. #OKPreps
Jacob Unruh Today at 4:14 PM RT @Tpalmateer83: As of this moment, Hunt is still head coach. He has not resigned and doesn't plan to, he said. #okpreps
Jacob Unruh Today at 4:14 PM RT @Tpalmateer83: Cache School Board will hold a pre-termination hearing on May 7 at 1 pm regarding reason for superintendant's recommendat…
Jacob Unruh Today at 4:13 PM RT @Tpalmateer83: According to Cache HFBC Stacey Hunt, he has been recommended by sup. to not be re-hired as school's football coach next s…
Jacob Unruh Today at 3:28 PM RT @BarryLewisTW: Union's Shawn Olden signs with Pepperdine; Stilwell's Matt Lea with Rogers State. #okpreps
Jacob Unruh Today at 2:43 PM RT @ScottWrightOK: Stilwell has hired JT Cobble, the son of Hall of Fame coach Tom Cobble, as its new head coach. JT was Tom's OC at Chicka…
Jacob Unruh Today at 2:09 PM RT @NewsOKSports: Former players offer support for former Tuttle coach who resigned Monday (via @ScottWrightOK): LINK htt…
Jacob Unruh Today at 11:27 AM OSSAA announces spring baseball state tournament sites LINK #OKPreps
Jacob Unruh Today at 11:11 AM @jkburdge I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying the OSSAA is trying to help the West and not the East?
Jacob Unruh Today at 10:42 AM @alamokie it certainly doesn't change anything for me. It's habit to do it the right way.
Jacob Unruh Today at 10:40 AM @alamokie bad news. More than and over changed. Now, it can go either way. I hate the change.
Jacob Unruh Today at 10:03 AM @BenJohnsonTDP @RichardNewsStar parking prices, Barons schedule all come into play too.
Jacob Unruh Today at 10:02 AM OSSAA votes to approve Regent Preparatory School as OSSAA provisional member. #OKPreps
Jacob Unruh Today at 9:59 AM @BenJohnsonTDP @RichardNewsStar only other option that was discussed was Cox Center but too many variables. OU & OSU have hoops still going
Jacob Unruh Today at 9:57 AM @KeganReneau yes.
Jacob Unruh Today at 9:38 AM The ticket prices for state wrestling and basketball tournaments will increase next year it looks like. #OKPreps
Jacob Unruh Today at 9:37 AM OSSAA board votes to extend contract five years with State Fairgrounds for wrestling and basketball state tournaments. #OKPreps