Jenni Carlson

Jenni Carlson, a sports columnist at The Oklahoman since 1999, came by her love of sports honestly. She grew up in a sports-loving family in Kansas. Her dad coached baseball and did color commentary on the radio for the high school football games. Her mom kept the scorebook during baseball games and yelled her head off no matter the sport. They passed along that passion to Carlson and her two younger brothers.

Carlson played golf in high school and planned to play in college, but when she started at the University of Kansas, she decided to focus her attention on journalism. It’s a decision that she’s never regretted.

Her first big story was a profile on Kansas basketball coach Roy Williams for the yearbook, and Carlson has enjoyed interviewing sports figures and sharing their stories every since.
Carlson is a 1997 graduate of Kansas. She and her husband, Ryan, were married in 2009 and live in Oklahoma City. They welcomed their first child, Millie, in June 2012. Carlson was the president of the Association for Women in Sports Media from 2008-10 and chair of the board from 2010-12.

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    COMMENTARY— The Thunder point guard faced off against the Rocket who injured his knee in last year’s playoffs. OKC got the last laugh this time, pulling out a 106-98 win.

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    JENNI CARLSON COMMENTARY — If you regularly watch Thunder games, you’ve probably heard Susan Clark before. She’s the superfan that sits midcourt and yells “Come on, Russellllllllll!” “It surprises me everytime I do it,” Clark said.

Jenni Carlson Today at 11:01 PM And now, RW at the scorer's table.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:54 PM Apparently the RW jersey tuck meant nothing. Back to the end of the bench.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:54 PM Tony Allen reminds me a little of a 9-year-old kid. And I mean that in a nice way. Lives and dies with every call, play, etc.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:53 PM @iammattcraig Nope. Unless there's something official from the team, we won't know any more until after the game.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:52 PM Westbrook tucking in his jersey. Is he coming back in? We'll see.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:49 PM Nick Collison is going to be one big scab once this season is over.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:44 PM RT @anthonyVslater: Memphis in the first half: 12-of-48 shooting, 34 points. Memphis in the third quarter: 14-of-24, 31 points.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:43 PM To me, giving up 31 is the bigger problem. Not getting stops means not getting out and running. Pushing the tempo is key for OKC.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:42 PM RT @Michael_Cohen13: Dave Joerger did not make a substitution during that entire quarter. Everyone is spent. Bench needs to contribute here…
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:41 PM Which is worse: Thunder giving up 31 points in that quarter or scoring 13?
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:37 PM @rockethoops Gotta get defensive stops to get out and run. Stops are few and far between right now.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:35 PM The way Russ is playing, I have to wonder if he's hurt. Saw him clutch his stomach at one point, also his thigh.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:33 PM KD draws the foul. Great way to re-capture the shooting touch.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:33 PM The magic has gone from KD and RW. Shots not falling. And now Thunder not rebounding.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:26 PM Shot clock started when no one touched the ball. Collison looks at scorer's table, yells, "C'mon!"
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:21 PM Now a nine point game. Here we go.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:21 PM Grizz start the second half on a 17-4 run. Thunder sloppy, not getting in front of guys, turnovers.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:13 PM Grizz with a 6-0 run to start the half.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:13 PM Thunder with a less-than-sharp opening to the second half. Brooks with the quick TO.
Jenni Carlson Today at 10:12 PM I'm sure Prince is legit sick, but if guarding KD was my assignment, it would probably make me sick to my stomach.