• Outgoing Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras concedes defeat in national election

    Updated: 16 min ago

    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Outgoing Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras concedes defeat in national election.

  • Greek radical left wins election, threatening market turmoil

    Updated: 39 min ago

    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A radical left-wing party that is demanding an end to Greece's painful austerity measures won Sunday's parliamentary elections, threatening renewed turmoil in global markets and throwing the country's continued membership in the eurozone into question. But Syriza, which is led by 40-year-old Alexis Tsipras, was still waiting to find out whether it would have enough seats to govern alone, or be forced to seek support from another party, either in a coalition or as a minority government. Greeks might have to wait until all the ballots are counted to find out whether they have a government. Whatever the case, all eyes will be on the opening of world financial markets Monday after Syriza beat Prime Ministe

  • Multiple crews battling Lincoln County grass fire

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: 42 min ago

    Crews are battling a grass fire that started just north of Wellston and is traveling southeast, according to the Lincoln County communications center.

  • Northeast braces for massive snowstorm

    Updated: 58 min ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — A winter that has largely spared the Northeast thus far is about to arrive with gusto: a storm the National Weather Service called "potentially historic" could dump 2 feet or more of snow between New York and Boston. Blizzard conditions with heavy snow and powerful winds are possible in both cities starting Monday and into Tuesday, and snow should arrive in some areas before daybreak — just in time for the start of the work week. "This will be the strongest storm of the year," said NWS meteorologist Brian Hurley. "This Nor'easter is going to produce a wide swath of snowfall." New York City, Boston and Connecticut should expect whopping snow totals of up to 2 feet, he said.

  • Greek election: Official projection shows Syriza governing majority too close to call

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek election: Official projection shows Syriza governing majority too close to call.

  • Live Coverage: Thunder vs. Cavaliers

    staff reports | Updated: 2 hr ago

    The Oklahoma City Thunder faces off against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in a Sunday special. Follow our live coverage with Darnell Mayberry, Anthony Slater and more from around the web.

  • Japan stunned by video claiming death of 1 of 2 IS hostages

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    TOKYO (AP) — From the prime minister to ordinary people, Japanese were shocked Sunday at a video purportedly showing one of two Japanese hostages of the extremist Islamic State group had been killed. With attention focused on efforts to save the other hostage, some also criticized Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's drive for a more assertive Japan as responsible for the hostage crisis. A somber Abe appeared on public broadcaster NHK early Sunday demanding the militants release 47-year-old journalist Kenji Goto unharmed. He said the video was likely authentic, although he added that the government was still reviewing it. He offered condolences to the family and friends of Haruna Yukawa, a 42-year-old adventurer taken hostage in Syr

  • Patrick Dempsey's Wife Files For Divorce

    Published: Sun, Jan 25, 2015

    Patrick Dempsey’s wife, Jillian Fink, has filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage. "It is with careful consideration and mutual respect that we have decided to end our marriage,” the couple said in a statement, People reported.

  • Guardians say use of Boston Common for Olympics ‘terrible idea’ | Boston Herald

    Published: Sun, Jan 25, 2015

    Beacon Hill leaders and stewards of the Boston Common are blasting Boston 2024’s choice of the historic park to host a beach volleyball arena.

  • Raise in Oklahoma state trooper pay produces increase in recruiting

    By Adam Kemp, Staff Writer | Updated: 5 hr ago

    The start of the 63rd patrol academy might be less than a week away, but the recruitment for class 64 already has begun and officials with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol say they already can see the rise in interest in part because of a pay raise that went into effect at the start of 2015.

  • Going home: Oklahoman writer tries to wind his way back home.

    By Ken Raymond, Book Editor | Updated: 5 hr ago

    This house on the hilltop can’t be the one I remember. That house was old and ugly. Its roof looked like a hobo’s jacket, precariously held together with layer upon layer of patches in varying shades of green. No one ever stripped off the old tar paper, just added new levels, stacking them up like lasagna noodles until the paper was at least two inches deep. That house had mint green stucco walls and darker green trim, colors chosen not out of design considerations but for their clearance sale price. This wooden porch should be constructed of warped gray boards so weakened by age that a few times a year one will collapse under the weight of a heel.

  • French arrests raise question: Is free speech for all?

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    LONDON (AP) — When cartoonists at a French publication that had poked fun at the Prophet Muhammad were shot dead, millions around the world felt it as an attack on freedom of speech. Since the rampage that left four dead at a kosher supermarket and 12 at the Charlie Hebdo offices, French authorities have arrested dozens of people — including a comedian — for appearing to praise the terrorists or encourage more attacks. That has unleashed accusations of a double standard, in which free speech applies to those who mock Islam while Muslims are penalized for expressing their own provocative views. Many Muslims complain that France aggressively prosecutes anti-Semitic slurs, but that they are not protected from similar racis

  • Check out these modern stars you never noticed in famous ‘90s movies

    Published: Sun, Jan 25, 2015

    EVERYONE has to start somewhere ... and the same goes for movie stars.

  • Texas-sized Furniture Mart store can fit 3 Walmart Supercenters inside

    Published: Sun, Jan 25, 2015

    The Dallas-area store's size is impressive, but store director Ed Lipsett said customer service will also set the store apart when it opens this spring.

  • Conference calls a waste of time? In 1915, this one made history

    Published: Sun, Jan 25, 2015

    The first transcontinental phone call took place 100 years ago between New York and San Francisco.

  • Swiss Guard's cookbook reveals Vatican culinary treats

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — If an army travels on its stomach, what does the world's smallest army eat? A chef who serves in the Swiss Guards, David Geisser, is shedding light on the culinary tastes of the pope's army with a new cookbook. "Buon Appetito" features recipes on the soldiers' current menu and some dishes inspired by the tastes of popes past and present. A favorite meal for the 110-strong Swiss Guards is eggplant parmesan: pieces of breaded, fried eggplant that are topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella and baked for 15 minutes. "This recipe we eat a lot of times here," Geisser, 24, said in an interview inside the kitchen of the Swiss Guard canteen, where Polish nuns do most of the cooking.

  • Thousands of Spaniards protest proposed security law

    Updated: 6 hr ago

    MADRID (AP) — Thousands of protesters are marching in Spanish cities to express their opposition to a proposed law that would set hefty fines for offenses like demonstrating outside parliament buildings or strategic installations. Parliament approved the Public Security Law last month and it's expected to become official in February if passed by the government-controlled Senate. Protesters with tape over their mouths and carrying banners calling the measures a "gagging law" gathered Sunday near Spain's parliament under heavy police surveillance. The bill is heavily criticized by opposition parties and human rights groups as an attempt by the government to muzzle protests over its handling of Spain's financial crisis.

  • Oklahoma County inmate's jail death case will go to trial

    By Nolan Clay, Staff Writer | Updated: 14 hr ago

    An Oklahoma County judge Friday ruled prosecutors have sufficient evidence for the case against a former Oklahoma County jail supervisor in the death of an inmate to proceed to trial.

  • Rockets kill 30 in Ukrainian city as rebels launch offensive

    Updated: 15 hr ago

    KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Indiscriminate rocket fire slammed into a market, schools, homes and shops Saturday in Ukraine's southeastern city of Mariupol, killing at least 30 people, authorities said. The Ukrainian president called the blitz a terrorist attack and NATO and the U.S. demanded that Russia stop supporting the rebels. Ukrainian officials rushed to defend the strategically important port on the Sea of Azov, beefing up military positions with more equipment and sending in more forces. The separatists' top leader declared that an offensive against Mariupol had begun — then later toned down his threats as the scale of the civilian casualties became clear.

  • Three die after separate crashes on Oklahoma roads

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: 16 hr ago

    James Boehl, 26, of Ratliff City; Joleen Wilson, 25, of Ponca City and Lucas Hipolito, 27, of Guymon, died Saturday after separate crashes on Oklahoma roads, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported.