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I am a long-time follower of NBA basketball. While I love the sport, it's the behind-the-scenes activity that fascinates me most. For over 20 years I have studied how the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement impacts the final product. I was fortunate enough to serve as a contributor to Larry Coon's initial CBA FAQ in 1999. I also spent time with in various capacities. I am a life-long Oklahoma resident. I currently live in Edmond with my wife and two children.

  • OKC Thunder: A look ahead to 2017

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Thu, Oct 1, 2015

    Kevin Durant's pending free agency in 2016 is no secret. But teams are looking ahead to 2017, and fans should, too.

  • Deadline looms for Waiters extension

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Tue, Sep 22, 2015

    The Thunder could sign Dion Waiters to a long-term extension by November 2. What are the chances? And how could Alex Abrines impact this decision?

  • Too early to worry about Enes Kanter's status

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Tue, Jul 7, 2015

    Enes Kanter remains unsigned and fans are starting to become concerned. Here's a look at one path Kanter could take, and how history could show how his situation will play out.

Jon Hamm Today at 10:22 PM RT @melissarohlin: So @Mike_Bresnahan had quite an interesting @kobebryant fact in his story. Wrote Bres: "He once got water-boarded just t…
Jon Hamm Today at 9:28 PM Thunder box score just looks weird tonight. Roberson -26, Adams -14, Morrow +19 despite 3-12 shooting, Waiters +6 on 0-7 shooting.
Jon Hamm Today at 9:19 PM @curtgOK i have the volume down but I think it was a call for Serge on the rebound, not the KD drive.
Jon Hamm Today at 9:14 PM so he can drive around Dallas asking for DeAndre Jordan's address while signing Tristan Thompson to a 3-year deal
Jon Hamm Today at 9:03 PM I'm trying not to judge rashly. Serge could have had explosive diarrhea most of the day for all we know #perspective
Jon Hamm Today at 9:01 PM 3 rebounds for Serge so far. Only 3 behind Dion Waiters.
Jon Hamm Today at 8:57 PM KD with all the ğŸ‘Ž
Jon Hamm Today at 8:53 PM @Den_low settle down now!
Jon Hamm Today at 8:44 PM I feel that the Thunder's bad team defense tonight will somehow get pinned squarely on Kanter and Waiters...
Jon Hamm Today at 8:34 PM Just like old times with Thabo tonight. (PS - I hope you get $50M or more from the NYPD, Thabo)
Jon Hamm Today at 8:12 PM On the other hand, Serge Ibaka (6'10", 17 minutes) has as many rebounds as DJ Augustin (5'11"", 6 minutes) at the half.
Jon Hamm Today at 8:09 PM @jamiedonwheat @KOCOCarson someone spoil The Force Awakens for you? #WestbrookSnarl
Jon Hamm Today at 8:07 PM That's the thing about the Thunder: lots of things to get frustrated about, but then they flip a switch and become lethal in an instant.
Jon Hamm Today at 7:25 PM @KJ_NBA ...or Harden. Whichev.
Jon Hamm Today at 7:23 PM Roberson with the Thabo-like pump-fake, resulting in a made 3 from the corner.
Jon Hamm Today at 7:19 PM KD playing harder on defense than Ibaka, if you're keeping score.
Jon Hamm Today at 7:10 PM RT @DreamShakeSBN: Dude
Jon Hamm Today at 6:05 PM Wife: "so Kobe's retiring?" Me: "yeah, his heart and mind still wants to do it, but his body can't do it anymore" Wife: "same here"
Jon Hamm Today at 4:28 PM @TheRobVera oh I understood loud and clear. No worries.
Jon Hamm Today at 4:27 PM Time for the media to regroup and focus on more important things, like George Lucas and Han-Shot-First: