K. Lanktree
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K. Lanktree is a Freelance Writer, Former IV Drug User, Methadone Patient & Harm Reduction Advocate. She is dedicated to reducing the stigma and discrimination of Addiction and IV Drug Users through education, writing and poetry.

Top Stories

  • Perspective: The Importance of Accessible Over-The-Counter Naloxone

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Mon, Aug 18, 2014

    It is not dangerous. It has no potential for abuse. If administered to someone who is not at risk of overdose, they will generally experience no side effects. Worst case scenario it does nothing. Best case scenario it saves a life.

  • Methadone Maintenance For Elephants?

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Mon, Aug 4, 2014

    Methadone is sometimes used to help people overcome intense addictions to opiates, but using Methadone to treat opiate addicted Elephants? Now that's a whole different story.

  • Innovative New Naloxone Auto-Injector

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

    The anti-overdose drug Naloxone has gained popularity recently, with local governments beginning to arm first responders and addicts with the life-saving antidote. But, the drug is only capable of saving a life if someone is there to administer it.

  • Tanzania's First Methadone Clinic A Smashing Success

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    In 2011, the Tanzanian government opened the country's first methadone maintenance clinic, and a new study is highlighting successes the program has achieved thus far.

  • Russia's Drug Treatment Plans Draw Criticism

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Mon, Jun 30, 2014

    Despite the Russian Federal Drug Control Services plans of creating a new system of drug treatment communes and labor therapy sites throughout rural areas, many activists and addicts are denying any positive changes are occurring.

  • How Crimea's Methadone Ban Is Affecting Rehab Patients

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Wed, Jun 25, 2014

    The devastating effects of the Russian 'ban on methadone' is being felt is Crimea, with as many as 20 former Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) patients having died since it's implementation.

  • 5 reasons harm reduction initiatives can help addicts, communities

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Thu, Jun 5, 2014

    While opponents of harm reduction initiatives have long cited numerous reasons as to why such services are indeed causing harm rather than actually reducing it, research has shown that these programs are in fact leaving a lasting positive impact.

  • Perspective: The New Sober

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Thu, May 8, 2014

    A new and innovative take on what it means to be sober and how strict abstinence-only treatment approaches can be stigmatizing and detrimental to addicts in need of help.

  • Saving lives through Good Samaritan, overdose laws

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Thu, May 1, 2014

    Accidental overdose deaths are now the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States, even exceeding that of motor vehicle accidents among those ages 25-64, according to the Drug Policy Alliance.

  • The importance of sterile single-use syringes for intravenous drug users

    K. Lanktree | Updated: Mon, Apr 28, 2014

    A look at the importance of sterile single-use syringes for harm reduction, as well as the problems and health risks associated with the growing issue of syringe reuse among intravenous drug users.