LeighAnne Manwarren
Breaking News Reporter
LeighAnne Manwarren is a reporter covering breaking news, crime and weather for The Oklahoman and NewsOK.com. An Oklahoma City native, Manwarren is a University of Oklahoma journalism alum and has interned for The Oklahoman, the Oklahoma Gazette, AOL's Patch.com in northern Virginia, the National Law Journal's D.C. office and the National Journal's Hotline in D.C.

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LeighAnne Manwarren Tue, Apr. 15 2014 06:23:06 PM CST Who knew inadvertently becoming a Chinese spy was a problem? The FBI made a video to warn young adults against it... LINK
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Apr. 10 2014 03:50:26 PM CST The same property is being shown on "Property Brothers" and "Love it or List it too"! #IWatchTooMuchHGTV
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Apr. 10 2014 03:02:38 AM CST The US Geological Survey reports that the earthquake was a 4.1-magnitude and it's epicenter was 9 miles north of Edmond. #newsok #OKQuake
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Apr. 10 2014 02:43:48 AM CST Place your bets: What magnitude do you think that earthquake was? I'm guessing at least a 4.5-magnitude. #newsok
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Apr. 10 2014 02:39:25 AM CST My apartment has shaken a few more times after that big one. Aftershocks? #newsok
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Apr. 10 2014 02:38:04 AM CST @carolineduke Seriously! I'm glad I wasn't asleep yet because that would have been a lot scarier. #earthquake #newsok
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Apr. 10 2014 02:35:20 AM CST Just felt an earthquake in northwest Oklahoma City. Did you feel it too? #newsok
LeighAnne Manwarren Wed, Apr. 02 2014 06:00:52 PM CST Don't forget to #SupportKGOU too... RT @SilasAllen1 SERIOUSLY, PONY UP PEOPLE. #SupportKOSU
LeighAnne Manwarren Mon, Mar. 31 2014 07:26:18 PM CST I should have taken the night off to watch the #HIMYMFinale. I want to know what happens!!
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Mar. 20 2014 09:32:07 PM CST Well, that was disappointing... #Sooners #MarchMadness
LeighAnne Manwarren Mon, Mar. 17 2014 06:16:42 PM CST @lansdallius Haha. I'm pretty sure the campus here is dry...
LeighAnne Manwarren Mon, Mar. 17 2014 05:17:52 PM CST I'm working the night shift. If you hear of any #breakingnews in #OklahomaCity tonight, go ahead and send a tweet my way. #newsok
LeighAnne Manwarren Tue, Mar. 11 2014 04:12:29 PM CST RT @KevHooks: Gotta love honesty! LINK
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Mar. 06 2014 01:31:19 PM CST RT @okcpd: Wanted for Bricktown murder: 28 year-old Christopher Benson. If you know where he is, call 911. LINK
LeighAnne Manwarren Thu, Feb. 27 2014 11:50:44 AM CST RT @TheOklahoman: Have you ever had your license suspended for driving past a school bus? LINK Email @leighannem1 for a p…
LeighAnne Manwarren Tue, Feb. 25 2014 09:59:32 PM CST Never meet someone behind the construction area of a Metro station. You're just asking to be pushed onto the tracks #LessonsFromHouseOfCards
LeighAnne Manwarren Tue, Feb. 25 2014 09:50:01 PM CST Just finished #HouseOfCards season 2 and now I can't wait for season 3. #whoa! #Netflix
LeighAnne Manwarren Tue, Feb. 18 2014 04:11:35 PM CST Edmond Schools did not bus children to Skyler's Court or La Sonata due to the grass fire. Parents, please pick up your children at school.
LeighAnne Manwarren Mon, Feb. 10 2014 04:03:02 PM CST @KOSUMichaelC Nice!!
LeighAnne Manwarren Sat, Feb. 01 2014 01:56:48 AM CST These past 6 weeks have emotionally drained me, and I made a decision tonight that broke my heart. 😢😫 I hope things will look up for me soon