Linda Lynn
Research News Research Editor

Linda Lynn was born and raised in rural Oklahoma. A graduate of Purcell High School, Lynn began working at The Oklahoman in 1987 as a reporter after earning a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma.

She has served as both a community editor and features editor at The Oklahoman and for the past 12 years has been the News Research editor, heading a department that is responsible for research, archiving, training and copyright issues.

  • What did you buy during back-to-school shopping?

    Linda Lynn | Updated: Mon, Aug 18, 2014

    This year, I tried to scale back our immediate back-to-school shopping. And, though I wanted to save money, I didn’t partake of the tax-free weekend. The crowds weren’t worth it for the few items we  needed. I knew my son needed new shoes, if not to start school, at least to have available as his […]

  • Got junk? Build a quick science project! ... Two readers will win "Junk Drawer Physics" book

    Linda Lynn | Published: Fri, Aug 15, 2014

      If you have a plastic spoon, a clothespin, glue and a block of wood, you can really have some fun creating a catapult. And, with your kids going back to school, you’ll be ready for the next show-and-tell or science fair if you simply have items such as soda straws, masking tape, a balloon, […]

  • Giveaway and Book Review: "Surf Sharks: The First Ride" takes readers on a cool, fun wave adventure

    Linda Lynn | Updated: Mon, Jul 7, 2014

    Whether you’re going to the beach or not, watch out for sharks! But the ones found in the new book “Surf Sharks: The First Ride” and the accompanying gift pack are a fun bunch created by Shelley & Chance Wolf. Stylized in bright colors and designs, this bunch of finned friends really know how to […]

  • The missing Pop-Tart caper

    Linda Lynn | Published: Thu, Jul 3, 2014

    I had loaded the dishwasher and was wiping the countertops when I spied it. A partially wrapped lone Pop-Tart sitting in the fruit bowl. After a couple of seconds of staring at it, I picked it up and dropped it in the trash. My hesitation stemmed from my thoughts of whose Pop-Tart it was and […]