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Local Editor Nick Trougakos has been with The Oklahoman since 2002. Trougakos covered the military, federal agencies and courts before becoming an editor in 2005. Prior to joining The Oklahoman, Trougakos was a reporter for the Oklahoma City bureau of the Associated Press.

  • Anthem Brewery becomes the latest Oklahoma firm to to produce barrel-aged beer

    By Nick Trougakos, Local Editor | Published: Wed, Dec 24, 2014

    The technique ages fermented beer in wooden barrels or casks that previously held spirits or wine.

  • Tulsa homebrew shop, winery, to sell mead

    Nick Trougakos | Yesterday

    In making my usual checks to see what new beers are making their way to Oklahoma, I discovered an interesting drink label recently: I thought to myself, “I wonder if High Gravity is the same thing as the Tulsa homebrew shop by the same name?” So I sent an email off the Desiree Knott, who […]

  • After long wait, (405) Brewing debut appears close

    Nick Trougakos | Updated: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    I’m always trying to give you guys the latest Oklahoma beer news, so I wanted to pass along some news on the latest federal label approvals. Check this out: That right there is a keg label from (405) Brewing of Norman. If you’re not familiar, (405) has been in the planning and development stage for […]

  • Mustang opens brewery for holiday tastings

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    If you have your Christmas shopping wrapped up — or if you just prefer to avoid Christmas shopping altogether — you can head down to Mustang Brewing Co. on Saturday afternoon for tastings and tours. The brewery will be open from 1 to 6 p.m. Mustang Brewing President Tim Schoelen said they will have the […]

  • Pres. Obama given lifetime homebrewing membership

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Wed, Dec 17, 2014

    Fresh off the beer wires, the American Homebrewers Association announced this morning it is extending “special lifetime gift memberships” to President Barack Obama and White House chef Sam Kass. “Both Obama and Kass were instrumental in bringing homebrewing to the most famous house in the world,” the AHA said in a news release. “The AHA […]

  • TapWerks to pour two local special release beers

    Nick Trougakos | Updated: Wed, Dec 17, 2014

    You may have heard a lot — from this space included — about the new string of special-release beers due from Anthem Brewing Co. You can get your first chance to try two of them on Wednesday at TapWerks Ale House. TapWerks will tap kegs of Anthem’s Count Pedro and Festivus at 6 p.m. Wednesday. […]

  • Anthem brew pays tribute to friend of local beer scene

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Mon, Dec 15, 2014

    Oklahoma City’s Anthem Brewing Co. appears set to release a string of new beers. One of those is notable for a couple reasons. Pappy Burleson is a wheat wine ale aged in bourbon barrels that checks in at a whopping 17% ABV. Unless I’m mistaken (which I don’t think has ever happened before), that would […]

  • New labels approved for Willows, Anthem, Prairie

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Fri, Dec 12, 2014

    Happy Friday night, beer fans. Before we dive into the weekend, wanted to pass along images for several new beer labels approved this week by federal regulators. First up, here’s the latest offering from The Willows Family Ales — a tribute to Prairie Artisan Ales founder and brewmaster Chase Healey. Say hello to Blueberry Sour […]

  • Roughtail offers one-off at the Taphouse

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Fri, Dec 12, 2014

    We’re entering weekend No. 2 of the new Roughtail Taphouse, and already the beer list there is growing. (If you missed it, here’s my post from last week on the Taphouse.) Here’s a beer menu posted to FB today: And here’s a note from Roughtail brewmaster Tony Tielli: “If anyone’s feeling thirsty this weekend come […]

  • Brewers Association issues year-in-beer report

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Tue, Dec 9, 2014

    The Brewers Association (the Colorado-based trade association representing America’s small/independent breweries) on Tuesday issued its annual look back on the year in craft beer. The biggest highlights? More than ever there’s a feeling that craft beer is moving into the mainstream. That and the statistics that 13 states in the U.S. have more than 100 […]

  • TapWerks gets in the Christmas spirit

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Tue, Dec 9, 2014

    TapWerks Ale House, 121 E Sheridan Ave., is getting into the Christmas spirit this week with its annual Holiday Beer Party. The event is set for 6 p.m. Thursday and will feature the following beers: -St. Bernardus Christmas -Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper 2014 -Mikkeller To: From -Mikkeller Red White Christmas -Ridgeway Lump of Coal -Ridgeway […]

  • Hoptometrist, Coffee Tsar set for kegs

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Mon, Dec 8, 2014

    The recent return of Roughtail Brewing Co.’s Hoptometrist double IPA — in cans — was a welcome sight for many beer fans. Now those frequenting bars may also expect to also score some of the popular beer. Federal regulators recently approved a keg label for Hoptometrist, in addition to Roughtail’s other new release, Coffee Tsar […]

  • Full-strength bar at Roughtail to open today

    Nick Trougakos | Updated: Fri, Dec 5, 2014

    If you’ve stopped by Roughtail Brewing Co. recently for growler fills or to grab a pint of low-point beer, you may have noticed some renovations and improvements in the tap room at the front of the brewery. The end-goal of those improvements is expected to be realized today as final permitting has been granted for […]

  • Kona Brewing announces Oklahoma distribution

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Fri, Dec 5, 2014

    News came down from the Big Island today that Kona Brewing Co. is expanding its distribution network into the final nine states that don’t receive its beer — and that includes Oklahoma. Here’s a press release sent out this morning from Kona: Kailua-Kona, Big Island of Hawaii, December 5, 2014 — The “Liquid Aloha” experience is going […]

  • Roughtail, Anthem plan new beers

    Nick Trougakos | Published: Thu, Dec 4, 2014

    Keep yours eyes open when you frequent your local liquor store this month for new beers coming down the chute from Roughtail Brewing Co. and Anthem Brewing Co. From Roughtail, we have a coffee version of the Rock Tsar Russian Imperial Stout: From Roughtail’s Blaine Stansel: “Coffee Tsar is our Rock Tsar recipe we did […]

  • Alcohol reform on tap for 2015 legislative session?

    BY NICK TROUGAKOS | Updated: Wed, Dec 3, 2014

    Thirsty Beagle Blogger Nick Trougakos chatted with readers on Wednesday about Oklahoma beer. Join Nick's chat at 10:30 a.m. on the first Wednesday of every month. Below is an unedited transcript of the chat. NewsOK 9:58 a.m. Good morning! Nick will be logging in at 10:30 a.m., but you can start submitting your questions now. Nick Trougakos 10:28 a.m. Hey Oklahoma beer fans! I'll start answering questions in just a couple minutes. Send along any questions or talking points now! Nick Trougakos 10:30 a.m. Lots going on in the beer world these days. We've got new beers coming down the chute from Roughtail and

  • Anthem plans four times the fun

    Nick Trougakos | Updated: Mon, Dec 1, 2014

    If you’re a big fan of Anthem Brewing Co., you need to clear your schedule on Tuesday night. Anthem is teaming up with McNellie’s, Hudson’s Public House, TapWerks and Skinny Slim’s for a four-bar, four-beer pub crawl beginning at 6 p.m. The crawl will feature a different Anthem beer and a different glass at each […]

  • Black Mesa encourages pints for charity

    Nick Trougakos | Updated: Fri, Nov 28, 2014

    If you’re looking to escape the house this weekend and grab a pint or two, you could do worse than heading out to one of the four McNellie’s pubs. That’s because McNellie’s has teamed up with Black Mesa Brewing Co. starting today to help raise money for charity. For more details, check this press release […]

  • Battered Boar primed to get back in the market

    Nick Trougakos | Updated: Wed, Nov 19, 2014

    If you’ve noticed a little more activity on social media in the past week or so from Battered Boar Brewing Co., that’s not by accident. If you have started to see some new Battered Boar beer on liquor store shelves — not just a few leftover stragglers — you should be prepared to see a […]

  • New beer release set for Choc

    Nick Trougakos | Updated: Mon, Nov 17, 2014

    UPDATED! I blogged a while back about wishing that Choc would return to production on some of its Signature Series beers. While that is not exactly what appears to be happening, there is a positive development in the offing if you’re a Choc fan. Federal regulators recently approved a label for Choc Signature Series Whiskey […]

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