• Tulsa man accused of killing the father of his ex-girlfriend's child bound for jury trial

    BY ARIANNA PICKARD, Tulsa World | Published: Tue, Jul 28, 2015

    A Tulsa man accused of murdering the father of his ex-girlfriend's child was arraigned in district court Tuesday. Cameron Jerel Hendrick, 28, pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony before District Judge Caroline Wall, who bound him over for jury trial on Jan. 11. Wall also denied a motion filed by Hendrick's public defender, Gregg Graves, to reduce the charge to manslaughter.

  • How a slimmer Samaje Perine will fit into Lincoln Riley's Air Raid offense at OU

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: 3 hr ago

    OU UPDATE -- Is Samaje Perine at risk of taking a step back as a sophomore? Ryan Aber and Jenni Carlson discuss how the phenom will look in the new OU offense.

  • WPX Energy CEO gives U.S. Senate hearing testimony supporting end of crude oil export ban

    BY CASEY SMITH, Tulsa World | Published: Tue, Jul 28, 2015

    WPX Energy President and CEO Rick Muncrief spoke Tuesday on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., voicing the domestic oil and gas producer's "strong support" for lifting the United States government's four-decades old ban on the export of crude oil. Among other benefits, Muncrief said WPX Energy believes lifting the ban would boost the U.S. economy as well as strengthen the country's national security. Muncrief's testimony was part of a full committee hearing held by the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on "Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban." The ban has been in place since the Energy Policy and Conservation Act became law in 1975.

  • I Heart My Hometown: #Postcard Project

    Published: Tue, Jul 28, 2015

    National Geographic Traveler features editor Amy Alipio recently asked readers to weigh in on whether they thought the postcard was obsolete. The response was astounding.

  • Where most of us live in Oklahoma

    Phillip OConnor | Updated: 3 hr ago

    Spreading out far and wide?  Not so much in Oklahoma. In fact, we rub shoulders like nobody's business. Almost half of of the state's population resides in just five counties.  See the map below.

  • 7 things every employee wants in a boss

    Steve Palmer, KSL | Updated: 4 hr ago

    Managers often forget to focus on leadership skills that help their team to love their job. These seven steps will help you remember what matters most to your employees and will increase job satisfaction among your team.

  • 10 Signs You Might Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Your Cell Phone

    Dave Specht, NewsOK (syndication) | Updated: 6 hr ago

    Cell phones have taken over the lives of people throughout the world. Things are swirling out of control! Here are ten signs that you might have an unhealthy relationship with your cell phone.

  • Terminating telemarketer calls: 3 smartphone apps put to the test

    Tania Mashburn, KSL | Updated: 9 hr ago

    How do you stop annoying telemarketing calls when the Do Not Call Registry doesn't work? KSL Investigators put three smartphone apps to the test.

  • Why don't we trust teachers?

    JJ Feinauer, Deseret News | Updated: 9 hr ago

    Trust in American institutions is on the decline. That's as true in the classroom as anywhere else.

  • Have You Seen This? Insane helicopter crash

    John Clyde, KSL | Updated: 9 hr ago

    A helicopter crash was captured on video, and it's pretty amazing, especially when the pilot walks away.

  • 3-year-old gets 'ticket' for parking red, plastic motorcycle illegally

    Jessica Ivins, KSL | Updated: 8 hr ago

    An adorable photo of an officer writing a 3-year-old a fake ticket is getting all kinds of love online.

  • Parents want strict vaccination laws for their kids

    JJ Feinauer, Deseret News | Updated: 8 hr ago

    In the aftermath of the headline grabbing measles outbreak that rock much of California earlier this year, there has been a renewed interest in the effectiveness of vaccines.

  • Have You Seen This? Blue Angels thrill beachgoers

    Martha Ostergar, KSL | Updated: 8 hr ago

    The Blue Angels are always an aeronautic treat, even if they ruin your perfect setup at the beach.

  • Here’s why you have a sweet tooth when others may not

    Jessica Ivins, KSL | Updated: 7 hr ago

    It may not be lack of self-discipline that keeps you from saying no to that second doughnut. Scientists say the culprit could be your genes.

  • Don’t let your body determine your worth

    Kim Giles, KSL | Updated: 7 hr ago

    In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim shares a parable that may help you teach children to separate their worth from their appearance.

  • Aging Americans work to keep dementia at bay with healthy eating and brain teasers

    Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News | Updated: 8 hr ago

    Although an Alzheimer's diagnosis cannot be reversed, aging Americans can work to keep their mind sharp with puzzles, physical activity and social engagements.

  • 5 ways to beat the heat without air conditioning

    Mindy Raye Friedman, FamilyShare | Updated: 8 hr ago

    Summer can turn your home into an oven -- here's how to survive and stay cool.

  • 5 horrifying ways your children’s pictures might be used on the internet

    Mindy Raye Friedman, FamilyShare | Updated: 11 hr ago

    Is it safe to post photos of your kids online? Here are some reasons why you should be careful.

  • Is marriage just a piece of paper?

    Wendy Jessen, FamilyShare | Updated: 8 hr ago

    Some may argue that cohabiting is just as good or better than a marriage. But there are some key differences.

  • Hospitals, care centers employ laughter as treatment for health problems

    Massarah Mikati, Deseret News | Updated: 8 hr ago

    Research has shown that the smile that creeps up and explodes into uncontrollable laughter has multiple health benefits. So hospitals have begun creating spaces for laughter.