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  • James Harden came *this* close to falling off a bridge in Spain

    Matt Carney | Published: Thu, Sep 11, 2014

    Former Thunder sixth man extraordinaire James Harden’s currently in Spain with Team USA as they steamroll international opposition at the FIBA World Cup. But it looks like he very narrowly avoided a potentially serious accident on a Segway scooter. The video below was uploaded to YouTube Tuesday and shows The Beard briefly lose control of […]

  • Share your Oklahoma State Fair photos with NewsOK Now

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Thu, Sep 11, 2014

    We launched the NewsOK Now iPhone app and website just as summer was beginning. We pushed it a bit with some special events — an air show, OKC Fest and the Fourth of July. We continued to receive some newsy and artistic photos as people began to become aware of the product. We learned that […]

  • OU football: Name that coach!

    Richard Hall | Published: Tue, Sep 9, 2014

    Football season is alive and well, and the University of Oklahoma Sooners are off to a solid start, sitting pretty at 2-0. The Sooners know their game inside and out. But how well do you know the team’s coaching history? This game is simple: I’ll show you a pixelated image of an OU coach, I’ll […]

  • 8 funny pictures of kids at the Oklahoma State Fair

    Richard Hall | Updated: Tue, Sep 9, 2014

    The bright lights, petting zoos and fried food of the Oklahoma State Fair are upon us. Opening in just a couple of days (Sept. 11), the state fair has always been a place to see interesting — and sometimes — hilarious things. Some of the best photos to come out of the state fair are […]

  • Deal of the day: 7 weeks of never-ending pasta, breadsticks, salad and more for $100

    Richard Hall | Published: Mon, Sep 8, 2014

    Cutting right to the chase here: Olive Garden is offering seven weeks of never-ending pasta, breadsticks, salad and soft drinks for $100 to the first 1,000 buyers. This is a great deal, especially if you’re a poor, hungry college student (who can swindle $100 from your folks), or are looking to do a good deed […]

  • Friday night football lights up NewsOK; take a seat in our online bleachers

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Sep 5, 2014

    High school football is always a big deal on If you’ve spent any time on our website on a Friday night or Saturday morning, that should not be a surprising statement. We cover the Friday night games with live coverage from reporters and experts around the state. Log on from wherever you are on […]

  • Fast food strike: 5 tough jobs that pay less than $15 an hour

    Richard Hall | Published: Thu, Sep 4, 2014

    There’s been a ton of talk this year about the fast food industry. No, not about the lackluster foodstuffs (except for Braum’s and Whataburger, they are always delicious), but about the pay many fast food workers receive for the jobs they do. Whether they’re taking orders, flipping burgers or cleaning up messes, fast food workers […]

  • Celebrity nude photo leak: The real horror of it all

    Richard Hall | Published: Thu, Sep 4, 2014


  • This baby's reaction to a head rub is too cute

    Richard Hall | Published: Thu, Sep 4, 2014

    Someone suggests the baby looks like Vizzini from “The Princess Bride.” I can kind of see it!

  • Kid's school assignment answers: 'Go get the belt'

    Richard Hall | Published: Thu, Sep 4, 2014

    redditor Batmansappendix uploaded a hilarious (or sad, if you’re sensitive) picture of his younger brother’s homework assignment in which he was to answer how his parents would react to certain situations (click image for larger version): I grew up in the 1990s, when corporal punishment wasn’t considered child abuse. And though I only ever got […]

  • Help The Oklahoman name the narrators

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Sun, Aug 31, 2014

    We’re awaiting a new arrival in the coming weeks. There will be two new voices on our team, and they will be working for you. We need to name them, and we want you to help. The Oklahoman is preparing to launch a mobile application that would allow you to listen to stories from our […]

  • More than $7,000 donated online to support OKC officer accused of sexual assault

    Arianna Pickard | Published: Fri, Aug 29, 2014

    An Oklahoma City police officer accused of raping and groping several women while on duty was charged Friday with 16 offenses. And as of 9 p.m. Friday, more than $7,000 has been donated online to the officer and his family, according to a page on Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, has been charged with two […]

  • Entertaining moments on NewsOK welcomed in a week of serious news

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Aug 29, 2014

    It’s been a serious couple of weeks. has had updates every day — many times per day — on the unrest in Ferguson. And the site has had the gruesome updates of journalist James Foley killed by Islamic State extremists. And it has had local stories on teacher shortages, high teen birth rates and […]

  • VIDEO: Mitch McGary discusses his marijuana suspension with Vice Sports

    Matt Carney | Published: Thu, Aug 28, 2014

    Back in June, Thunder beat reporter Darnell Mayberry said in his profile of Mitch McGary that the newly drafted big man didn’t fit the prototype of the usual Sam Presti draft pick, in part because McGary was suspended by the NCAA for a year after testing positive for marijuana. Well Vice Sports today published a […]

  • Austin beer brewer sells epic 99-pack for $99

    Matt Carney | Published: Tue, Aug 26, 2014

    Anybody want to drive down I-35 with me? Austin Beerworks in Austin, Tex. launched a new brew called the Peacemaker this week with probably the coolest promotion I’ve ever heard. They’re selling 99-packs of the new beer for $99 in various locations around Austin, according to the brewers’ website. Might have to double-check my math […]

  • Ice Bucket Challenge - wisdom teeth = THE BEST ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE VIDEO EVER

    Richard Hall | Updated: Thu, Aug 21, 2014

    YouTuber m3gtr0n decided it’d be a great idea to record herself doing the ice bucket challenge an hour after having her wisdom teeth removed. And it’s the funniest darn thing I’ve seen all week. It’s also the best ice bucket challenge video out there. Have a look: Instant replay:

  • Russell Westbrook poses for photo with Russell Westbrook

    Matt Carney | Published: Tue, Aug 19, 2014

    I sincerely hope that Russell Westbrook runs his own official Russell Westbrook Facebook page because that would mean that yesterday Russell Westbrook posted a photo of Russell Westbrook posing with a picture of Russell Westbrook while holding a picture of Russell Westbrook to the official Russell Westbrook Facebook page. Russell Westbrook.

  • LOL: Watch GOP Sen. John McCain do the robot at a Hamptons party

    Richard Hall | Updated: Tue, Aug 19, 2014

    The Roots and Jamie Foxx were performing for some Republican dignitaries, and former Republican presidential hopeful John McCain decided he wanted a piece of that. So, he got up on stage and did the only thing he could: The robot.

  • WATCH: Kid flips out after daddy takes his ear and nose

    Richard Hall | Published: Tue, Aug 19, 2014

    Children: Bringing the lulz since forever.

  • Share your back-to-school photos with us

    Tiffany Gibson | Updated: Tue, Aug 19, 2014

    Parents, students and teachers: are you ready for the new school year to start? Share your back-to-school photos with us at or download the NewsOK Now App. We’ll select some of the photos to run in the paper and publish them in a gallery on