• 10 of the cutest Halloween pet costumes ever

    Richard Hall | Published: Wed, Oct 29, 2014

    Source Halloweentime is for everyone — even the furkids. So, here are 10 of the cutest pet costumes ever, in no particular order. (FYI, the image above is a freebie. You’re welcome.) Source Source Source Source Source AND BONUS! Source Letting the neighbors know there’s a new sheriff in town! @petsmart #monstercute #woody #toystory A photo […]

  • 8 of the creepiest things kids have ever said

    Richard Hall | Published: Tue, Oct 28, 2014

    Kids say the darndest things. But sometimes kids can be creepy little buggers. And, thanks to reddit, we get a glimpse at just how terribly creepy they can be. Here are eight of the creepiest things kids have ever said (which I’ve edited only for grammar and spelling mistakes). (Also, the photos included in each […]

  • 12 of the creepiest gifs on the Internet

    Richard Hall | Published: Mon, Oct 27, 2014

    Halloween is Friday, so to help you get into the spirit, here are 10 of the creepiest gifs on the Internet (in no particular order). Bonus: The gif up there doesn’t count. But, to the best of my knowledge, it comes from a 1994 Mexican horror film called “Herencia diabolica,” and is about a clown […]

  • This film with Oklahoma ties is already generating Oscar buzz

    Matt Carney | Updated: Mon, Oct 27, 2014

    “Foxcatcher” is going to be awesome. The film opens next month and has already won the best director prize at the Cannes Film Festival back in May. Its director Bennett Miller is two-for-two on Best Picture Oscar nominations as well, earning the distinction for 2005’s “Capote” and 2011’s “Moneyball.” That all adds up to high […]

  • When you're watching the Thunder game, pick up your phone and visit NewsOK

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Mon, Oct 27, 2014

    And now our attention turns to basketball again. It hasn’t been very long since we closed the 2013-14 season for the Oklahoma City Thunder. This week, it’s back. On NewsOK, our Thunder coverage team has been working through the NBA’s preseason. The Oklahoman’s reporting duo — Darnell Mayberry and Anthony Slater – is in midseason […]

  • #VoteVader: Would you vote for Darth Vader if given the chance?

    Richard Hall | Published: Fri, Oct 24, 2014

    Because you totally could if you lived in Ukraine, where he’s running for parliament. Dressed in full Star Wars regalia, [Darth Alekseyevich] Vader prowls the streets of Kiev atop his black campaign van wooing voters with promises to turn Ukraine into a “galactic empire.” So serious is he about his mission that he even legally […]

  • Dartmouth student newspaper: 'Abolish the Greek system'

    By ARIANNA PICKARD, NewsOK Web Editor | Updated: Mon, Oct 20, 2014

    The student newspaper for Dartmouth College published a front-page editorial on Friday calling for the Ivy League school to “abolish the greek system.” The newspaper's editor explains in a letter that the paper’s editorial board decided to put the editorial on the front page over homecoming weekend while hundreds of alumni are returning to campus to show readers “how much is at stake.” “Think through what could be accomplished at Dartmouth if we abolish the Greek system,” she writes. She states that as an affiliated with the greek system and knows the meaning many find in the system, but she still believes the system has got to go.

  • #SundayStories series offers an insight into stories behind great posts

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Mon, Oct 20, 2014

    The #MyOklahoma hashtag is more than a year old. We’ve chosen a photo to feature in the newspaper every day and we’ve promoted all the great photos within NewsOK photo galleries and on Twitter, Facebook and the place where it all started – Instagram. And now we have a spin-off. The #SundayStories series on the […]

  • Duncan triple homicide: 5 things we learned about Alan Hruby

    Richard Hall and Phillip O'Connor | Updated: Wed, Oct 15, 2014

    [img][/img] Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks held a press conference today offering new details in the case of Alan Hruby, the man accused of shooting his parents and younger sister to death at their Duncan, Okla., home. Here are five new facts we learned from the press conference: 1. Hruby has been charged University of Oklahoma freshman Alan J. Hruby was charged Wednesday in the shooting deaths of his mother, father and younger sister. 2. The murder weapon was a firearm Prosecutors said Hruby shot the victims

  • Bill Hader: 'I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma like an idiot in some book'

    Matt Carney | Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Tulsa native and former Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader returned to the show this weekend to host and his opening monologue included a self-deprecating mention of his hometown. “I was never even supposed to be on Saturday Night Live. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma like an idiot in some book!” Hader said. […]

  • The Oklahoman's Archives: A window to the past

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Oct 10, 2014

    Did you know you had access to the best time machine ever invented? At a conference this past week, I had the opportunity to listen to an historian speak about how he and some of his recent students used newspaper archives from the 1860s to transport themselves back to the time right before the Civil […]

  • Good reads: Where to find the NewsOK investigations of 2014

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Sun, Oct 5, 2014

    A staff of reporters investigates and reports it. The Oklahoman publishes it in its printed editions of the newspaper. Subscribers read about it when the paper is delivered or when they load up a series of digital products — Oklahoman.com and The Oklahoman’s apps. But NewsOK? NewsOK archives these investigative reports and houses the daily […]

  • Oklahomans overwhelmingly ‘like’ OU over OSU, says The New York Times

    By ARIANNA PICKARD | Updated: Fri, Oct 3, 2014

    The New York Times gathered data based on Facebook ‘likes’ of American college football teams and found 84 programs dominating college football fandom somewhere in the country. The findings specific to Oklahoma? Exactly what you would've guessed.

  • Video: Oscar winner gives Longhorns an impressive pump-up speech

    Matt Carney | Published: Fri, Oct 3, 2014

    Channeling a hybrid form of Friday Night Lights‘ Coach Taylor and True Detective‘s Rust Cohle carving up a Lone Star tallboy, Oscar-winning actor and noted Longhorn fan Matthew McConaughey stopped by a recent University of Texas football practice to rally the troops. “I found that when I’ve done my best work as an actor, it […]

  • OHP trooper who arrested Moore suspect in 2010 says she 'would have killed him'

    Matt Carney | Published: Wed, Oct 1, 2014

    In a recent interview with CNN, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper who scuffled with the murder defendant in the Moore beheading case during an unrelated traffic stop in 2010 expressed guilt for not killing the man when she “had the opportunity.” Lt. Betsy Randolph said her scuffle with Alton Nolen, who has been charged with […]

  • Diver Meets Shark, And You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

    Richard Hall | Published: Tue, Sep 30, 2014

    This is what happened: Nothing is as awesome as HIGH-FIVING A SHARK pic.twitter.com/gdMPhRObRZ — Animal Planet (@MeetAnimals) September 30, 2014

  • Oklahoma beheading: 5 new facts we learned about the attack today

    Richard Hall and Phillip O'Connor | Published: Tue, Sep 30, 2014

    The Cleveland County District Attorney held a press conference today offering new details in the case of Alton Nolen, the man accused of beheading and stabbing coworkers at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla. Here are five new facts we learned from the press conference: 5. Nolen went home to get the knife before the attacks […]

  • Muslims banned: Arkansas gun range owner declares business 'Muslim-free zone'

    Richard Hall | Published: Tue, Sep 30, 2014

    Jan Morgan, the owner of The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range, has banned all Muslims from her business, declaring it a “Muslim-free zone.” Morgan, a firearms trainer and Second Amendment advocate, released a statement on her website in which she explains her decision by condemning Islam and the Quran, describing her concerns for the safety […]

  • Fast food: Don't you love it when this happens?

    Richard Hall | Published: Mon, Sep 29, 2014

    [img url=http://blog.newsok.com/dittocontent/uploads/sites/36/2014/09/0019.

  • The bottom of the article is just the beginning of your visit

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Sep 26, 2014

    When you’re reading an article on NewsOK.com, read to the bottom. Why? Well, good information is there — even to the end. A reporter or columnist didn’t write it just to fill space. It’s valuable text. This week, we added another reason to read to the bottom — something more than the comments and something […]