Tim Torkildson
BrandForge BrandInsight Contributor
Tim lives in Provo, Utah, and works as a content provider for social media.

Tim Torkildson Sat, Jan. 02 2016 09:11:09 PM CST The Smoky Holidays. A Boyhood Mini-Memoir. https://t.co/sMcltIGGT7
Tim Torkildson Tue, Nov. 03 2015 11:56:16 AM CST What to do on a windy day in Provo? How about fly some toilet paper! https://t.co/TEZuG7m6pW https://t.co/KWygNuw7jK
Tim Torkildson Sun, Nov. 01 2015 07:53:07 PM CST Gratitude is foolish if it makes you thankful for something that can be fixed.
Tim Torkildson Sat, Oct. 31 2015 09:16:39 AM CST You don't have to understand something to appreciate it; that's why people get married . . .
Tim Torkildson Sat, Oct. 31 2015 07:45:01 AM CST The only thing scary about Halloween is the amount of sugar ingested . . .
Tim Torkildson Fri, Oct. 30 2015 05:39:18 PM CST Grandson Ohen's first piano recital. https://t.co/q8W5GhvVT3
Tim Torkildson Fri, Oct. 30 2015 04:17:12 PM CST Add A Little Laughter In The Workplace To See Big Results https://t.co/ZvGzflhH7g
Tim Torkildson Thu, Oct. 29 2015 04:28:07 PM CST Hey, when did the day BEFORE Halloween become a holiday too?
Tim Torkildson Wed, Oct. 28 2015 11:03:58 AM CST #Spinach #RedMeat #Bacon My latest poem on bacon featured in the St Paul Pioneer Press:... https://t.co/g0criwOS8b
Tim Torkildson Wed, Oct. 28 2015 02:54:32 AM CST #LDSMessages #Smile Because my heart is not yet pure, sometimes the second mile for me is nothing more than... https://t.co/64RQKqqoFv
Tim Torkildson Tue, Oct. 27 2015 08:06:14 PM CST I'm eating a pastrami and sauerkraut sandwich while sitting in my rocker recliner and reading The Well of... https://t.co/eGvreAiAVD
Tim Torkildson Mon, Oct. 26 2015 04:23:01 AM CST #PeterPitofsky #Clown A tribute the the mother of all Zanies, Peter Pitofsky:... https://t.co/9ZCgSfCg0K
Tim Torkildson Sun, Oct. 25 2015 05:08:05 AM CST There, but for the grace of tithing, go the Mormons . . . https://t.co/snNiMyDO9U
Tim Torkildson Sat, Oct. 24 2015 01:57:09 PM CST My good friend Michael Fedo's latest essay, on anecdotes and eavesdropping:... https://t.co/u5BRfKYXaT
Tim Torkildson Fri, Oct. 23 2015 08:12:25 PM CST I'd rather be retweeted than be retreaded.
Tim Torkildson Fri, Oct. 23 2015 06:29:41 PM CST I don't want my work to be fun; I want it to be done.
Tim Torkildson Fri, Oct. 23 2015 10:19:53 AM CST #DaveItzkoff Today's 3 Minute News video is actually only 66 seconds long. https://t.co/s3w4xACJ7g
Tim Torkildson Fri, Oct. 23 2015 07:20:17 AM CST OK,I did it !!!! Facebook friends! I do not like having a large number of friends, in fact... I do not accept... https://t.co/e0Hqb4TXLt