• Former OU wide receiver takes plea deal, gets probation

    BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    NORMAN — Former Oklahoma wide receiver Trey Metoyer has been sentenced to probation after taking a plea deal following accusations he exposed himself to women. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn’s office says Metoyer was convicted of indecent exposure after entering a blind plea. The state had requested a prison sentence of at least three years for Metoyer but a judge gave him eight years of probation instead. Metoyer left the Sooners football team in 2013 after being charged with indecent exposure. Authorities say he publicly exposed himself to two different women in Norman. Metoyer started four of the 11 games he played in 2012 and played in four games in 2013.

  • Dispute outside church leaves 2 fatally shot, 4 injured

    Updated: 6 hr ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — A gunfight broke out on a Brooklyn street during a funeral service where at least one shooter returned fired from inside the church vestibule, leaving two dead and four others injured, according to police. Three men opened fire on a crowd outside Emmanuel Church of God in Brooklyn's East Flatbush neighborhood Monday evening, police said. Mourners had gathered there for the funeral of 38-year-old Jose Luis Robles, who had died of natural causes. Police said 15 rounds were fired, and some came from within the church vestibule. Investigators on Tuesday were looking at whether the shooting was a gang-related retaliation, examining surveillance video and interviewing witnesses.

  • Baltimore mom slaps and scolds rioting son in front of everyone

    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    Many of the rioters who set Baltimore on fire on Monday evening were teenagers , and city officials called on parents get their kids out of the streets and stem the wave of chaos. At least one mother listened, says Mashable. As high schoolers threw rocks at police officers and set cars on fire, this mother searched through the rioting crowds for her kid. When she found him, she grabbed him, slapped him in the face and scolded him for his actions.

  • Tyson Foods hopes to rid US chicken of antibiotics by 2017

    Updated: 7 hr ago

    SPRINGDALE, Ark. (AP) — Tyson Foods says it wants to stop using human antibiotics in its U.S. chicken houses by September 2017 and that it will explore doing the same in its beef, pork and turkey operations. The move comes as restaurants demand more natural produce and amid concerns that widespread antibiotic use can lead to drug-resistant germs. McDonald's, for instance, said in March it wants suppliers to stop using human antibiotics in poultry within two years. Panera and Chipotle already say their chicken is antibiotic-free. Tyson said in March it would work with McDonald's to meet the new requirements, plus begin looking at ways to reduce antibiotic use in cattle, hogs and turkeys.

  • NY Daily News: NBC News chief wants Brian Williams back on the air

    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    This ship's captain doesn't want to throw the anchor overboard, says the New York Daily News in an exclusive story. NBC News chief Andrew Lack is looking for a way to put Brian Williams back behind the "Nightly News" desk, sources tell the Daily News — and Williams has told confidants he won't leave the network unless he's fired. "Andy believes viewers want him (Williams) back ," the source said. "The feeling is that (Williams') problem seems to be more with the media and other reporters than his viewers — if Andy can figure out a way to get him back on the air he will do it."

  • UPDATE: Tractor-trailer jackknifed on eastbound I-40 near McLoud Tuesday

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: 7 hr ago

    A tractor-trailer has jackknifed Tuesday on Interstate 40 near McLoud. Traffic is backing up in the area.

  • Legendary Actress Jayne Meadows Allen Dies at 95

    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    Jayne Meadows Allen, award winning stage and screen actress, died peacefully of natural causes in her Encino, Calif. home Sunday night at age 95, ET has learned. Jayne was also a regular panelist on the CBS hit program, I've Got a Secret. During her run on the show, Jayne was the highest rated actress on CBS, second only to Lucille Ball. Jayne's husband of 46 years, Steve Allen -- the first host of The Tonight Show -- passed away in 2000.

  • Watch how easy it is to accidentally order an Xbox One through your Apple Watch

    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    On the first day of the Apple Watch's official availability , we decided to demo some of the leading apps for the smartwatch via Twitter's Periscope app in a loose, improvised session, says C/NET. During a demo of the Amazon app on the Apple Watch , Scott used voice commands to search for a couple of items, getting the best result when he searched for an Xbox One gaming console. He saved the item to a wish list, while specifically warning against tapping the very large one-click ordering button that took up most of the screen. A second later, while waving his finger to emphasise that point, he accidentally touched the Apple Watch screen and an Xbox One console was immediately ordered in his name, thanks to the single-step one-click ordering process.

  • Jane Goodall Says SeaWorld 'Should Be Closed Down'

    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    NEW YORK -- Jane Goodall wants to see SeaWorld go extinct, says the Huffington Post. The 81-year-old primatologist said whales and dolphins should never be held in captivity, and that the entertainment company known for its orca shows should be shuttered. “They definitely should be closed down,” Goodall said in an interview with The Huffington Post earlier this month. She’s not alone. SeaWorld’s stock price has been plummeting since July 2013, when CNN released the documentary “Blackfish." The film exposed the misery endured by SeaWorld's trained orca and the dangers posed to trainers working with stressed-out carnivorous whales.

  • 8-year-old leukemia patient races to set record for high-fiving

    Updated: 8 hr ago

    MINNEAPOLIS — As 8-year-old Molly Vergin was preparing to try to break the world record for the most high-fives in one minute, no one was concerned about the magnitude of the challenge: to complete 261 hand slaps in 60 seconds. For her parents, the memories of Molly struggling against the debilitating effects of her leukemia chemotherapy were still too fresh. It wasn’t all that long ago that she couldn’t walk without assistance. That she was about to sprint across a parking lot high-fiving volunteers was reason alone to celebrate. “It doesn’t matter,” Stephanie Vergin said of the record. “For a long time, she didn’t have the strength or energy for something like this. The fact that she’s out here running is

  • Professor at Texas A&M Galveston fails entire class

    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    GALVESTON, Texas -A professor at Texas A&M Galveston failed an entire class, and he outlined his reasons in a fiery email sent to those students. In the email professor Irwin Horwitz sent to his students, he called them a disgrace to the school. He said he will no longer be teaching the course and will be giving everyone in the class a failing grade. After what he calls a semester of disrespect, backstabbing, lying, and cheating, Horwitz had all he could take.

  • News 9: Luther Schools Band Director Resigns Amid Allegations

    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    LUTHER - The suspended Luther Middle and High School music director, Kyle Whitmus, is now out of a job, News 9 reports. Kyle Whitmus is being investigated for something involving contact with a 12-year-old girl and cell phones but police have not released any specific details ...

  • Afghan official: At least 52 dead in landslide in northeast

    Updated: 8 hr ago

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A massive landslide in a remote province in northeastern Afghanistan killed at least 52 people on Tuesday, a provincial official said. The stricken area in Badakhshan province is cut off from the rest of the country, covered in snow and is only accessible from the air, significantly hampering any rescue efforts, said Shah Waliullah Adeeb, the provincial governor. Badakhshan is one of the poorest and least-developed regions of Afghanistan. It regularly suffers huge landslides when snow begins to melt in the spring. Tuesday's landslide struck early in the morning in the province's Khawahan district, near Afghanistan's border with Tajikistan. The isolated area is located about 200 kilometers (12

  • Popular zoo elephants likely to get harder to see in future

    Updated: 9 hr ago

    SEATTLE (AP) — Visitors flocked to the leafy enclosure at Seattle's zoo to watch the two elephants, Chai and Bamboo, as they used their long trunks to play with balls and snack on carrots and apples. The elephants would sometimes exhibit other behavior. Chai would pace from side to side and bob her head up and down — a sign, animal activists say, of the stress of being confined inside the 1-acre area. It is common behavior, and a growing number of people feel the giant animals — hard-wired to roam free across thousands of square miles in Africa and Asia — don't have a place in American zoos.

  • Former pastor sentenced to 23 years in lewd molestation case

    By AMANDA BLAND - Tulsa World | Updated: 9 hr ago

    A district judge told a former Tulsa pastor convicted of lewd molestation that he found no reason to change a jury’s recommendation of 23 years in prison and sentenced him accordingly on Monday. The jury, which convened earlier this month, found 33-year-old Damien Keith Bonner Sr. guilty of two of nine molestation counts filed against him. He was convicted of having sex with a parishioner of Galilee Baptist Church, 721 E. Pine St., after he took over leadership of the congregation in 2013 when the girl was 14 to 15 years old. Read the full story at TulsaWorld.com.

  • More rain possible Tuesday morning in soaked state

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    More rain is possible in Oklahoma Tuesday. Showers are likely in central Oklahoma before 10 a.m., the National Weather Service reports.

  • Bucks avoid elimination again, beat Bulls

    By The Associated Press | Updated: 15 hr ago

    Michael Carter-Williams had 22 points and eight assists, Khris Middleton scored 21 points, and the Milwaukee Bucks avoided elimination again with a 94-88 victory over the Chicago Bulls on Monday night in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series. With a 3-2 lead, the Bulls will try to close it out again Thursday at Milwaukee. But the Bucks aren't going quietly after dropping the first three games. They took Game 4 on a last-second layup by Jerryd Bayless and withstood several pushes by the Bulls in the fourth quarter of this one. The Bucks regrouped after a nine-point lead dwindled to three, and they hung on again after a seven-point lead shrunk to four with

  • Riots in Baltimore over man's death in police custody

    Updated: 15 hr ago

    BALTIMORE (AP) — Rioters plunged part of Baltimore into chaos Monday, torching a pharmacy, setting police cars ablaze and throwing bricks at officers hours after thousands mourned the man who died from a severe spinal injury he suffered in police custody. The governor declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard to restore order — but authorities were still struggling to quell pockets of unrest after midnight. The violence, which began in West Baltimore — within a mile of where Freddie Gray was arrested and pushed into a police van earlier this month — had by the end of the day spread to East Baltimore and neighborhoods close to downtown and near the baseball stadium.

  • Starbucks' glitch shows value of cash registers

    Associated Press |
    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    NEW YORK — A problem that disabled registers at thousands of Starbucks stores Friday was a reminder of the invisible systems restaurants rely on to run increasingly sophisticated operations. Registers that once merely rang up tabs and stored cash have evolved into hubs that can collect enormous volumes of data and carry out many tasks. They process credit cards, send orders to computer screens in kitchens and help run loyalty programs. In the industry, they're called point-of-sale, or POS, systems, and vary greatly in what they can do. The register malfunction that forced Starbucks to close stores last week was surprisingly large; it affected all

  • Apple's iPhones remain key moneymaker; forget watch

    Associated Press |
    Published: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    SAN FRANCISCO — The iPhone is still the engine behind Apple's phenomenal success, even if attention lately has been focused on its new smartwatch. While skeptics question whether the company's future is tied too much to one product, the iPhone's popularity was the reason Apple turned in another blow-out financial report Monday. The results far surpassed most analysts' expectations for the first three months of the year, when sales traditionally fall from their holiday-season peak. Apple sold more than 61 million iPhones in the quarter, accounting for more than two-thirds of its $58 billion in revenue for the three-month period and the lion's share of its $13.6 billion