Alan Herzberger
Newsroom Management Digital Managing Editor

Alan Herzberger is the Digital Managing Editor for and The Oklahoman. He focuses on content within OPUBCO Communications Group’s variety of digital products.

He’s been with The Oklahoman since 1997, when he joined the sports department. He has focused on NewsOK and other digital products since 2000.

  • Video games go live on the Big Screen for some Friday fun

    Alan Herzberger | Published: Fri, May 15, 2015

    It was a fun Friday at The Oklahoman offices at 100 W. Main. We fulfilled a goal that we’ve had since we moved into our downtown office space earlier this year. We played video games live on the Big Screen.     It was a tournament. We had nine guests play in the tournament, and […]

  • From the judge's mouth: You are a lucky reader of The Oklahoman/NewsOK

    Alan Herzberger | Published: Fri, May 8, 2015

    It’s been a busy year around here. We moved offices. We’re downtown, if you haven’t heard. We lit up a Big Screen at Robinson and Sheridan. We participated in a nice proposal. We covered some big news, gaining big audience and readership for our coverage of the SAE racist video controversy in March, our Oklahoma […]

  • NewsOK's enhanced Travel page takes you to more places

    Alan Herzberger | Published: Fri, May 1, 2015

    We added a new page to our navigation for the NewsOK Mobile website a few weeks ago. Click on the navigation icon in the top right, and it’s clearly there marked with a ‘new’ icon.     It’s called travel. You’re probably thinking that it’s not new for us to cover travel with a special […]

  • Available on all Oklahoman/NewsOK platforms: Creativity in Oklahoma 2015

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Sun, Apr 26, 2015

    You probably noticed your newspaper today is heavier than last Sunday’s newspaper. So heat up an extra cup of coffee. It’s going to take a bit longer to dig in to all the content that’s available in Outlook 2015. There are five sections in this annual special edition, but all of it is centered on […]

  • Fake link incorrectly shows a story written by The Oklahoman

    By Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    An article about the Oklahoma City Thunder's firing of head coach Scott Brooks appeared to look like it was written by The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry.  It was not.  The story quoted reaction from Brooks and a report from Mayberry. It is untrue and was not produced with The Oklahoman's authorization. The Oklahoman's complete and accurate coverage of the Oklahoma City Thunder can be found on our page: http://newsok.

  • New social gallery yet another way to tell the story

    Alan Herzberger | Published: Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    We launched a new form of galleries on this month. It’s like our photo galleries, but it has much more than static images. It’s a social gallery, allowing us to gather posts from around the web about a topic and embed them into a gallery that makes it easy to slide through. The social […]

  • Through NewsOK's looking glass: Live interviews with Oklahoma City newsmakers

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Apr 10, 2015

    Since we’ve moved into our offices in downtown Oklahoma City, one thing has certainly changed. More people in the news are walking around our newsroom. That’s the idea, actually. At the old building, the one on Britton and Broadway, the video studio was on a separate floor. It was a great studio, but it wasn’t […]

Alan Herzberger Tue, Sep. 29 2015 08:30:04 PM CST RT @kochcomm: Thank you @okcchamber for this honor! We're thrilled for be among the other great #metro50 companies here tonight. http://t.c
Alan Herzberger Thu, Sep. 24 2015 04:17:30 PM CST All because of an anonymous caller. Thank God for whistleblowers.
Alan Herzberger Fri, Sep. 11 2015 11:45:53 AM CST
Alan Herzberger Wed, Sep. 02 2015 01:48:49 PM CST WATCH LIVE: Dave Morris and Dave Cathey at the Oklahoma Restaurant Association Convention
Alan Herzberger Wed, Sep. 02 2015 08:52:17 AM CST RT @julianakeeping: The Morning Brew: Manhunt still on in Illinois for officer's killers
Alan Herzberger Sat, Aug. 29 2015 11:36:17 AM CST
Alan Herzberger Sun, Aug. 16 2015 01:02:36 PM CST @OKCNightCourt @NewsOK ... it was affecting the Android app, but not the other apps nor the mobile site.
Alan Herzberger Sun, Aug. 16 2015 01:00:18 PM CST @OKCNightCourt @NewsOK Excellent. Thanks for letting us know. At 11:27, one of our developers reported finding and correcting the issue.
Alan Herzberger Sun, Aug. 16 2015 09:36:38 AM CST @OKCNightCourt @NewsOK Is that happening with every load?Can you send me a screenshot? That will help ID what is causing that.
Alan Herzberger Tue, Aug. 11 2015 04:45:25 PM CST RT @NewsOK: #TriviaTuesday: How much do you know about Oklahoma's history?
Alan Herzberger Fri, Jul. 31 2015 08:37:36 AM CST Friday brings last blue moon until 2018
Alan Herzberger Fri, Jul. 24 2015 01:07:24 PM CST Another case for using The Oklahoman’s ‘Go Code’
Alan Herzberger Wed, Jul. 22 2015 04:43:37 PM CST @stevelackmeyer @NewsOK @joshuagreenhaw We will look at improving the interface. There are some limitations with survey implementation.
Alan Herzberger Wed, Jul. 22 2015 04:42:55 PM CST @stevelackmeyer @NewsOK @joshuagreenhaw On NewsOK, the link to 'sign in or sign up for access' is the last line of the survey box ...
Alan Herzberger Wed, Jul. 22 2015 04:42:16 PM CST @stevelackmeyer @NewsOK @joshuagreenhaw Yes -- the unrestricted access is on ...
Alan Herzberger Mon, Jul. 20 2015 02:33:07 PM CST Oklahoman reporters travel I-35 in search of adventure
Alan Herzberger Thu, Jul. 16 2015 07:24:59 AM CST Obama to make history with visit to El Reno prison
Alan Herzberger Fri, Jul. 10 2015 03:12:38 PM CST Saving The Last Dance -- -- It's now available on NewsOK. Be sure to listed to the podcast with the reporter's take
Alan Herzberger Fri, Jul. 10 2015 12:19:16 PM CST Go Codes let you 'watch' the newspaper
Alan Herzberger Wed, Jul. 01 2015 10:05:37 AM CST Follow all the NBA free agency news of the day in one spot: