• Pizza Hut says sorry for calling woman 'pink fat lady' on receipt

    Published: Thu, Oct 16, 2014

    Pizza Hut Singapore said sorry to a woman whose receipt included a hand-written note describing her as the "pink fat lady," according to USA TODAY. The woman, Aili Si of Singapore, posted the receipt she received on her Facebook on Oct. 12, saying she felt humiliated after ordering two pizzas. "I don't think it is nice for your staff to describe me as such on my receipt. I purchased 2 pizzas this evening at Bukit Merah Pizza Hut Outlet," she said.

  • Bites of Apple: What to Expect From iPad Event Today

    Published: Thu, Oct 16, 2014

    Just five weeks after unveiling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus , Apple will hold another event Thursday, says NBC News, this time, expect iPads and iMacs to take center stage. As usual, Apple's invitation for the October 16 event -- which will start at 10 a.m. PT in San Francisco -- was short on information. It read simply: "It's been way too long." But scant official details never stop the rumor mill from churning. Here's a bite of a few of the most credible reports.

  • Edmond Sun: Partriarch beerhouse site plan approved

    Published: Thu, Oct 16, 2014

    The Central Edmond Urban Development Board agreed to the commercial site plan this week for The Patriarch Craft Beer House and Lawn, the Edmond Sun reports, and the vote was 7-0. This 2,117-square-foot home built by William Hunt is located across from the Post Office. Hunt was a founder of Citizens Bank ...

  • Aerospace company announces contract that will eventually bring 300 jobs to state

    BY CASEY SMITH, Tulsa World | Published: Wed, Oct 15, 2014

    NORDAM announced Wednesday that a contract signed in 2010 will eventually bring approximately 300 new jobs to Tulsa. The aerospace company has designed, engineered, developed and manufactured an integrated powerplant system for two Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, PW814GA and PW815GA. The integrated powerplant system and engines will be used on the Gulfstream G500 and G600 aircraft, the new family of business jets that Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced Tuesday in Savannah, Ga. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • How Leaving The Lights On Can Actually Save You Money

    Published: Wed, Oct 15, 2014

    Theories abound on how to save money on your energy bills, but nothing is more brilliant -- literally -- than the tip we picked up when design expert Carter Oosterhouse dropped by the "Rachel Ray Show" to offer some sage home improvement advice. It turns out, many of us have been using CFL bulbs all wrong. And, getting it right could save as much as $150 for every 20 bulbs.

  • Bono Apologizes For The New U2 Album

    Published: Wed, Oct 15, 2014

    At Apple's September event, where the iPhone 6 and 6s and Apple Watch were unveiled, it was announced that U2's new album, "Songs of Innocence," would not simply be available on iTunes for a free download, but that the album would automatically get added to your iTunes library -- and therefore on your iPhone -- whether you wanted it or not. Rage ensued, ranging from promises to never listen to the album to declaring that the band had become the new Nickelback. Apple soon created a page detailing how people could easily remove the album from their iPhone. On Tuesday, the band posted a Q&A video on their Facebook page. They answered a variety of questions, which resulted in an apology from Bono for the great U2 caper of 2014.

  • Whole Foods to roll out rankings for produce

    Published: Wed, Oct 15, 2014

    NEW YORK (AP) — Whole Foods plans to start rolling out a system that ranks fruits and vegetables as "good," ''better" or "best" based on the supplier's farming practices. Most notably, the supermarket chain says its "responsibly grown" labeling system for produce and flowers will prohibit the use of several common pesticides. The rankings will also take into account factors such as water and energy use.

  • T. Boone Pickens says Obama is 'the worst president we ever had'

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Billionaire energy tycoon and noted Oklahoma State booster T. Boone Pickens had some forceful words for Business Insider's Julia La Roche recently when she asked him for his thoughts on the country's leadership. "We have the worst president we ever had," Pickens said . This isn't the first time that Pickens has gone after President Obama. Earlier this year he  expressed skepticism to the president's stated support for natural gas. Back in June Pickens also  challenged the president to a one-hour workout.

  • Sex Valley: Tech's booming prostitution trade

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Business is booming for sex workers in Silicon Valley, but it's becoming increasingly risky. Startups are transforming into multi-billion companies. And the staffs are overwhelmingly male. Sex workers tell CNNMoney they have a growing clientele who have plenty of excess cash. Two recent events have raised concerns.

  • 'Bendgate' Didn't Stop The Big iPhone 6 From Selling Like Crazy

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Millions of people saw the infamous video of a man bending the iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands. But the so-called "Bendgate" episode hasn't stopped millions of people from buying Apple's big, expensive new iPhone. A new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), a Chicago-based market research firm, says that 13 percent of all iPhones sold in the U.S. in the quarter that ended last month were iPhone 6 Pluses. The data from the report were provided exclusively to The Huffington Post.

  • Russell Brand And Naomi Klein Call For A Revolution

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Russell Brand and the author Naomi Klein have called for a "revolution" that could potentially see oil giants like Exxon Mobil dismantled. Speaking to Brand as part of a podcast exclusively shared with The Huffington Post, Klein agreed with the comedian's call for a political and economic revolution, but warned: "It's not going to happen in the right way if we don't talk about the distribution of resources."

  • America's Snobbiest Cities

    Updated: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Who says New Yorkers are snobs? Not Travis Levius, a Big Apple photographer who has found that another city along the Northeast Corridor has more attitude. "In D.C., it's all about what you do," he says. "You can be among New York City's elite if you're an artist, but in D.C., that might get you, at best, a look of 'bless your little heart.'"

  • Key Inequality Measure The Highest Since The Great Depression

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    You know inequality is getting bad when it's making a Swiss bank uncomfortable. The ratio of wealth to household income in the U.S., a measure of inequality, is the highest it has been since just before the Great Depression, Credit Suisse noted in a 64-page report on global wealth released on Monday. The bank also warned that this was not good news for the health of the economy: "This is a worrying signal given that abnormally high wealth income ratios have always signaled recession in the past," the bank wrote.

  • Hilti moving North American headquarters from Tulsa to Dallas area

    BY ROD WALTON, Tulsa World | Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Hilti North America announced Tuesday it will move its corporate headquarters from Tulsa to the Dallas-Fort Worth area by next summer. The Liechtenstein-based international tool company will maintain its operations center in Tulsa once the move is completed in June 2015. The Tulsa facility will employ about 425 people at that time. About 250 positions will move to the Dallas area, Hilti reported. The $26 billion complex will house the company's headquarters, test lab, repair service and distribution centers, according to the release. Read the rest of this story at TulsaWorld.com .

  • Hackers hold 7 million Dropbox passwords ransom

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Hackers are threatening a major breach in Dropbox security, claiming to have stolen the login details of almost 7 million users, and promising to release more password details if they're paid a Bitcoin ransom. However, Dropbox has denied it has been hacked, saying the passwords were stolen from third-party services.

  • Truck containing 36,000 pounds of Crisco stolen in Florida

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A truck containing 18 tons of Crisco sticks headed to a grocery store chain distribution center was stolen in a Florida city. St. Petersburg Police say that a tractor-trailer containing the 36,000 pounds of vegetable shortening was snatched Sunday morning. The truck was destined for a Publix distribution center in Lakeland. Authorities said the stolen tractor was a 2005 red Volvo, with a Florida tag and had the business name of "NS Express LLC on both sides of the cab. The trailer was a white Hyundai.

  • Report: Microsoft ‘Coaching’ NFL Announcers To Say ‘Surface,’ Not iPad

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    REDMOND, Wash. (CBS Seattle) – Before the start of this current NFL season, Microsoft paid the NFL $400 million to make its Microsoft Surface the official tablet of the NFL. However, some announcers are calling the device an iPad or iPad-like tool; so Microsoft will coach these announcers to better identify their device.

  • Google is testing live-video medical advice

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Just in time for flu season, Google is experimenting with a feature that provides live video chat advice to searchers looking for information on some medical conditions. We've all probably convinced ourselves at least once through frantic online searching, that we — or our children — have some sort of undiagnosed chronic or catastrophic disease. (Ebola, we're looking at you.) With the video chat option, Google may be able to alleviate some of those concerns by providing a real, live doctor to walk down that panic level at those times when you're trying to figure out whether it's worth scheduling a doctor's appointment or not.

  • Google Nexus 6 to be unveiled later this month alongside Nexus 9

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Google is reportedly preparing to unveil a new flagship Android smartphone with a 5.9-inch display that’s bigger even than the iPhone 6 Plus. The phablet-sized Nexus 6 will continue Google’s line of Nexus devices, which have racked up only small sales but are beloved of Android fans for offering the company’s mobile operating system without manufacturer-added software.

  • OPEC Split as Oil Prices Fall Sharply

    Published: Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    Oil prices sank again on Monday, giving consumers more of a break and causing a split among OPEC leaders about what action should be taken, if any, to halt the slide. The price drop has led to a near free fall in gasoline prices in the United States. On Monday, the national average price for regular gasoline was $3.20, 9 cents lower than it was a week ago and 14 cents below the price a year ago, according to the AAA motor club.