• Budweiser wants to call itself ‘America’ this summer

    Budweiser wants to call itself ‘America’ this...

    Published: Wed, May 11, 2016

    The King of Beers wants to solidify its status as a true U.S. icon by changing its name to “America” this summer.   Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of Budweiser, has asked the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for permission to use labeling that replaces the beer's name with the word America and boasts patriotic phrases like “Land of the Free,” “Liberty and Justice for All,” “Home of the Brave” and “From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters this land was made for you and me,” reports AdAge. AB InBev owns two of the country’s bestselling beers—Bud Light and Budweiser—but the company is technically no longer American-owned. InBev, a beer conglomerate based in Belgium and Brazil, acquired Anheuser-Busch in 2008.

  • Emma Watson has been named in the Panama Papers database

    Emma Watson has been named in the Panama Papers...

    Published: Wed, May 11, 2016

    Emma Watson has been named in a database containing details of the Panama Papers leak.   The Harry Potter actress’s name was found by The Spectator in a searchable database containing more details about the Panama Papers tax avoidance scandal.   The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published data on more than 200,000 entities on its website on Monday evening. The database contains information on companies, trusts and foundations and users can see networks involving the offshore companies.

  • A Tour Through the Ghost Towns of Forgotten Social Networks

    A Tour Through the Ghost Towns of Forgotten...

    By K. Thor Jensen, New York Magazine | Published: Sat, May 7, 2016

    Many have tried to take down Mark Zuckerberg and his crew, but none have succeeded. Some social networks have carved out a niche, but most of them have a hot launch and then fizzle into irrelevance.

  • ETE CEO says that deal with Williams 'can't close'

    ETE CEO says that deal with Williams \'can\'t close\'

    BY CASEY SMITH, Tulsa World | Published: Fri, May 6, 2016

    Dallas billionaire Kelcy Warren and other members of the Energy Transfer C-Suite didn’t hold back during an earnings call Thursday morning when analysts asked questions about the status of Energy Transfer Equity’s proposed merger with Williams and new problems with the deal that have come up during the past quarter. One of those obstacles has been over tax issues that allegedly threaten the merger. Law firm Latham & Watkins LLP has told Energy Transfer that, under current conditions, it wouldn’t be able to deliver a tax opinion that Energy Transfer and Williams need to complete their transaction. The law firm recently told Energy Transfer that it wouldn’t be able to deliver that so-called 721 Opinion but Williams has said that it disagrees with the law firm’s position. Williams has proposed two possible solutions to the tax issue that ETE says it does not agree with.

  • Tulsa leaves its mark on New Yorker punched in face during cross-country bicycle trip

    Tulsa leaves its mark on New Yorker punched in...

    BY PAIGHTEN HARKINS, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, May 5, 2016

    During his 3,020-mile cross-country biking trip, there was only one place where Jeffrey Tanenhaus was punched in the face. It’s now also the area where he’s considering moving and starting a business. "It makes for a good story in hindsight,” he said about the assault. “And I think ultimately it was a good thing, which sounds kind of crazy.”

  • Don't 'manage' millennials; 'coach' them

    Don\'t \'manage\' millennials; \'coach\' them

    Published: Thu, May 5, 2016

    When Samantha Klein talks about millennials at work, she likes to talk in terms of sports analogies. "When your coach talks to you on the Little League team, they're like, 'Here's how you're hitting right now. If we want to make the playoffs, here's where you need to be; this is where you need to focus your practicing," she told Business Insider. The same principle should apply at the office — bosses should reinforce the team mentality and help young workers develop their professional skills.

  • KFC releases fried chicken-flavored nail polish

    KFC releases fried chicken-flavored nail polish

    Updated: Thu, May 5, 2016

    Nope, this isn't a month-delayed April Fools' joke — Kentucky Fried Chicken is now making Kentucky Fried nail polish, USA TODAY reports. The chicken chain revealed a "Finger Lickin' Good Edible Nail Polish," infused with their secret spice blend, that comes in two flavors, "Original" and "Hot and Spicy."

  • Periscope CEO stays cool on Facebook threat as service tweaks features

    Periscope CEO stays cool on Facebook threat as...

    Published: Thu, May 5, 2016

    For a tech executive that has Facebook aiming directly at his business, Kayvon Beykpour exudes a preternatural calm under pressure, USA TODAY reports. The co-founder of Periscope, Beykpour helped popularize the idea of broadcasting from your smart phone when he and childhood pal Joe Bernstein introduced their live mobile-video app in 2015, quickly amassing 10 million users and announcing in March some 200 million total broadcasts.

  • Cupertino's mayor: Apple 'abuses us' by not paying taxes

    Cupertino\'s mayor: Apple \'abuses us\' by not...

    Published: Thu, May 5, 2016

    The last time the mayor of Cupertino walked into Apple – the largest company in his small Californian town and, it so happens, the most valuable company in the world – he hoped to have a meeting to talk about traffic congestion.  Barry Chang barely made it into the lobby when Apple’s security team surrounded and escorted him off the property.   “They said ‘you cannot come in, you’re not invited’. After that I left and have not gone back,” said an exasperated Chang, who’s been mayor since December 2015 and had approached the computing firm when he was serving on the city council three years ago.

  • The retail industry is transforming, but not the way you think it is

    The retail industry is transforming, but not...

    Published: Wed, May 4, 2016

    There's a major shift underway in the retail industry, but it may not be the one you think. Goldman Sachs' global cohead of consumer retail and healthcare banking, Kathy Elsesser, described the impacts of e-commerce on the sector on a company podcast released on Wednesday . She said that those impacts are significant yet often misunderstood.

  • FBI: Man sprayed mouse poison mixture on Ann Arbor grocery store produce; suspect in custody

    FBI: Man sprayed mouse poison mixture on Ann...

    Published: Wed, May 4, 2016

    ANN ARBOR, MI – Authorities have identified the man who sprayed liquid on food at Ann Arbor grocery stores, as well as the previously-unknown substance.   Tips from the public helped officials from the FBI and the Ann Arbor Police Department take the man into custody Tuesday, according to a release from the FBI Detroit Field Office. Further information on the man or potential charges was not released.   Officials believe the suspect used a liquid combination of an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer, water and Tomcat mouse poison to contaminate produce in three Ann Arbor grocery stores in the last two weeks.

  • Brazil judge orders WhatsApp blocked, affecting 100 million users

    Brazil judge orders WhatsApp blocked, affecting...

    Published: Tue, May 3, 2016

    A Brazilian judge ordered wireless phone carriers to block access to Facebook Inc's (FB.O) WhatsApp for 72 hours throughout Latin America's largest country on Monday, the second such move against the popular messaging application in five months.   The decision by the judge in the northeastern state of Sergipe applies to the five main wireless operators in Brazil and affects WhatsApp's more than 100 million users in the country. The reason for the order is not known due to legal secrecy in an ongoing case in the Sergipe state court.  In a statement, WhatsApp said the company is "disappointed at the decision" after doing the utmost to cooperate with Brazilian tribunals.

  • Overfishing puts $42bn tuna industry at risk of collapse

    Overfishing puts $42bn tuna industry at risk of...

    Published: Tue, May 3, 2016

    Overfishing is jeopardising a global tuna industry worth more than $42bn (£29bn), according to the first assessment of its kind. A report produced by the Pew Charitable Trusts has highlighted the significant revenues that fishermen, processors and retailers are generating from severely depleted species of tuna.  Taken together, the seven most commercially important tuna species – skipjack, albacore, bigeye, yellowfin, atlantic bluefin, Pacific bluefin and southern bluefin – generated $12bn (£8bn) for fishermen in 2014, while the full value, including the total amount paid by the final consumer at supermarkets and restaurants around the world, was estimated to be $42bn (£29bn).   “It’s no secret that tuna are big business,” said Amanda Nickson, Pew’s director of global tuna conservation. “Now, for the first time, we’re able to put an actual price on what’s at stake in the fight for the conservation and sustainable management of these commercially and ecologically important fish.”

  • Sports Authority closing all stores nationwide

    Sports Authority closing all stores nationwide

    Published: Tue, May 3, 2016

    ENGLEWOOD, CO (WCMH) — Sports Authority announced that it will be closing the doors of all its retail stores nationwide.   The sporting goods retail chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month, originally saying it would close 140 stores and two distribution centers. Two central Ohio stores were on that list of closures.   But now, a Sports Authority officials said in US bankruptcy court that the company will not be able to reorganize and will pursue a sale instead. The retail chain is carrying just over $1 billion in debt.

  • FBI seeking ID of man sprinkling unknown liquid on food at Ann Arbor Whole Foods

    FBI seeking ID of man sprinkling unknown liquid...

    Published: Mon, May 2, 2016

    ANN ARBOR, MI -- The FBI is looking to speak with the man suspected of attempting to contaminate food products inside the Whole Foods Market on Eisenhower Parkway in Ann Arbor.   FBI Spokesperson Jill Washburn did not divulge the identity of the store the man was seen sprinkling an unknown liquid substance on food carts inside the store last week, but believes photos released will help in leading to the man's identity.   "We do not know what the substance was," she said. "The only thing that he was seen sprinkling the substance on was food."

  • Puerto Rico says it will default on Monday

    Puerto Rico says it will default on Monday

    Published: Mon, May 2, 2016

    Puerto Rico is going to default.   In a television address made Sunday, Puerto Rico's governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the island's Government Development Bank (GDB) will not make a $422 million payment due to its creditors by the end of business on Monday, according to Bloomberg.   A Reuters report ahead of Padilla's address released on Sunday evening said the GDB was, "expected to skip at least the principal portion of its payment to hedge funds, credit unions and other bondholders."

  • Massive oil theft by pirates costs Nigeria $1.5 billion every month

    Massive oil theft by pirates costs Nigeria $1.5...

    Published: Mon, May 2, 2016

    Depressed oil prices, rampant corruption, and pipeline vandalism are only parts of Nigeria’s oil problem. It’s now losing a massive 400,000 barrels of crude daily to pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, an amount equal to the entire daily export capacity of its Forcados terminal.   Overall damage from piracy, theft and fraud for Africa’s largest oil exporter is estimated at some $1.5 billion a month, according to U.S. deputy ambassador to the UN, Michele Sison, citing a Chatham House report. Attempts by local governments and the UN to put a stop to piracy have met with some success, but the practice continues — shifting location and adapting to new security measures, so now the UN Security Council is calling for a comprehensive framework of measures aimed at eradicating it.

  • Freddie Mac may need another taxpayer bailout next week

    Freddie Mac may need another taxpayer bailout...

    Published: Mon, May 2, 2016

    Freddie Mac FMCC, -1.21%  is expected to report a loss when it announces first-quarter earnings before the bell on Tuesday. That’s bad news for any public company, but especially critical for the mortgage provider because of its tangled history with the federal government.   Freddie and its counterpart, Fannie Mae FNMA, -0.58% were put into conservatorship in 2008 as the mortgage meltdown ensnared the financial system. They have lingered as wards of the state ever since. The Treasury Department modified the deal in 2012, requiring Fannie and Freddie to send all quarterly profits to the government — and shrink their reserves to zero by 2018.

  • Facebook or Google? Here's the difference between working at 2 of the best employers in America

    Facebook or Google? Here\'s the difference...

    By Rachel Gillett, Business Insider | Published: Sun, May 1, 2016

    If you're faced with the decision of whether you should accept a job at Facebook or Google, congratulations — you are one of the privileged few. Both employers rank in the top five on this year's list of  the 50 best companies to work for in America , based on exclusive data from  PayScale . And both are extremely competitive in their quest to hire the best and the brightest. Once you've passed the  intense interview process  at each respective company, a number of awesome perks, great compensation, and most likely extreme contentment in your new job await you — but which job do you choose? To make your decision a little easier, here's a head-to-head comparison of how Facebook and Google stack up as employers. View As:  One Page   Slides

  • VW and Shell try to block EU push for electric cars

    VW and Shell try to block EU push for electric...

    Published: Fri, Apr 29, 2016

    VW and Shell have united to try to block Europe’s push for electric cars and more efficient cars, saying biofuels should be at heart of efforts to green the industry instead. The EU is planning two new fuel efficiency targets for 2025 and 2030 to help meet promises made at the Paris climate summit last December. But executives from the two industrial giants launched a study on Wednesday night proposing greater use of biofuels, CO2 car labelling, and the EU’s emissions trading system (ETS) instead.