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  • GM to pay victims $400 million to $600 million

    Published: Thu, Jul 24, 2014

    General Motors expects to pay between $400 million to $600 million to compensate victims of ifs faulty ignition switch tied to at least 13 deaths. The families of those killed and people injured in crashes involving the ignition switch can start filing for payments next month. The automaker has been under fire from Congressional, Justice Department and federal safety regulators for the delay and could face criminal charges.

  • You're more likely to get a raise now

    Published: Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    Workers rejoice: Economists say their companies are granting more pay raises this year, according to CNN. Forty-three percent of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) said their firms have increased wages in the last three months. That's up from last year, when only 19% of economists were reporting wage gains. Even if wages aren't going up at your workplace, the tide of cutting wages might be done. No one reported pay cuts at their firm, while 57% said wages were flat.

  • New York Is the First State to Propose Bitcoin Regulations

    Published: Fri, Jul 18, 2014

    New regulations may make Bitcoin safer, reports. But some people think they will also ruin what made virtual currencies attractive. Bitcoin may have just taken a huge step toward entering the financial mainstream.

  • Oklahoma's one of the best states for recent grads since the recession, according to Forbes

    Published: Thu, Jul 17, 2014

    Though CNBC recently found Oklahoma to be one of the country's very worst states to live in , it seems that the Sooner state has at least one thing going for it: a favorable economy for recent college graduates. In a study published on Forbes, contributor Ben Taylor found that comparing tuition costs of four-year public institutions with income and unemployment figures resulted in a number-two ranking for Oklahoma, sandwiched between fellow oil-rich states Wyoming and list-topper North Dakota.

  • Google's Street View cars help locate gas leaks in US cities

    Published: Wed, Jul 16, 2014

    Google's Street View cars have a checkered history; they carry some truly incredible technology, but have also landed the company in hot water, The Verge reports. But a few of Google's cars have taken on an additional task while logging miles across the US. Instead of sniffing for Wi-Fi networks, they're sniffing for gas leaks. Three Street View cars equipped with specialized sensors capable of detecting methane were dispatched in Staten Island, Boston, and Indianapolis. They took 15 million readings in all across those locations, which were chosen because of aging pipelines and other infrastructure issues that make leaks more likely. And the hunches proved correct; Google's cars measured one gas leak for every mile they traversed in the city of Boston, though other test spots like Indianapolis fared significantly better. Methane leaks contribute to climate warming and can even cause explosions under the right circumstances.

  • 5 Things Women Entrepreneurs Can Teach Men

    Published: Wed, Jul 16, 2014

    Research conducted by Zenger Folkman, which is a company that trains companies in leadership, found that women are generally more effective leaders than men simply because they build better teams and are more liked and respected than men, Huffington Post reports. Another study by the Dow Jones Venture Source found that businesses with women senior executives are more likely to succeed than companies with only men in charge. With all this data, it is safe to conclude that women make great entrepreneurs and leaders.

  • U.S. woman rescued at sea with family sues satellite phone company

    Published: Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - A U.S. woman rescued with her family from a Pacific Ocean sailboat after her infant daughter became ill has filed suit against her satellite phone company for cutting off service, a move she said led the family to seek an emergency rescue and ultimately to scuttle their boat, her lawyers said on Tuesday. The complaint filed in San Diego Superior Court by Charlotte Kaufman on Monday alleges that Whenever Communications LLC deactivated the family's satellite phone's SIM card even though the family's $240 a month bill had been paid in full since August 2012, according to Reuters.

  • 113,000 janitors in the U.S. have at least a bachelor’s degree

    Published: Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    According to the most recent census, 113,000 janitors in the U.S. have at least a bachelor’s degree, Mic reports. And, over 18,000 have a master’s degree or Ph.D. If there was ever a sign that today's job market for young people is screwed, it's in the GIF above. Many of today's best and brightest young people are graduating from college to mop floors. So much for college being the golden ticket to economic success.

  • Man records nightmarish attempt to cancel cable, Comcast apologizes

    Published: Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    WASHINGTON -- Deciding to cancel a cable service subscription can be difficult -- breaking the news to the cable company can be near-impossible. Tech journalist Ryan Block and his wife Veronica Belmont tried to cancel their Comcast service last week over the phone. Block says 10 minutes into his frustrating conversation with the Comcast customer service representative, he started recording the phone call, which he posted on SoundCloud.

  • Medical Journal: Electronic Devices Can Cause Nickel Allergies To Flare Up

    Published: Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — We use our electronic devices for all sorts of things – from talking and looking up information to playing games. But as CBS 2’s Elise Finch reported Monday, the frequent use of such gadgets is actually making some people sick.

  • How brain imaging can be used to predict the stock market

    Published: Sun, Jul 13, 2014

    Some shares have new owners every second. Today much of the buying and selling is done by computers, but some still rely on human intuition—the gut feeling of the experienced trader, Quartz reports. “Nobody can predict the market, but traders are expected to,” Richard Taffler, professor of finance at the University of Warwick said. “This creates anxiety.” So emotions must play an important role in driving financial markets. Understanding what happens in the brains of traders as prices move up and down could possibly tell us something about the markets future developments.

  • Sex Valley: Tech's booming prostitution trade

    Published: Fri, Jul 11, 2014

    Startups are transforming into multi-billion companies. And the staffs are overwhelmingly male. Sex workers tell CNNMoney they have a growing clientele who have plenty of excess cash. Two recent events have raised concerns. The arrest this week of an alleged prostitute, Alix Tichelman, in connection with the death of Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes has prostitutes worried about the impact on business.

  • Female Yahoo Exec Sued By a Female Employee for Sexual Harassment

    Published: Fri, Jul 11, 2014

    Maria Zhang, a top executive at Yahoo, is being sued for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, Gawker reports. The complaint was filed today by Nan Shi, an engineer supervised by Zhang, and names Yahoo as a defendant. As a senior director of engineering, Zhang helps lead the troubled company's attempts to improve its mobile efforts.

  • BP Oil Spill Caused Sickness In Fish, Researchers Find

    Published: Fri, Jul 11, 2014

    ORLANDO, Fla., July 9 (Reuters) - Oil that matches the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been found in the bodies of sickened fish, according to a team of Florida scientists who studied the oil's chemical composition. "We matched up the oil in the livers and flesh with Deepwater Horizon like a fingerprint," lead researcher Steven Murawski, a professor at the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science in Tampa, told Reuters.

  • LeBron James' move could signify new NBA business model

    Published: Fri, Jul 11, 2014

    Franchises shedding payroll to free up money under the salary cap to sign free agents, players changing teams, short-term contracts, draft picks collected as assets, year-round coverage — this sounds a lot like the NFL. Except it isn’t. It’s the NBA. The past few weeks of craziness could be the new normal, at least until the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, USA Today reports. With LeBron James returning home to Cleveland, the Eastern Conference has been flipped on its proverbial head. The Cavaliers are now a contender and the Heat may be rebuilding with an aging Dwyane Wade and potentially no Chris Bosh.

  • South Tulsa Costco plans get green light from Planning Commission

    By KEVIN CANFIELD, Tulsa World | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    Costco hopes to open its south Tulsa store next fall, a company official said Wednesday, according to the Tulsa World. “Optimistically, we are trying to get this thing done in late fall 2015,” said Michael Okuma, real estate development director for Costco. “That is assuming we get approval all the way.

  • Study: Most US Teens Can't Read Their Own Pay Stubs

    Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    Fewer than 30% of U.S. teens understand their paycheck, according to the financial literacy portion of a test administered by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. More than one in six 15-year-olds is unable to make even simple decisions about everyday spending, and only one in 10 can solve complex financial tasks, according to the test.

  • Slurp, munch freebies for a week at 7-Eleven

    Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    A free Slurpee may no longer be enough to make folks stop, so 7-Eleven plans to boost its odds of luring tech-savvy consumers into the store for its 87th birthday celebration, according to USA TODAY. Sure, again this year the chain will give away millions of free 12-ounce Slurpees on its birthday on Friday. But the convenience store giant will expand its freebie celebration into the following week by handing out everything from free ice cream bars to free cookies to free Big Gulps — if you've downloaded its app, USA TODAY reports.

  • Best cities to launch a startup

    Published: Wed, Jul 9, 2014

    1. Oklahoma City If you have entrepreneurial dreams, you'll want to consider Oklahoma City, CNN Money reports. It nabbed the title of the best place to launch a small business last year, according to NerdWallet's second annual ranking.

  • Walmart Sorry for Decorative Death Camp Poster

    Published: Wed, Jul 9, 2014

    Walmart and other retailers pulled a home decoration poster of Nazi Germany's notorious Dachau concentration camp sign, according to ABC News. A phrase on the gate in German states "Arbeit macht frei," which roughly translates to "work makes you free." Walmart, Sears and Amazon pulled the item from its website over the weekend, as first reported by