• Does Oklahoma have a say in rates for Obamacare?

    By Warren Vieth Oklahoma Watch | Published: Thu, Aug 13, 2015

    Affordable Care Act health insurance rates are expected to rise in Oklahoma in 2016, and the state Insurance Department insists it cannot do anything about rates except review and approve the paperwork.

  • 'Easy corn' tale reflects governmental trough

    Published: Sun, Aug 9, 2015

    Florida's Lawton Chiles once related a story in which he was asked, 'Do you know how we catch hogs here in the Panhandle?' The story said a lot about government, says Malcolm Berko.

  • Stocks

    Published: Sun, Aug 9, 2015

    Oklahoma City-based Paycom Software Inc. is this week's Eagle, while Tulsa's Midstates Petroleum Co. is a Beagle among a pack of them suffering from ongoing low oil prices.

  • LSB Industries stock slammed after earnings, plant problems

    BY BRIANNA BAILEY Business Writer  bbailey@oklahoman.com  | Published: Sat, Aug 8, 2015

    LSB Industries' disappointing second-quarter results gave shareholders heartburn on Friday as company officials outlined steps being undertaken by the firm to review both its business and compensation plans.

  • Earnings

    Published: Fri, Aug 7, 2015

    Earnings reports for Aug. 7, 2015

  • OGE Energy profits fall, miss projection

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: Thu, Aug 6, 2015

    The parent of OG&E earned $88 million in the second quarter, down from $101 million in the same period last year.

  • Effort to boost effectiveness of antibiotics receives investment

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: Wed, Aug 5, 2015

    Synereca Pharmaceuticals develops novel compounds that show promise in enhancing the effectiveness of existing antibiotics against drug-resistant bacteria that cause hundreds of thousands of hospital-acquired infections each year.

  • Oklahoma offers waiver of penalties in voluntary tax compliance initiative

    Published: Wed, Aug 5, 2015

    The state of Oklahoma, through HB 2236, is offering taxpayers an opportunity to file delinquent tax returns and receive a waiver from penalties, interest and collections fees on eligible taxes.

  • Devon Energy posts $2.8 billion loss

    By Adam Wilmoth Energy Editor awilmoth@oklahoman.com | Updated: Tue, Aug 4, 2015

    Adjusted earnings for Oklahoma City energy giant beat analysts' expectations.

  • Energy slump is taking toll on other businesses, survey finds

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: Tue, Aug 4, 2015

    A regional survey of supply managers indicates Oklahoma's economic growth could continue to stagnate for much of this year.

  • OKC-based company obtains $20 million credit line for acquisitions

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Mon, Aug 3, 2015

    Foundation HealthCare Inc. said the availability of funds will enable company to act quickly to make acquisitions in selected markets.

  • Dollar's strength applies downward pressure to some crop prices in U.S.

    Published: Sun, Aug 2, 2015

    Crops and dollars headline this edition of Futures File, our weekly commodities round-up.

  • If the Fed raises interest rates as expected, what is most likely to happen to markets?

    Malcolm Berko | Published: Sun, Aug 2, 2015

    Does the Fed really have much control over the economy?

  • Eagle & Beagle

    Published: Sun, Aug 2, 2015

    Eagle & Beagle is a weekly look at the state’s high-performing (eagle) and low-performing (beagle) stocks by Business Editor Don Mecoy.

  • Former Kingfisher mayor gets $25K fine

    BY BRIANNA BAILEY  Business Writer  bbailey@oklahoman.com  | Published: Sat, Aug 1, 2015

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced Friday that former Kingfisher mayor Jack Stuteville, former president and CEO of First Capital Bank, has agreed to pay $25,000 in civil penalties in connection with the failure of the bank in Kingfisher.

  • Oklahoma banks earns high ranks in annual scorecard

    BY DON MECOY Business Editor dmecoy@oklahoman.com | Published: Thu, Jul 30, 2015

    All three of the state's publicly traded banks were ranked on Bank Director magazine's annual performance scorecard.

  • Oil industry renews call for exports

    By Adam Wilmoth Energy Editor awilmoth@oklahoman.com | Updated: Wed, Jul 29, 2015

    Change could boost economy, lower gasoline prices and create 300,000 jobs, energy industry advocate says.

  • Boeing breaks ground on $80 million facility in OKC

    BY BRIANNA BAILEY Business Writer  bbailey@oklahoman.com | Updated: Wed, Jul 29, 2015

    Oklahoma City will be home of aircraft modernization for the aerospace giant.

  • Freezer meltdown prompts Alva grocery to give away $35,000 in food

    BY SHEILA STOGSDILL For The Oklahoman | Updated: Wed, Jul 29, 2015

    An insurance company’s failure to pay a claim for melting frozen food has the operators of the only family-owned grocery store in Alva burning with frustration.

  • Hobby Lobby sues over card fees

    BY BRIANNA BAILEY  Business Writer  bbailey@oklahoman.com | Published: Tue, Jul 28, 2015

    Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. is fighting Visa and MasterCard in court over what it claims are excessive fees for accepting debit and credit cards at its stores. Hobby Lobby and its sister company Mardel have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City over the fees, which are charged to merchants each time a customer swipes a debit or credit card. Hobby Lobby, which has more than 600 stores across the United States, claims in its lawsuit that Visa and MasterCard's near total dominance of the payment processing market gives them the ability to fix prices.  "The exercise of this market power has led merchants to pay excessive interchange fees," Hobby