Clytie Bunyan
Newsroom Management Director of Business and Lifestyles

Clytie Bunyan joined The Oklahoman in 1989 as a Metro desk reporter. She later moved to the Business desk to cover real estate and presided over extensive coverage in the 1990s about the then-uncertain future of the Skirvin Hotel. She also has covered small business and the retail beats. She was named assistant business editor in 2000 and business editor in 2003. She now oversees both the Business and Lifestyles sections of The Oklahoman.

  • Roanoke, Va., finds rock star in long-dormant steam engine

    By Clytie Bunyan Director of Business & Lifestyles | Published: Sun, Jun 21, 2015

    On May 30, old and young were among an estimated 70,000 people who came out along overpasses, underpasses, creek banks and any gap along the tracks — waving, applauding and taking pictures as the steel dinosaur roared by leaving black smoke in its wake.

  • Resilience: The emotional impact the OKC bombing had on reporters

    Clytie Bunyan | Updated: Mon, Apr 20, 2015

    I wasn’t one of the reporters whose beats sent them to the frontline of bombing coverage that week on April 20 years ago. But I remember two distinctly different emotional types of reaction among my colleagues here: those who perpetuated the stereotypical tough exterior expected of reporters and others who held a straight face in […]

  • Reflections on April 19, 1995

    Clytie Bunyan | Published: Wed, Mar 25, 2015

    Monday night, I visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum. It was my first visit. I’ve never felt compelled to see what’s inside, but I was curious to see the new journalism addition, part of a $10 million enhancement that includes 35 interactive features. I took the opportunity to walk through the exhibit from beginning to end. […]