• Column in The Oklahoman marks 15 years of examining world of comics

    By Matthew Price Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com  | Published: Fri, Feb 5, 2016

    For the past 15 years, readers have been discovering the world of comic books in this column every Friday in the pages of The Oklahoman.

  • The Flash is Crossing Over With Supergirl

    Published: Wed, Feb 3, 2016

    Superheroes The Flash and Supergirl are going to meet on the TV screen. The Flash, as played by Grant Gustin, is set to cross over into an episode of the CBS series "Supergirl" on Monday, March 28, according to a report at DCComics.com "We are so incredibly excited to announce something that we have dreamed of happening since we starting making Supergirl—The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up!,” said The Flash and Supergirl Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg.  “We want to thank Grant Gustin for making the time to come visit (on top of his already immense workload) and all of the folks at CBS, The CW, Warner Bros. and DC for working this out. And finally thanks to the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone's enthusiasm and support.” Gustin and Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, appeared together on a "Variety" cover prior to the debut of the "Supergirl" series. "The Flash" airs Tuesdays on The CW. "Supergirl" airs Mondays on CBS. Both are based on the characters appearing in DC Comics.

  • Comic Collection Monday #26: Hawkman #1 (2002)

    Matthew Price | Updated: Mon, Feb 1, 2016

    In today’s Comic Collection Monday, I'm taking a look at “Hawkman” #1, with a cover date of May 2002.  After a brief hiatus, Comic Collection Monday returns for 2016. In Comic Collection Monday, I'll post the cover of a comic book from my collection, along with a brief note about the issue - what I thought about it, where I got it, whatever comes to mind. Guest spots are also available. If you want to talk about an interesting comic in your collection, send me an e-mail at mprice at Oklahoman.com.  The issue: Muddled chronology had hampered the use of Hawkman since “Crisis,” but once authors David Goyer and Geoff Johns brought him back in JSA, the door was open for an ongoing

  • Independent superhero graphic novel to examine race

    Matthew Price | Updated: Mon, Feb 1, 2016

    A new Kickstarter timed to Black History Month aims to put a twist on the typical superhero narrative.  "Black,"  In the series,  Kareem Jenkins is a young, superpowered victim of racial profiling who discovers a secret: a portion of the world's black population have superpowers.

  • University of Oklahoma grad Gates returns to new 'Supergirl' adventures

    By Matthew Price Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com  | Published: Fri, Jan 29, 2016

    Supergirl has flown back into comics, with Oklahoma native Sterling Gates again penning her adventures to tie into the CBS TV show starring Melissa Benoist.

  • Scooby-Doo, Flintstones to get comic-book update from DC Entertainment

    Published: Thu, Jan 28, 2016

    In a report from Entertainment Weekly, DC Comics has announced reboots of "Hanna-Barbera" characters in new comic-book series. Scooby Doo, Johnny Quest and The Flintstones are among the properties to get an update. Look for more on "The Flintstones" in an upcoming NewsOK/Nerdage interview with writer Mark Russell about his DC Comics series "Prez."

  • The force was strong for 'Star Wars' comics series in 2015

    by Matthew Price Features Editor mprice@oklahoman.com  | Published: Fri, Jan 22, 2016

    "Star Wars No. 1" was the best-selling single issue in more than two decades, according to Diamond Comic Distributors.

  • DC Entertainment announces 'Suicide Squad,' 'DC Super Hero Girls' for Free Comic Book Day

    Matthew Price | Updated: Tue, Jan 19, 2016

    DC Entertainment has announced its offerings for Free Comic Book Day, to be held in comic book stores around the world on Saturday, May 7.   Comic retailers purchase special comics at a lower cost to be given away on that date to customers who enter the brick and mortar locations. "Suicide Squad" and "DC Super Hero Girls" will be the releases for Free Comic Book Day from DC. Info from the news release follows: In anticipation of the August 5 big screen debut of Suicide Squad writer Adam Glass and artist Marco Rudy introduce you to the villains that take on the dirtiest jobs in the DC universe with a special edition issue of Suicide Squad  #1, the first chapter of the

  • Countdown to 'Legends of Tomorrow,' 'Suicide Squad'

    Matthew Price | Updated: Mon, Jan 18, 2016

    On Jan. 19, after "The Flash," two new half-hour specials will look into upcoming TV and movie plans from Warner Bros./DC Entertainment.  DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: THEIR TIME IS NOW airs at 8 p.m. Central (9:00-9:30pm ET/PT) and DC FILMS PRESENTS: DAWN OF JUSTICE airs at 8: 30 p.m. Central. (9:30-10:00pm ET/PT). The "DC Films Presents" program will feature the world premiere of the new trailer for the upcoming feature film Suicide Squad. DC Entertainment provided suggestions of "must-read" titles leading up to the upcoming films. Recommended titles to prepare for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice include: BATMAN V. SUPERMAN - Various BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS - Frank Miller /

  • 'Heathen' collection set for Oklahoma City release event

    by MATTHEW PRICE  Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com | Updated: Thu, Jan 14, 2016

    Oklahoma native Natasha Alterici is the writer and artist of "Heathen," a comic-book series that will be released in trade paperback collection soon.

  • The Oklahoman's top 10 graphic novels of 2015

    By Matthew Price Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com | Published: Fri, Jan 8, 2016

    The Oklahoman's Matt Price lists his picks for the top graphic novels of the past year.

  • The Oklahoman's list of best comic book series of 2015

    BY MATTHEW PRICE Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com  | Published: Fri, Jan 1, 2016

    Comics columnist Matthew Price of The Oklahoman lists his 10 favorite comic book series of 2015.

  • Oklahoma featured in Marvel/ESPN football comic cover

    Published: Thu, Dec 31, 2015

    The Oklahoma Sooners take on the Clemson Tigers today and Marvel released an image of the teams fighting it out comic-book style. The cover, which features a Clemson Tiger facing off against an OU pony (Boomer or Sooner, presumably), is a visual homage to Mike Zeck's cover for "Captain America" Annual #8, which featured Wolverine and Captain America.  A cover was also released showing Michigan State and Alabama mascots battling; that cover is an homage to John Buscema's cover for "Silver Surfer" #4, which featured the Silver Surfer facing off against Thor.

  • Discover a jolly good backstory in 'Klaus'

    By Matthew Price Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com | Published: Fri, Dec 25, 2015

    Grant Morrison's "Klaus," drawn by Dan Mora, features Morrison's take on the origin of the man who would one day be known for delivering toys to tots around the world.

  • Word Balloons: Tales from a galaxy far, far away brought readers into comics, again

    BY MATTHEW PRICE Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com | Published: Fri, Dec 18, 2015

    "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" comes to theaters Friday, and the comics leading up to the film have been a huge success for Marvel Comics.

  • Full list of 50 Free Comic Book Day comics for 2016

    Matthew Price | Updated: Wed, Dec 16, 2015

    Diamond Comic Distributors has released the full list of comics that will be made available for Free Comic Book Day, to be held Saturday, May 7, 2016.  The "Gold" comics were previously announced; 38 "Silver" comics were added to that list today for a total of 50. “We have an incredible selection of Silver comics for fans for Free Comic Book Day this year, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 15th anniversary of the event than with such a diverse range of titles for readers of all ages,” said FCBD Marketing Director Dan Manser in a news release. “Free Comic Book Day is such an important day for celebrating fans and their local comic shops, as well as introducing new readers to

  • Sterling Gates to return to Supergirl in digital-first comic

    Matthew Price | Updated: Tue, Dec 15, 2015

    DC Comics has announced a new "Supergirl" series tying into the CBS TV show, being released first in digital format, to be written by former Oklahoman Sterling Gates, who previously wrote a well-regarded run on the character in the pages of DC Comics.  IGN first reported the series, which will launch on Jan. 25. Bengal, Jonboy Meyers, Emanuela Lupacchino, and Emma Vieceli are the announced artists for the 13-chapter series, which will release on Mondays. "Beyond excited to be writing #Supergirl again. Also thrilled to work with such talented artists!" Gates wrote on Twitter. A print collection of the series is expected in late summer 2016.

  • Video: Star-studded 'X-Men: Apocalyse' trailer debuts

    Brandy McDonnell | Updated: Fri, Dec 11, 2015

    The first trailer for "X-Men: Apocalypse" debuted this morning, and as the title promises, it has Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) envisioning the end of the world in the form of Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), an immensely powerful, centuries-old mutant. Awakening in the 1980s, he isn't pleased with mutantkind's status in the world, and he sets out to rather violently and definitively change it. Here is the film's synopsis that 20th Century Fox sent out along with the trailer: Since the dawn of civilization, he was worshipped as a god. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible.

  • Comics gifts to place under the tree

    BY MATTHEW PRICE Features Editor  mprice@oklahoman.com  | Published: Fri, Dec 11, 2015

    Comics columnist Matt Price for The Oklahoman writes about gift ideas for comics fans.

  • Free Comic Book Day gold titles announced for 2016

    Matthew Price | Updated: Thu, Dec 10, 2015

    Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., have announced the comics that will be released as "gold titles" for Free Comic Book day in 2016.  Gold titles are required to be ordered by each participating shop. (However, depending on when you attend an event, the store may still be out of any particular comic.) Free Comic Book Day for 2016 will be held on May 7. Gold Sponsor publishers include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Archie Comics, Bongo Comics, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment Titan Comics, Valiant Entertainment and Viz Media.