• Six companies qualify for Oklahoma job creation incentives

    By Brianna Bailey, Business Writer | Published: Sat, Jan 31, 2015

    Employers can qualify for up to $12 million in cash payments from the Oklahoma Commerce Department for creating more than 600 jobs.

  • Oklahoma business briefs, Jan. 30

    Published: Fri, Jan 30, 2015

    Oklahoma business briefs for Jan. 30, 2015

  • Oklahoma's unemployment rate drops in December

    BY JAY F. MARKS, Business Writer | Updated: Tue, Jan 27, 2015

    Oklahoma’s jobless rate dropped to 4.2 percent in December, according to data from the U.S. Labor Department.

  • Outsourcing firm plans Oklahoma City expansion

    By Brianna Bailey, Business Writer | Published: Tue, Jan 27, 2015

    Sutherland Global Services Inc. seeks job creation incentives for adding 123 jobs in Oklahoma City.

  • Annual training necessary to curb workplace harassment, attorney says

    Published: Fri, Jan 23, 2015

    Crowe’s Tanya Bryant discusses the ongoing issue of harassment in the workplace, including virtual harassment such as sexting, inappropriate emails and more.

  • Women in Oklahoma are among lowest wage earners in U.S.

    By Brianna Bailey, Business Writer | Published: Fri, Jan 23, 2015

    The U.S. Department of Labor said it has found in data from 2012-13 that Oklahoma women are some of the lowest wage earners in the country. Women earned about 78 cents for each dollar men were paid in Oklahoma.

  • Accident interpretation allows workers' comp claimant to sue in state court

    BY PAULA BURKES | Updated: Thu, Jan 22, 2015

    Crowe’s Christina Cupp believes recent ruling potentially exposes employers to being sued in state court for almost any type of accident that occurs at work, regardless of the Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act.

  • Oklahoma staffing firm chief predicts continued growth in 2015

    BY PAULA BURKES | Updated: Wed, Jan 21, 2015

    The Oklahoma jobs in greatest demand include mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, Autocad and Solidworks designers, staff accountants, industrial painters, delivery drivers, benefits specialists, software developers and production planners.

  • Energy companies expect to cut spending, jobs in coming year in Oklahoma

    By Brianna Bailey, Business Writer | Updated: Wed, Jan 21, 2015

    On average, energy companies in the region say they need crude oil prices of about $79 a barrel to make a profit.

  • Poll: Only 1 in 4 buy Team Obama's claim unemployment improving

    Published: Thu, Jan 15, 2015

    Americans are in general agreement that the nation’s economy is improving, but not their own personal situation, a depressing reality that the administration can’t shake the country out of no matter what it does, says the Washington Examiner. A big reason: They just don't believe the president and his team's boasting about the economy, with 52 percent in a new poll believing that there are more people are unemployed than the president says. The latest Economist/YouGov poll found that the “positive assessment has yet to become part of most Americans daily conversations about the economy. And Americans are far more likely to credit themselves and American business – and not the president or Congress -- for whatever economic improvement there has been.” For example, while majorities believe that unemployment is improving and the economy getting better, they don’t credit Washington. Business first, and consumers second, get the credit. President Obama and Congress follow in the poll.

  • Expert urges well-written anti-retaliation policies

    BY PAULA BURKES | Published: Thu, Jan 15, 2015

    Crowe’s Allen Hutson discusses how retaliation claims in the workplace are increasing, although the laws fundamentally are unchanged.

  • Oklahoma City ranks among job seekers' top 10 best cities

    Published: Tue, Jan 13, 2015

    Oklahoma City earned its spot for a 3.9 percent unemployment rate, 9.31 percent growth in its working-age population and a low median rent per month of $747, according to financial website NerdWallet.com.

  • 2015 brings hiring plans for many firms

    By Paula Burkes, Business Writer | Published: Sun, Jan 11, 2015

    Oklahoma businesses confirm optimistic CareerBuilder findings, though cheap oil prices may be a game-changer, some say. Thirty-six percent of firms plan growth; up 12 percent since last year and the best outlook since 2006.

  • Federal court dismisses Oklahoma worker's dress code case

    BY PAULA BURKES | Updated: Tue, Jan 6, 2015

    Crowe’s Ruth Addison discusses Abercrombie & Fitch case involving an Oklahoma woman wearing a headscarf.

  • Cheap oil is killing my job

    Published: Tue, Jan 6, 2015

    Marcus Benson moved 1,500 miles from his home in Philadelphia to North Dakota for the shale boom, says CNN Money. He made the lengthy drive -- with no job and nowhere to live -- in April 2012 after hearing on the news that the state had the lowest unemployment rate in the country. He immediately landed good-paying work loading rail cars with sand used for fracking.

  • GE qualifies for millions in job creation incentives from Oklahoma

    By Brianna Bailey, Business Writer | Published: Tue, Jan 6, 2015

    General Electric Co. has qualified for up to $13.9 million in state job creation incentives for creating as many as 230 jobs over the next 10 years at its Oklahoma City research facility.

  • Social Security Q&A: Data is available for blind, vision-impaired

    Published: Sun, Jan 4, 2015

    Social Security Q&A: There are several ways to receive information from the Social Security Administration if you are blind or have a visual impairment.

  • Forecast: Oklahoma economy still strong, despite low oil prices

    By Brianna Bailey, Business Writer | Published: Sat, Jan 3, 2015

    While lower oil prices are a negative for the Oklahoma energy industry, consumers and industries such as transportation are benefiting from lower prices.

  • Oklahoma attorney says up-to-date policies are No. 1 resolution among HR professionals

    Published: Thu, Jan 1, 2015

    Attorney Mary Snyder discusses New Year’s resolutions for human resources professionals.

  • Oklahoma City unemployment rate holds steady

    By Brianna Bailey, Business Writer | Updated: Tue, Dec 30, 2014

    Jobless rates decline or stay the same in most Oklahoma counties.