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  • Driver accused of causing fatal, fiery crash in Oklahoma admits taking painkiller

    By Matt Dinger, Staff Writer | Updated: 14 min ago

    Wesley Kyle Early, 28, admitted to police that he had taken methadone, a synthetic painkiller, the day that he caused a fiery crash that left a man dead, court records show.

  • Former Putnam City, OSU pitcher Andrew Heaney regrouping in Triple-A after struggling in Miami Marlins debut

    BY JACOB UNRUH | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    Andrew Heaney knows there is plenty for him to work on, and he knows Triple-A is the best place to do that. The Putnam City and Oklahoma State product was sent back to New Orleans by the Miami Marlins last weekend after what he called a disappointing Major League Baseball debut.

  • U.S. Senior Open: Health and fitness trailers a 'career saver' for some pro golfers

    BY CODY STAVENHAGEN, Staff Writer, | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    EDMOND — In the parking lot of any PGA Tour or Champions Tour golf tournament, there are two big, red trailers. It’s a common sight. No big deal to most on tour. But Fred Funk, who had a knee replacement in 2009 and a thumb fused in 2011, said these trucks saved his career. Some say they’ve changed golf entirely. “The reason I’m even out here is because of those fitness trucks, no question,” Funk, 58, said. As the brainchild of a former Los Angeles Dodgers team trainer, the PGA Tour introduced the Player Mobile Health and Fitness Trailer in 1985. Then, it provided the basics of a training room, plus a few workout options. In 1986, the Champions Tour got its own truck.

  • Oklahoma City-area teenagers get explosive education

    By Jonathan Sutton, Staff Writer | Updated: 1 hr ago

    Oklahoma City bomb squad demonstrates equipment and explosives for students in the Student Police Academy program.

  • UCO housing opens for interns, non-students for first time

    By Paris Burris, Staff Writer | Updated: 1 hr ago

    The University of Central Oklahoma has opened its residence hall doors for nearly 50 metro interns for the first time, allowing for many of them to only worry about the cost of food and gas. About 15 teachers from Spain will join them later this week.

  • Super 30: Akylen Mayfield gives Tulsa Edison flexibility — and a dangerous weapon when he gets the ball

    By Jonathan Greco, Staff Writer | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    The 6-foot-4, 215-pound senior, who has an offer from Arkansas State, can play almost any skill position. During his junior season, he lined up at quarterback, wide receiver, running back and cornerback.

  • Neighbors offer warm welcome for injured Edmond veteran

    By Diana Baldwin, Staff Writer | Updated: 4 hr ago

    Neighbors turned out for the groundbreaking for triple amputee Rusty Dunagan’s new home. The retired U.S. Army staff sergeant lost his legs and one arm in a 2010 land mine and bomb attack in Afghanistan.

  • Oklahoma City's sales tax exceeds expectations, but salary outlook is dim for metro-area workers

    By William Crum, Staff Writer | Updated: 7 hr ago

    Tax receipts are good news, but other economic indicators show a mixed picture.

  • Oklahoma City Public Schools settles racial discrimination case

    By Tim Willert, Staff Writer | Updated: 8 hr ago

    Oklahoma City Public Schools reached a settlement with a former district worker who alleged racial discrimination and retaliation by a top academic administrator, court documents show.

  • Oklahoma City area thrilled to see major championship golf return

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    IT’S been eight years since major championship golf came to the Oklahoma City area. We’re delighted it has returned with the U.S. Senior Open, which begins its four-day run Thursday at Oak Tree National in Edmond. Oak Tree hosted the 2006 Senior PGA Championship, ending a majors drought in these parts that extended to the 1988 PGA Championship. That event was won by Jeff Sluman, who’s among the 156 players in this week’s field and who says Oak Tree looks much as it did back then. That’s high praise because in the 1980s, Oak Tree was considered one of the best and most challenging courses in America. It went through a rough patch several years ago, but has rebounded under the ownership of Everett Dobson and Ed Evans,

  • New procedures, laws crack down on 'patent trolls'

    Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    GableGotwals’ Paul Rossler discusses efforts to deter “patent trolls,” or individuals who make bad faith patent assertions. Studies show patent trolls cost the U.S. economy nearly $30 billion a year in legal costs and licensing fees.

  • Kanakuk Kamp at Faith Bible Church in Edmond brings fun with a message

    By Matt Patterson, Staff Writer | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    Kanakuk Kamp at Faith Bible Church in Edmond is an extension of the popular overnight camp based in Missouri.

  • Congress needs to find permanent fix for Highway Trust Fund

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    OKLAHOMA lawmakers have worked hard over the past several years to improve the state’s roads and bridges. Those efforts could soon be set back by financial troubles in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Department of Transportation expects the roads portion of the Highway Trust Fund to run out of money in August unless Congress comes up with a way to keep it afloat. Most of the federal money doled out to states for their transportation needs comes from this trust fund, which is fed by federal taxes paid on gasoline (18.4 cents a gallon) and diesel fuel (24.4 cents). The amount going into the trust fund has been on a long downhill path, the result of better fuel efficiency for automobiles, fewer miles being driven by motorists, and

  • Bricktown Flyer may already be grounded

    By Steve Lackmeyer, Business Writer | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    Proposed amusement ride finds little support among officials.

  • Oklahoma workers' compensation system eliminates 16 jobs

    By Randy Ellis, Staff Writer | Published: Thu, Jul 10, 2014

    The jobs of 16 state workers’ compensation system employees were eliminated Wednesday as Oklahoma continues the transition from a court-based workers’ compensation system to an administrative system.

  • U.S. Senior Open at Edmond's Oak Tree National gets help against heat from Trane air conditioning

    By Catherine Sweeney, Business Writer | Updated: 20 hr ago

    At the U.S. Senior Open at Edmond’s Oak Tree National, one of the world’s major golf championships for senior men, various temporary structures, such as bathrooms and a merchandise shop, feature air conditioning units that keep the environment dozens of degrees cooler than the air outside. Local forecasters predict temperatures near 100 degrees all week.

  • Oklahoma treasurer points out state fiscal pitfalls

    By Rick M. Green, Capitol Bureau | Updated: 21 hr ago

    State Treasurer Ken Miller, in monthly report, identifies fiscal pitfalls.

  • Planning sessions set for new development along Oklahoma River

    By Steve Lackmeyer, Business Writer | Updated: 19 hr ago

    Blair Humphreys, who is leading development of “Wheeler,” will be hosting the public planning sessions with Victor Dover, a renowned expert on livable communities and sustainable development and author of “Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns.”

  • OSBI joins investigation into missing Oklahoma couple

    By Jennifer Palmer, Staff Writer | Updated: 20 hr ago

    A district attorney in southern Oklahoma requested a full investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation into the disappearance and possible slayings of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes.

  • Oklahomans call for immigration reform

    By Jay F. Marks, Business Writer | Published: Wed, Jul 9, 2014

    A group of Oklahoma leaders are calling on Congress to reform the country’s immigration laws to secure its borders, preserve human dignity and allow immigrants to contribute to the economy.