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  • When running is easier than not running

    Arianne Brown, KSL | Updated: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Matt Van horn is an endurance athlete. He has done quite well, but has recently been plagued by injury that threatens his ability to continue running. In this article written by Van horn, he describes the challenge of being sidelined.

  • No time for long runs? Why HIIT works for me

    Danielle Longhurst, KSL | Updated: Wed, Sep 10, 2014

    With young children and busy schedules, exercise time is limited. High intensity interval training, or HIIT, workouts have several benefits, including fat burning and increased metabolism. And a workout can be completed in 20 minutes or less.

  • Fitness briefs

    Published: Tue, Sep 16, 2014

    Fitness briefs

  • Water skiing can create great memories

    Arianne Brown, Deseret News | Updated: Tue, Sep 9, 2014

    On a recent trip to Lake Powell, I was given the rare chance to go water skiing. As I skied, I was filled with memories of the many times I had done this before, and the many times I had watched my dad do the same.

  • Fitness and health briefs, Sept. 9

    Updated: Mon, Sep 8, 2014

    Fitness and health briefs, Sept. 9

  • Stand up paddle boarding grows in Oklahoma as a fun fitness activity

    By SEAN CHAFFIN, For The Oklahoman | Published: Mon, Sep 1, 2014

    Many paddlers say the sport is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family while getting a nice workout on an adventurous afternoon. Residents who purchase a Riversport Adventure pass can make use of the boards in the Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River, and Gordon said SUP has become an extremely popular activity on the water.

  • Running engages all five senses

    Arianne Brown, Deseret News | Updated: Tue, Aug 26, 2014

    After weeks of running in the dark, I was given a rare chance to run in the daylight. As I made it toward the mountain, I was amazed how keenly aware I was of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and even tasting.

  • Moore man loses 208 pounds after tornado's near miss

    By Heather Warlick, Staff Writer | Updated: Tue, Aug 26, 2014

    Kenny O’Neal, of Moore, was featured Aug. 19 on ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss,” a TV reality weight-loss show in which participants are given one year to train with Chris Powell and lose weight. O’Neal went from weighing 410 pounds to 202 in one year.

  • Fitness and health briefs, Aug. 19

    Published: Tue, Aug 19, 2014

    Fitness and health briefs for Aug. 19

  • Women Runners Way Better Than Men at Pacing Themselves

    Published: Mon, Aug 18, 2014

    Women tend to pace themselves nice and steady, while men rush to the finish line and tire themselves out, according to Those are the findings of a new paper analyzing data from 14 separate marathons and 91,929 individual scores, which concluded the running differences between the two sexes was "robust." But is the difference just in running, or can it be extrapolated towards a metaphor of the differences between men and women? The results:  In the study, by comparing the runners' halfway times with their final scores, the research team was roughly able to determine each runner's overall and second-half paces. Men slowed down by 16% after passing the midpoint, while women's rate dropped by closer to 12%. Another test found a more significant drop, with up to 14% of men finishing at a 30% slower pace while just 5% of female runners fell into the same category.

  • Having fun: a key ingredient in sports

    Arianne Brown, Deseret News | Updated: Tue, Aug 12, 2014

    As a former college athlete, I am often asked how to better chances of receiving a scholarship. Before answering any questions, I first ask, "Are you having fun?"

  • Powerful anti-obesity PSA sparks debate

    Published: Wed, Aug 13, 2014

    An anti-obesity campaign video featuring a 300-pound man having a heart attack in the ER as his life of overeating flashes before his eyes is going viral, stirring viewers with its powerful life-or-death message. The PSA, “Rewind the Future,” is from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life wellness movement, which has made waves in the past with its shock-value campaigns. The latest video has been viewed more than 3 million times since Sunday, and is sparking intense discussion about obesity on Reddit and YouTube, according to Yahoo Health. “This was me when I was a kid,” wrote one Redditor, referring to the story conveyed in the video’s succinct minute and 42 seconds. It focuses on a 32-year-old man and his path to heart disease, which began in childhood with unhealthy eating and video-game habits. Another shared, “I’m 5’9, 32 years old and almost 300 pounds. I played all those gaming systems and pretty much grew up like that… I think for the first time, a PSA got to me.”

  • Fitness may fight depression in girls

    Published: Fri, Aug 8, 2014

    Young adolescents can ward off depression by staying physically fit, especially the middle-school girls, a new study reveals. reports the researchers at the University of North Texas conducted a survey on 437 students from six middle schools in a metropolitan county in North Texas. Out of the total, 55 percent were girls. based on the survey, they found that physically-fit sixth graders were less likely to report feeling depressed on being promoted to the seventh grade.

  • Should Oklahomans be worried about Ebola?

    By Jaclyn Cosgrove, Staff Writer | Published: Tue, Aug 5, 2014

    Cynthia Harry, an epidemiologist with the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, said Oklahomans have little to no risk of contracting Ebola, especially if they have no plans to travel to West Africa.

  • Just 5 minutes of running a day could add years to your life, study says

    Tracie Knabe Snowder, KSL | Updated: Fri, Aug 1, 2014

    Good news for those that find it almost impossible to fit in exercise: a new study found that running just 5 minutes a day decreased the mortality rate by a whopping 30 percent.

  • 8 motivating tips for accomplishing a goal as a family

    Laura da Silva, FamilyShare | Updated: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

    Many families start out with a goal in mind. However, as time goes on we tend to feel less motivated. How can you rekindle the fire of motivation when it starts to die, before it becomes a goal of the past?

  • Can having fun help quell your appetite?

    By STEPHEN PRESCOTT AND ADAM COHEN, For The Oklahoman | Published: Tue, Jul 22, 2014

    It’s great to perceive of physical activities as an enjoyable thing, but it seems quite a stretch to conclude that thinking about exercise as fun will lead you to eat less when you’re done.

  • Ask Doctor K: Family and friends can influence weight

    By Anthony L. Komaroff, M.D. | Published: Tue, Jul 22, 2014

    Ask Doctor K: Family and friends can influence weight

  • Oklahoma medical briefs, July 20

    By Jaclyn Cosgrove, Staff Writer | Published: Sun, Jul 20, 2014

    Oklahoma medical briefs, July 20

  • Calorie Counting Machine May Make Dieting Easier In The Future

    Published: Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    Part of losing weight boils down to making tweaks to the simple equation of calories in versus calories out. Americans spend over $60 billion a year on diet and weight loss products, according to market research, but the weight often comes right back. That may because it's such a hassle to count calories — tracking everything you order or cook at home. But recently, GE cell biologist told Morning Edition hosts Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne about a new calorie counting device that could make the job easier.