• 7 things you believe about your teeth that aren't true

    Benjamin Greene, Deseret News Service | Updated: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    Over the years, stories have circulated that have misled people about their dental health. Here are seven common myths about your teeth.

  • Information, inspiration and support increase odds for losing 100 pounds

    BY MICHAEL ROIZEN, M.D., AND MEHMET OZ, M.D. | Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    Drs. Oz and Roizen answer questions about weight-loss and eye-lid procedures.

  • What I learned after my son broke his foot

    Arianne Brown, Deseret News | Updated: Tue, Jul 28, 2015

    Recently, my 22-month-old son fell from the kitchen chair, breaking his right foot. For days I coddled him, protecting him from getting hurt again. But, he was determined to keep going. Watching him remain active despite his injury inspired me.

  • Pleurisy: the lung condition that mimics a heart attack

    Suzanne Carlile, KSL | Updated: Mon, May 4, 2015

    Pleurisy is inflammation of the membrane between your lungs and ribs, or pleura. The condition, which makes breathing both difficult and painful, often mimics the symptoms of a heart attack.

  • 5 tips on how to make working out with your spouse actually work out

    Arianne Brown, Deseret News | Updated: Tue, Jul 14, 2015

    My husband and I recently began exercising together. Many couples have found that working out together just doesn't work. I am here to say that it can work. Here are five tips on how to make working out with your spouse actually work out.

  • Health and fitness briefs

    Published: Tue, Jul 14, 2015

    Health and fitness briefs

  • Fitness and health briefs

    Published: Tue, Jul 7, 2015

    Enjoy a clockless day.

  • 7 things you wish your children knew about drug addiction

    Kitt Wakeley, KSL | Updated: Thu, Jun 4, 2015

    Drug addiction is difficult to say the least. But children addicted to drugs? That takes it to a whole new level.

  • Running and parenting are not mutually exclusive

    Arianne Brown, Deseret News | Updated: Tue, Jun 16, 2015

    I recently received a letter from a reader telling me, among other things, that I needed to focus on running or parenting; both could not be done. I adamantly disagree. Running and parenting are not mutually exclusive.

  • Mother of son with clubfoot shares story in honor of awareness month

    Jen Jacobson, KSL | Updated: Thu, Jun 11, 2015

    When Haili Randall opened her arms to her first child, she also had to welcome in a whole lot of medical challenges. Now, looking back she says she actually misses those moments of putting her son in boots before bedtime.

  • The startling truth about how oral health impacts your family's overall health

    Russell Roderick, FamilyShare | Updated: Wed, Jun 3, 2015

    Brushing your teeth has a domino effect on many aspects of your overall health and wellness.

  • 13 reasons to go sober this year

    Amy Rothermel, FamilyShare | Updated: Fri, May 29, 2015

    This is the year you're going to do it. And if you didn't already have enough reasons why, here are 13 more.

  • Oklahoma governor leads state employees on wellness walk


    Staff Writer



    | Updated: Fri, Jun 5, 2015

    Lamenting Oklahomans' poor public health ranking, Gov. Mary Fallin led state employees on a walk around the Capitol grounds Thursday.

  • Enrollment is open for Ivy Fit Camp, a one-day program in Edmond for girls

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Thu, May 28, 2015

    The Ivy Fit Camp for young girls will be at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.

  • 3 reasons running makes you better than her

    Becky Squire, FamilyShare | Updated: Thu, May 21, 2015

    I immediately started comparing myself to her. I was happier, and now I was better.

  • Stairmaster: Oklahoma man climbs to top of growing sport

    By Ryan Stewart, For The Oklahoman | Published: Tue, May 12, 2015

    Brad Pazoureck, an Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation staff member from Yukon, is currently the 41st-ranked tower runner among all U.S. amateur men, according to Stairsport.com.

  • King of CrossFit

    Published: Mon, May 11, 2015

    Sharyn Alfonsi of '60 Minutes'profiles Greg Glassman, a brash, former gymnast who created the CrossFit workout, now the basis for a chain of gyms that has become the largest in history: There are more gyms in America than ever before but we're more overweight than we've ever been. Lots of people have theories as to why, but we're about to introduce you to a man who says he's figured it out. Greg Glassman is the unlikely creator of the biggest fitness phenomenon in the world right now called "CrossFit." It's a workout program that's unpredictable, uncompromising, and raw...a lot like the man who created it.

  • Oklahoma medical notes for May 10, 2015

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Sun, May 10, 2015

    Oklahoma medical notes for May 10, 2015

  • Annoying tips for handling weighty issues

    Amy Osmond Cook, FamilyShare | Updated: Tue, Apr 28, 2015

    I appreciate the good intentions of friends and family. But when it comes to weight loss, some comments carry more weight than others. This article exposes the sting of the most annoying tips from our biggest fans who want us to grow smaller.

  • Food flavorings may be fueling obesity epidemic

    Published: Mon, May 4, 2015

    Fat, sugar, and carbohydrates are common culprits when discussing the skyrocketing obesity epidemic, a disease now affecting one-third of the US population. However, in the new book, "The Dorito Effect," author Mark Schatzker argues that food flavorings, which include everything from syrups to spices to sauces, are a big part of the problem affecting Americans' waistlines. "We keep arguing about carbs and fat and sugar," Schatzker told CBS This Morning. "All these things existed and people ate them 50 years ago when Americans were a whole lot trimmer. The thing that's really changed is the flavor."