• Oklahoma City area home and garden notes

    Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    Oklahoma ‘City area home and garden notes for Saturday, Sept. 27.

  • The Nation's Housing Column: Flexible rules could extend mortgages to millions

    By KENNETH R. HARNEY | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    If you’re one of the millions with “thin” or unscorable credit and would like to buy a home but are shut out: Don’t give up hope. Fannie and Freddie are at least thinking about adopting more advanced scoring techniques.

  • Listing of the Week: 3100 N Harvey Parkway, Oklahoma City

    Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    The 4,125-square-foot home at 3100 N Harvey Parkway has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, three half-baths, two living rooms, a formal dining room, a two-car attached garage and two-car detached garage.

  • Linwood Place Tour of Historic Homes scheduled for Oct. 5

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    The tour will feature antique cars, volunteers dressed in period clothing, an old urban trolley for transportation, and five distinctive homes and one garden.

  • At Home with Marni Jameson: Exterior house color: Public service or public nuisance?

    By Marni Jameson | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    Careful home improvers looking to paint their houses — and these warm Indian summer days of early autumn are an ideal time —should consider these pointers.

  • Lean building advocate describes waste in industry

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    In a presentation titled “My Favorite Train Wrecks,” Scott Sedam’s examples ranged from Dumpsters full of usable air-conditioning duct work, to dozens of wood trusses exposed to weather for long periods of time, to homes overbuilt with features.

  • 2014 Fall Classic Parade of Homes award winners from Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association

    Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association announces the 2014 Fall Classic Parade of Homes award winners. Judges were Paul Keller of Verbode, Edmond; Phil Rhees of BMI Next Generation Hones, Tulsa; Tim Weeks of Metro First Realty, Edmond; Debbie Lynn Benton of Marlow Real Estate, Marlow; Jack Crossman of Crossman Appraisal Service, Ponca City; Glenn Bacher of Century 21 Group One, Ponca City; Page Provene of Fisher Provence Realtors, Stillwater; and Mary Huckaby of Huckaby & Associates, Ada. $200,000-$249,900 Best Curb Appeal •  First Place: McCaleb Homes, 500 Outer Banks Way, Edmond (Porches at Arbor Creek). •  Second Place: J&A Homes, 14108 Savannah Ave., Yukon (Savannah

  • The House Detective: Seller wants to withhold sick tree from disclosure

    By Barry Stone, Certified Building Inspector | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    DEAR BARRY: We are selling our home and have a question about disclosure. There is a large elm tree in our front yard. It has a disease that will cause the tree to die in two or three years, but so far there are no visible symptoms. The buyers don’t know about this and we're wondering whether to say anything about it. Should we tell them about it or just let them enjoy the tree until it needs to come down? — James DEAR JAMES: Your question involves two issues and one answer. The first issue is disclosure liability. The second is ethics. In the first case, you are required by law to disclose all issues that would be of concern to a buyer. Failure to do so exposes you to legal and financial liability.

  • 'Real estate' is in the eyes of the editor

    BY RICHARD MIZE, Real Estate Editor | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    The Oklahoman’s real estate editor, Richard Mize, responds to an anonymous readers’ question.

  • Smart Moves: Leaving the empty nest behind

    by Ellen James Martin | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

    With her children just off to college, a widow in her early 50s tackled a tough question. Should she keep the big family house with high mortgage payments that symbolized security and comfort for her kids? Or should she sell to cut expenses and pursue the dream of leaving her corporate job for interior design school? “On the one hand, she felt wedged in by her high-paid career. But on the other, she worried her kids would be unhappy if they couldn’t return to their old home for summer vacations and holidays,” said Savannah Mayfield, the life coach who helped guide the widow through her decision- making process. After several hours sifting through the pros and cons, the widow finally decided to sell, which proved

  • Blanchard plans Monarchs in the Park Festival for Saturday

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Thu, Sep 25, 2014

    Blanchard plans to host a Monarchs in the Park Festival Saturday in Lion’s Park. The annual event celebrates the migration of the monarch butterfly through central Oklahoma.

  • Eco-Friendly Ideas for Awesome Halloween Crafts

    Updated: Thu, Sep 25, 2014

    Just like when watching a horror movie has you glued to the edge of your seat waiting for the next scream-worthy moment, the anticipation of a happily haunted evening is a big part of the Halloween fun. If you really want to stir up the holiday spirit, get crafty and try your hand at some easy DIY to decorate your home, outside and in. (The projects we suggest are both kid- and eco-friendly, to boot.) These Halloween crafts all use commonly available materials that you may well already have around your haunted house. Pumpkins When pumpkins are dressed up in no-carve styles, you can repurpose their guts once Halloween is done. (Keep your jack-o-lanterns inside during the day if you live in Florida where it’s still hot; o

  • Martin Park Nature Center in Oklahoma City offers trip to explore Chickasaw culture

    From Staff Reports | Published: Thu, Sep 25, 2014

    The Chickasaw National Recreation Area and Chickasaw Cultural Center in the Sulphur area will be the focus of Martin Park Nature Center’s first fall break day trip Oct. 24.

  • Fall Cleaning Tips: 9 ways to get your home ready for cooler temperatures

    Elizabeth Reid, KSL | Updated: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Here's a list of nine things, from the ceilings to the floors, to help make the transition from summer to fall easier on you and your home.

  • Rent, Don’t Own, to Simplify Your Life

    Updated: Tue, Sep 23, 2014

    "The more you have the more you want" may be a truism but like most truisms, this simple sentence contains a grain of … well … truth. America has long been known as a consumer society, where the hallmark of an individual's status has tended to be how much they own and what they are worth in financial terms. Since the economic downturn early in this century, though, people have been learning to tighten their belts and make do with less. Part of that process involves giving up traditional American consumerism and instead of buying more and more consumer goods, renting what they need when they need it. Would that work for you? What You Can Rent Nowadays you can temporarily “own” a huge assortment of mat

  • Parade of Homes kicks off in Oklahoma City metro area

    BY RICHARD MIZE, Real Estate Editor | Updated: Thu, Sep 18, 2014

    The annual Parade of Homes has 103 new houses open free to the public Saturday through Sept. 28 and features three neighborhoods in the north Oklahoma City metro area.

  • Smart Moves: Keeping it clean for the long-term

    by Ellen James Martin | Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    Potential buyers never want to see your dirty boxers on the floor

  • Oklahoma Recycling Association's annual conference registration opens

    From Staff Reports | Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    Edmond will be the site for the 2014 Oklahoma Recycle Association’s annual conference. Registration is open for the Oct. 9 conference on the University of Central Oklahoma campus.

  • Project Linus blanket drive set Sept. 27 at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City

    From Staff Reports | Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    Project Linus will hold its bi-annual blanket drive at the Mercy Hospital complex on Memorial Road in Oklahoma City.

  • Richard Mize: A move crops mental images of grandbaby

    BY RICHARD MIZE, Real Estate Editor | Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    What do you call it when your baby bird moves away, gets married, has a baby bird of her own — and then moves again, just when Paw Paw has gotten used to where the grand nest is?