Jon Hamm
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I am a long-time follower of NBA basketball. While I love the sport, it's the behind-the-scenes activity that fascinates me most. For over 20 years I have studied how the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement impacts the final product. I was fortunate enough to serve as a contributor to Larry Coon's initial CBA FAQ in 1999. I also spent time with in various capacities. I am a life-long Oklahoma resident. I currently live in Edmond with my wife and two children.

Jon Hamm Today at 6:34 PM @JohnDBowers as long as they want, basically. OKC owns the rights unless they trade them or renounce them for some reason.
Jon Hamm Today at 5:37 PM Good question that I can't immediately answer. Anyone know how to dig this up?
Jon Hamm Today at 5:11 PM My cryogenically preserved head can't wait to see this!
Jon Hamm Today at 4:04 PM @MikyBerra @andrew_schlecht correct. The NTP MLE will start at $5.628M. Sounds reasonable. OKC will be able to deal w/hard cap ramifications
Jon Hamm Today at 3:55 PM @Eddie_Rado @ToddOnFranchise "Why Beşiktaş J.K. makes sense for KD" my column:
Jon Hamm Today at 3:40 PM @MikyBerra @andrew_schlecht Morrow and the cap holds don't really have impact in this case
Jon Hamm Today at 3:39 PM @MikyBerra @andrew_schlecht most OKC will be able to offer is the nontaxpayer MLE *UNLESS* KD leaves. Then they could have ~$20M+ cap room
Jon Hamm Today at 2:32 PM @jonmlittleton reports are that he's a pretty good defender in Euroleague, but no idea how that translates to the NBA
Jon Hamm Today at 2:17 PM @jonmlittleton wing player. A 2/3.
Jon Hamm Today at 1:55 PM RT @MarcHochman: Wow... @IraHeatBeat telling us on 560 WQAM right now that he believes Chris Bosh will never play another NBA game again.
Jon Hamm Today at 1:01 PM @andrew_schlecht MLE value will undoubtedly get renegotiated in 2017 CBA so I could see a scenario where his arrival waits until then
Jon Hamm Today at 1:01 PM @andrew_schlecht I'm on the fence about 2016 but certainly seems doable by 2017. The question is whether the MLE is enough to sign him.
Jon Hamm Today at 12:55 PM (and Andrea Bargnani)
Jon Hamm Today at 12:55 PM Previous Euroleague Rising Star award winners include Rudy Fernández, Danilo Gallinari, Ricky Rubio, and Nikola Mirotić.
Jon Hamm Today at 12:50 PM RT @sportstoons: Webber say he stands by his end-of-game call. If you forgot, it went something like this...
Jon Hamm Today at 12:22 PM RT @curtgOK: "Manyang denies involvement." Yeah, probably a different 7-foot Sudanese kid.
Jon Hamm Today at 10:29 AM Give me all of the bluntly honest Larry Bird commentary, please.
Jon Hamm Today at 10:24 AM RT @TermineRadio: Well then he should hire Bill Laimbeer, since he doesn't respect him at all.
Jon Hamm Today at 10:23 AM RT @CandaceDBuckner: Larry Bird on Solomon Hill's option not being picked up: I told him it's the best thing that happened, putting a foot…
Jon Hamm Today at 10:21 AM RT @rodger_sherman: Sources tell me Larry Bird fired Frank Vogel because "it's weird when someone's name is your name but in German." https