Jon Hamm
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I am a long-time follower of NBA basketball. While I love the sport, it's the behind-the-scenes activity that fascinates me most. For over 20 years I have studied how the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement impacts the final product. I was fortunate enough to serve as a contributor to Larry Coon's initial CBA FAQ in 1999. I also spent time with in various capacities. I am a life-long Oklahoma resident. I currently live in Edmond with my wife and two children.

  • Too early to worry about Enes Kanter's status

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Tue, Jul 7, 2015

    Enes Kanter remains unsigned and fans are starting to become concerned. Here's a look at one path Kanter could take, and how history could show how his situation will play out.

  • Luxury taxes and cap room: Breaking down the 2014-15 NBA payrolls

    BY JON HAMM | Updated: Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    NBA team salaries for 2014-15 are set in stone. How did league tax payers fare this season? What about teams under the salary cap? And how did some teams fail to meet the salary floor?

  • Keeping Kanter: How the Thunder can do it

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Fri, Mar 27, 2015

    Enes Kanter's play has both wowed observers and created concern over his long-term future in Oklahoma City. Here's how the Thunder and Kanter could commit to each other.

Jon Hamm Today at 9:02 PM Same logic I used when I drafted 49ers backup QB Megan Fox.
Jon Hamm Today at 8:55 PM NOW I have a reason to go to Stillwater: Transformers' Optimus Prime Statue Created By Oklahoma Body Shop
Jon Hamm Today at 8:05 PM @OhYouGirl yeah I only listened to the previous 2 pods. Interview with "neighborboy" was enlightening.
Jon Hamm Today at 4:46 PM @OhYouGirl or reassigned to a different department. Or decade. Whichev.
Jon Hamm Today at 1:56 PM @DylanBuckingham acceptable, though I never do.
Jon Hamm Today at 12:07 PM @demeatloaf @KJ_NBA this sounds incredibly tempting. Never heard of it before.
Jon Hamm Today at 11:10 AM If you're beholden to the "Oklahoma City stole Seattle's team!" narrative, you probably won't enjoy that book. It has facts and stuff.
Jon Hamm Today at 11:09 AM Seems like a good time to remind folks to read "Big League City" by @davidfholt if you haven't done so already:
Jon Hamm Today at 11:01 AM RT @davidfholt: 10 years ago, the news broke in NY that NBA was talking to OKC. @RohdeOK called @MickCornett. #10YearsBigLeagueCity http:/
Jon Hamm Today at 9:25 AM @OhYouGirl have you also been listening to The Serial Dynasty podcast?
Jon Hamm Today at 9:12 AM @KJ_NBA Definitely this one is included:
Jon Hamm Today at 8:19 AM @kfsooners might be good for his career.
Jon Hamm Today at 8:00 AM OMG this is brilliant! Scratch my Chiwetel Ejiofor hope/dream.
Jon Hamm Mon, Aug. 31 2015 10:38:09 PM CST RT @espn: In Seattle, 25 years ago tonight, the Griffeys became the first father-son duo to play in the same lineup.
Jon Hamm Mon, Aug. 31 2015 09:18:18 PM CST Also, I didn't read your article because it was too long. Keep it under 100 words plz k thx bai.
Jon Hamm Mon, Aug. 31 2015 05:52:39 PM CST @ozzdotnet to quote Erik Spoelstra: "clearly".
Jon Hamm Mon, Aug. 31 2015 05:03:09 PM CST @ElwellEats Mark Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Jon Hamm Mon, Aug. 31 2015 04:36:01 PM CST @ToddOnFranchise see if Tony Casillas can work on the car's transgression.
Jon Hamm Mon, Aug. 31 2015 03:28:40 PM CST Cavs doing what the Thunder have done with Grant Jerrett and Semaj Christon (and with Josh Huestis as a 1st rd pick)