Jon Hamm
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I am a long-time follower of NBA basketball. While I love the sport, it's the behind-the-scenes activity that fascinates me most. For over 20 years I have studied how the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement impacts the final product. I was fortunate enough to serve as a contributor to Larry Coon's initial CBA FAQ in 1999. I also spent time with in various capacities. I am a life-long Oklahoma resident. I currently live in Edmond with my wife and two children.

Jon Hamm Today at 8:10 PM Whoa! Michael Scott arrested on felony drug charges! Wait, not that Michael Scott?
Jon Hamm Today at 6:30 PM @kpelton could also be the end for the last remaining active player who played with Michael Jordan.
Jon Hamm Today at 5:42 PM Let's face it, pretty good chance Nancy could be the head coach in Sacramento by the end of the season.
Jon Hamm Today at 5:06 PM RT @ShamsCharania: Sources: After one season as OKC's draft-stash, Josh Huestis signs rookie scale, four-year contract with the Thunder. ht
Jon Hamm Today at 4:27 PM RT @sacbee_news: Kings will offer Nancy Lieberman an assistant coaching job
Jon Hamm Today at 1:03 PM @stephshilling88 @tzeeck I get that occasionally*. * a lot
Jon Hamm Today at 11:46 AM @tzeeck permission to join #saladchat
Jon Hamm Today at 9:48 AM Only two players played with both Jordan and LeBron James: Haywood and Scott Williams. Both former UNC big men, oddly enough.
Jon Hamm Today at 9:43 AM Brendan Haywood is the last remaining active one-time teammate of Michael Jordan's, and he may not be active much longer.
Jon Hamm Wed, Jul. 29 2015 06:47:10 PM CST RT @ProHoopsHistory: If you ever wondered why basketball's positions are called guard, forward, and center, look at this 1908 diagram http
Jon Hamm Wed, Jul. 29 2015 06:12:20 PM CST @OhYouGirl @ErikOnFranchise and if it doesn't, we go to the next step: neck tattoo.
Jon Hamm Wed, Jul. 29 2015 06:04:20 PM CST @OhYouGirl @ErikOnFranchise I tried but someone said I had the wrong number and to never call again?
Jon Hamm Wed, Jul. 29 2015 12:30:30 PM CST Quick question for @TVsJerry: are "Drake" and "Meek Mill" professional rappists? Or rap singers? Rap people? Whatever the term is.
Jon Hamm Wed, Jul. 29 2015 12:24:21 PM CST RT @BigEZ: Fun if you're not into a lot of hardcore basketball talk.
Jon Hamm Wed, Jul. 29 2015 09:51:44 AM CST RT @dionwaiters3: Playoffs & championship RT @UpTheThunder: @dionwaiters3 any personal goals for next season?
Jon Hamm Tue, Jul. 28 2015 09:04:10 PM CST RT @cdotharrison: Yooooooooo.
Jon Hamm Tue, Jul. 28 2015 06:46:34 PM CST RT @SpearsNBAYahoo: Thunder big man Serge Ibaka is in Johannesburg, S. Africa for @NBAAfrica Game on Saturday, but he has not been cleared …
Jon Hamm Tue, Jul. 28 2015 05:51:17 PM CST @Rayke Walk up and tell her you've got houses in L.A., Paris and Vail. In each one, a 70 inch plasma screen.
Jon Hamm Tue, Jul. 28 2015 05:34:12 PM CST #Sooners
Jon Hamm Tue, Jul. 28 2015 04:12:59 PM CST Live from the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion: