Jon Hamm
NewsOK Contributor
I am a long-time follower of NBA basketball. While I love the sport, it's the behind-the-scenes activity that fascinates me most. For over 20 years I have studied how the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement impacts the final product. I was fortunate enough to serve as a contributor to Larry Coon's initial CBA FAQ in 1999. I also spent time with in various capacities. I am a life-long Oklahoma resident. I currently live in Edmond with my wife and two children.

Top Stories

  • OKC Thunder: Millions of reasons why the Thunder is profitable

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Wed, Jul 2, 2014

    A recent report states that the Thunder made $29 million in profit last season. It's actually a trend. Here's how the Thunder have achieved profitability and how a key decision could have changed it all.

  • Thunder could be active in trade market

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Tue, Jun 3, 2014

    The Thunder hold a valuable trade exception that could bring a new player to Oklahoma City. But how was this exception created? And how can it be used?

  • Kevin Durant Could Choose to Extend His Stay in Oklahoma City

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Wed, May 21, 2014

    Kevin Durant could calm the anxiety of Thunder fans by signing an extension with the Thunder this summer. It would be a great deal for the Thunder organization. But is it a good move for Durant?

  • Kevin Durant: Imagining the value of his next contract

    By Berry Tramel | Published: Tue, May 13, 2014

    UNDERSTANDING THE ‘V’ IN MVP — A local NBA salary cap expert projects Kevin Durant’s next contract could be in the neighborhood of $143.75 million over five years.

  • NBA Salary Cap 101 - the Cap, the Luxury Tax and the Apron

    Jon Hamm | Updated: Fri, May 9, 2014

    The NBA salary cap system is convoluted and complex. In this first of a series of articles, I hope to simplify and add clarity to these concepts. This first article explains the salary cap, the luxury tax and the apron.

Jon Hamm Fri, Sep. 19 2014 07:13:04 PM CST RT @brahmresnik: NEW Former @Suns player @rexchapman accused of stealing $14K in merch from #Scottsdale Apple store. LINK
Jon Hamm Fri, Sep. 19 2014 04:20:19 PM CST @KJ_NBA @Patrick_Fenelon Could have used Philly instead of Minny but wanted to be somewhat believable.
Jon Hamm Fri, Sep. 19 2014 04:19:55 PM CST @KJ_NBA @Patrick_Fenelon Agent trying to manufacture leverage prior to the October 1 deadline for accepting the QO.
Jon Hamm Fri, Sep. 19 2014 03:24:01 PM CST @CoachHuddleston I suppose. They have at least two adequate PG's on hand, three if you really like Nate Wolters.
Jon Hamm Fri, Sep. 19 2014 03:20:19 PM CST Jason Kidd and the Bucks are going to try and turn Giannis Antetokounmpo into a point guard? LINK
Jon Hamm Fri, Sep. 19 2014 02:28:04 PM CST @ZachLowe_NBA Of note: Delfino and Raduljica had g'teed $ left on their deals (were non-guaranteed in 15-16) so they weren't no-cost waivers
Jon Hamm Thu, Sep. 18 2014 04:19:23 PM CST RT @ZachLowe_NBA: I had to google "arugula" to make sure I knew what it was when I went to the grocery store. But I can tell you Donald Slo…
Jon Hamm Thu, Sep. 18 2014 04:01:49 PM CST @samikard I don't get ESPN's infatuation with MEM. I think they were ranked #1 last year if memory serves.
Jon Hamm Thu, Sep. 18 2014 03:50:47 PM CST RT @News9Sport: ESPN has ranked the OKC #Thunder as the seventh-best franchise in pro sports. Details here: LINK
Jon Hamm Thu, Sep. 18 2014 09:32:55 AM CST #Sooners MT @sportando Former NBA Willie Warren is taking his talents to China: LINK
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 07:01:31 PM CST @UpTheThunder it was legendary before Barney Stinson made things legendary. Related: I was so lonely back then.
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 06:57:47 PM CST RT @Exhoopsmc: Shout out to OKC Thunder & fans for big welcome to the family excited to join model NBA franchise onward and upward LINK
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 06:25:04 PM CST @UpTheThunder years ago on NBA Live 96 I created me, a PG that avg'd a triple-double for the 82-0 Celtics.
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 04:19:03 PM CST @JDonsports I had Jones at 9 as well. My comment: "The enigma wrapped in a riddle inside of a mystery."
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 03:44:38 PM CST I thought this was America? RT @NewsOK Arrested man tells police he was washing hair in fountain with mayonnaise LINK
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 03:19:08 PM CST @Poison_Pennies I'm afraid this is the best I can offer. We still on for tonight? LINK
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 03:13:32 PM CST @sam_amick So... did the Kings use their Thomas trade exception to absorb Gee + Hopson?
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 02:25:31 PM CST Cage's Jheri curl > Gary Payton's flat top RT @royceyoung Here are your obligatory Michael Cage highlights: LINK
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 02:23:24 PM CST RT @DylanBuckingham: #Thunder fans can follow Michael Cage @Exhoopsmc
Jon Hamm Wed, Sep. 17 2014 02:17:10 PM CST Needing 29 rebounds in the final game of the 1987-88 season to average more RPG than Charles Oakley, Cage grabbed 30 that night.