• Wade in the water ...

    Carla Hinton | Published: Sun, Jul 5, 2015

    I was very little but I remember being baptized by Rev. Albritton at Tabitha Baptist Church in northeast Oklahoma City. I remember being intrigued when I saw people being baptized from the pews but I was a little terrified when it came time for me to get into the baptistery myself. I understood some of […]

  • Former Junior League Presidents meet for lunch in Oklahoma City

    Helen Ford Wallace | Updated: Sat, Jul 4, 2015

    Sara Sweet, Kristi Leonard, Nazette Zuhdi-Cleaver, Cristi Reiger. (Photos by Helen Ford Wallace).   Kristen Brown was hostess for a luncheon for past presidents of the Oklahoma City Junior League. She was president in 2013-14. Current President Nazette Zuhdi-Cleaver talked about plans for the new year and the Junior League's health focus and outgoing President Kristi Leonard talked about this year's accomplishments. Cleaver took over as president in June.

  • Weather portal an interesting addition to travel experience

    Matt Patterson | Updated: Thu, Jul 2, 2015

    In the "why didn't I think of that" department comes the weather simulator at Stockholm's Arlanda Aiport. The climate portal allows visitors to walk through a space that has been set to the climate of their destination. For example, if you're heading to Dubai it's going to be hot and windy. London my be humid and cold and so on. It's a little gimmicky, but who doesn't enjoy a good gimmick? Especially at an airport where most people are generally miserable and want nothing more than to get home, or to their destination as quickly as possible.

  • This photo of Donald Trump's suit has everyone talking

    Richard Hall | Updated: Thu, Jul 2, 2015

    You'll never believe where this Donald Trump piece of clothing is made.

  • Parties Extra!---Marty Dillon and Mark Wilmes---Party Galaxy!--- July 4th!

    Helen Ford Wallace | Updated: Wed, Jul 1, 2015

    Marty Dillon and Mark Wilmes talk about July 4th party decorations on Parties Extra! [brightcove]4330720524001[/brightcove]

  • This grown man's reaction to a new puppy will make your Wednesday

    Richard Hall | Updated: Wed, Jul 1, 2015

    Puppies are the best.

  • 20-40-60 Etiquette---Color me blond!

    Updated: Mon, Jun 29, 2015

    YOU ASK! WE ANSWER! YOU DECIDE! By Callie Gordon, Lillie-Beth Brinkman, Helen Ford Wallace QUESTION: What do you all think the appropriate age for young girls to start coloring their hair? My daughter is 11 and wants to be a blonde. She has brown hair. CALLIE’S ANSWER: Well, depends if you want to start paying for that. It gets expensive being a girl. Hold off till she’s a teenager at least.

  • Callie Gordon and Matthew Athey honored at wedding shower in Oklahoma City

    Updated: Sun, Jun 28, 2015

    Jose Freede, Callie Gordon, MollyannSanger and Nancy Gordon. (Photos by Helen Ford Wallace). Callie Gordon and Matthew Athey were honorees at a wedding shower and dinner in the home of Katie and Aubrey McClendon. The engaged couple will be married in August.  Co-hosts for the party were Louise and Clay Bennett, Lerri and Rick Cooper, Susan and Ramsey Drake, Laurie and Charlie Givens.  Purple orchids, white roses and chrysanthemums and peonies, interspersed with lemons, decorated the buffet table and outdoor tables. The menu included grilled garden vegetables, tomato and mozzarella salad and green salad, along with beef tenderloin. Dessert was lace cookies and individual lemon tarts.

  • Faith Notes: Weekend June 27-28

    Carla Hinton | Published: Sat, Jun 27, 2015

    Here are several faith-themed events happening in the metro area this weekend: Saturday, June 27 Buddha Mind Monastery’s 2015 “Veggie Festival” continues through 4 p.m. at 5800 S Anderson Road. The free event, which began at 10 a.m., will include cooking demonstrations, a cook-off and other presentations. A presentation entitled “Nutrition as it relates to the vegetarian” […]

  • See Falls Creek evening worship service live tonight

    Carla Hinton | Published: Wed, Jun 24, 2015

      DAVIS — Falls Creek Baptist Conference is broadcasting a live worship service via a live stream channel at 7 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, June 24. “Even though Week 4 of summer camp (June 22-26) was suspended, the spiritual impact of Falls Creek continues,” Andy Harrison, Falls Creek program director, said in a news release. Harrison […]

  • Parties Extra! Video---Genea Vallion and Cathy Blair from Trochta's---Beautiful flowers!

    Helen Ford Wallace | Published: Wed, Jun 24, 2015

    [brightcove]4316696964001[/brightcove] Genea Vallion and Cathy Blair from Trochta’s talk about flowers on Parties Extra!

  • Just how American are OKC and Tulsa?

    Richard Hall | Updated: Mon, Jun 22, 2015

    Independence Day is coming, which means Americans across the world will celebrate our nation's sovereignty. But just how American is Oklahoma City and Tulsa? According to WalletHub.com, pretty American! They compiled a bunch of data about both city's ethnic makeup, household characteristics and educational attainment, and compared it to the reference value for the entire nation. Then they put together this nifty map detailing more than 380 cities: <iframe src="//d2e70e9yced57e.cloudfront.net/wallethub/embed/6109/geochart-resemble.html" width="556" height="347" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> <div style="width:556px;font-size:12px;color:#888;">Source: <a

  • Faith Notes: Weekend June 20-21

    Carla Hinton | Published: Sat, Jun 20, 2015

    Here are several faith-themed events planned for the weekend:   Saturday, June 20   “Praise in the Stadium” continues through 9 p.m. at Douglass High School’s Moses F. Miller Stadium, 900 Martin Luther King Ave. The event is hosted by Secret Place Community Church, Good News Festival with Franklin Graham and Burn 24-7. Organizers said local […]

  • OKC community prayer vigil for Charleston, S.C., set for Sunday, June 21

    Carla Hinton | Published: Sat, Jun 20, 2015

    An Oklahoma City Community Prayer Vigil for Charleston, S.C., will be at 6 p.m. Sunday, June 21 at Avery Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1425 N Kelham. The church’s senior pastor is the Rev. D. Lavel Crawford (pictured). A flier and Facebook promotion about the event said all communities of faith are invited to attend. […]

  • Cindi Shelby of RMeyers talks about summer and fall fashions!

    Helen Ford Wallace | Updated: Sat, Jun 20, 2015

    [brightcove]4305584650001[/brightcove]   Cindi Shelby talks fashion on Parties Extra!

  • Baptist leaders cancel next Falls Creek youth camp session

    Carla Hinton | Published: Fri, Jun 19, 2015

    DAVIS — The June 22-26 session of Falls Creek youth camp has been canceled due to flooding in the Turner Falls area, Baptist leaders said. Officials with Falls Creek Baptist Camp & Conference Center near Davis said the upcoming camp session will not take place due to continued infrastructure challenges.  “We regret to announce that […]

  • 10 Oklahoma counties and the Game of Thrones houses that rule them

    Richard Hall | Updated: Thu, Jun 18, 2015

    Data is a powerful thing. Use it creatively and you can come up with some fun and fantastic conclusions. In this case, FindTheHome.com used a bunch of data to determine which houses from the "Game of Thrones" each county across the nation would align themselves with. That's more than 3,000 counties, and Oklahoma makes up 77 of those. FindTheHome took demographic, industrial and geographic data of each county, then compared those findings to the characteristics of the following from "Game of Thrones": Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, Tyrell and The Night's Watch (not a house, but whatever). While this blog post won't detail all 77 Oklahoma counties, it will detail the 10 largest

  • Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins

    Carla Hinton | Published: Thu, Jun 18, 2015

    Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, started today, June 18. It is one of the five pillars, or obligations, of Islam. Many Muslims around the world abstain from food, drink and sensual pleasures from dawn to sunset during the month, which commemorates the divine revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. In majority-Muslim countries, […]

  • Falls Creek youth camp session is ending early due to rising Washita River

    Carla Hinton | Published: Thu, Jun 18, 2015

    DAVIS — The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma said Wednesday campers are being released early from the Week 3 session of Falls Creek youth camp in response to infrastructure challenges from the massive rainfall in the Turner Falls area. Brian Hobbs, the convention’s communication’s director and spokesman for Falls Creek, said “Our leaders have carefully […]

  • Falls Creek staff took safety precautions Wednesday due to flooding

    Carla Hinton | Published: Thu, Jun 18, 2015

    Thousands of campers have been gathering together each night at a popular Baptist youth camp in the Turner Falls area, but the worship meeting was canceled on Wednesday due to flood waters. Brian Hobbs, communications director for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, said staff members at Falls Creek Baptist Camp & Conference Center asked […]