• Spanish style cozies up your feet in style this fall

    FashionInsight | Updated: Wed, Oct 14, 2015

    Looking some winter boots with this extra piece of pizzazz? A bit of European style on a blistery Oklahoma autumn day? Try Pedro Garcia. Made in Spain from nothing but the finest materials. But what really makes them special is the design. “This season's styles in suede and textured leather are everything you would expect - they're casual and adaptable, rough and clean, contemporary and urban - reminding us that there's life outside the city,” said Jane Webb of CK & Co. in Oklahoma City. Founded in 1925, the Pedro Garcia brand had built upon tradition to set the trends of tomorrow. Today, the third Pedro Garcia, grandson of the original Pedro, oversees the company with his sister, Mila.

  • Outerwear that is serious about keeping you warm

    FashionInsight | Updated: Wed, Oct 14, 2015

    When the weather takes a turn and shows it’s true fall colors, you want some outerwear that is both tough and looks good. “Patagonia and The North Face have made keeping warm fashionable in every situation,” said Ginna Bloom of Loabi in Yukon. “From football games in Oklahoma to skiing anywhere in the world you will look great and be comfortable while you are doing it.” Indeed, 30 years after introducing the Snap T Pullover it remains one of Patagonia's iconic styles-a true classic with immediate recognizable features with their long and storied heritage. Using 100 percent traceable down, recycled wool and organic cotton these jackets are beautifully rendered, true to their roots and built to last

  • Style goes animalistic

    FashionInsight | Updated: Wed, Oct 14, 2015

    This quintessential autumnal pattern is back in 2015 with a vengeance. Any style maven can peg this trend with their favorite look.

  • Classic style with some Southern flavor preps up your fall staples

    Fashioninsight | Updated: Wed, Oct 14, 2015

    Southern Tide is another of SJ Haggard’s classic staples. The brand was founded by a 23 year-old who saw a need in the marketfor high-quality clothing with a classic Southern style. The idea was to take modern design elements and combine them with his love for old southern culture and lifestyle to create a brand that stood for craftsmanship, clean lines, classic design and rich heritage. This became the brand Southern Tide, and SJ Haggard has one of the largest selection of styles in the metro. “Our customer’s in Oklahoma City appreciate this design aesthetic. It is casual, yet classic. It’s a clean style that is well-tailored,” said Stephen Haggard of SJ Haggard in Oklahoma City.

  • Nature & You: Somebody called you a "Bird Brain?" It's a compliment

    Neil Garrison | Updated: Wed, Oct 14, 2015

    At this time of the year, huge flocks of blackbirds gather (after sundown) in the heart of large cities in central Oklahoma. It seems odd that wild birds would be in large numbers in a non-nature area such as the urban center.

  • Donald J Pliner coming to Dillard’s, Penn Square Mall, on Friday

    Linda Miller | Updated: Wed, Oct 14, 2015

    Shoe designer Donald J Pliner’s visit to Dillard’s, Penn Square Mall, may be his last. Come meet him on Friday.

  • Sarah and Steve McLean---Project 31 and "Paint The Town Pink" Gala---Parties Extra! Video

    Helen Ford Wallace | Updated: Tue, Oct 13, 2015

    [brightcove]4552826867001[/brightcove] Sarah and Steve McLean talk about Project 31 and the "Paint The Town Pink" Gala on Parties Extra! Helen Ford Wallace, Sarah and Steve McLean at The Oklahoman's Video Studio. (Photo by Madeline Wilson).

  • 5 ways Bricktown is silencing critics

    Richard Hall | Updated: Fri, Oct 9, 2015

    In case you missed it, Steve Lackmeyer recently wrote about the criticisms Bricktown regularly receives across social media. You know, things like the area is only for clubbers or tourists. Things we've all heard before. To which Lackmeyer says "nonsense!" Here are 5 ways Lackmeyer says Bricktown is silencing the critics. No. 5 - Attractions Lackmeyer first mentions the array of Bricktown's attractions, and uses Brickopolis as a shining example of what the area has to offer.

  • Kappa Alpha Theta Flaming Festival---Tabitha McCuan and Charlie Knight---Parties Extra!

    Helen Ford Wallace | Updated: Mon, Oct 12, 2015

    [brightcove]4536223182001[/brightcove] Tabitha McCuan and Charlie Knight talk about Kappa Alpha Theta's Flaming Festival on Parties Extra!

  • Now you know: 5 interesting facts to begin your week with (Vol. 9; Oct. 12, 2015)

    Richard Hall | Updated: Thu, Oct 8, 2015

    It's good to know things. And you're probably bored at work (which is why you clicked on this), so how about you learn a thing or five?     This week we take a look at just how long women spend shaving their legs, how the Internet has expanded since 1994, ending Adolf Hitler's bloodline, Nutella's hazelnut stash and a pretty amazing tidbit about the State of Liberty. Here are 5 interesting facts to begin your work week with! No. 5 - Internet go boom The Internet is a big, big place.

  • Whitewater Center kick-off was held at the CHK/Central Boathouse in Oklahoma City

    Updated: Sun, Oct 11, 2015

      Judi Freyer, Dave Hepp, Terri Cooper, Gov. Mary Fallin, Greg Newby. (Photo by Helen Ford Wallace, The Oklahoman.)  A “First Wave” cocktail reception was given by members of the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation at CHK/Central Boathouse to kickoff the Whitewater Center campaign. Michael Knopp, executive director, talked about the Boathouse Foundation which will take over management and maintenance of Riversport Rapids after the Grand Opening May 6,7,8, 2016. After dinner by C2 Catering and Rococo’s, guests went outside to watch the Oklahoma Regatta Festival and to see Cirque Nouveau, dance, acrobatics, light, music on the SandRIdge Sky Trail.  Gov.

  • Will Homecoming Lead to My Homegoing?

    Carla Meadows | Updated: Fri, Oct 9, 2015

    It's high school homecoming season and that means moms of teens everywhere are going through the angst of getting their kids ready for the big dance. See how one mom is holding up this week and how you, too, can be a "homecoming survivor."

  • Oklahoma City quilt author to hold three book signings next week

    Ken Raymond | Updated: Fri, Oct 9, 2015

    Quilt expert, owner of Buckboard Antique Quilts and author Judy Howard has a busy week of book signings ahead. At two events, she will sign her recent book, "Quirky to Modern Art Quilts: Hippie at Heart," and give away quilts in exchange for donations made out to certain charities. A third event will serve as a book launch party. Her three signings are: — 11 a.m. Thursday at the Cheyenne Library, 201 N Clearlock Ave., Cheyenne. Quilt proceeds will benefit Circle of Care. — 3 p.m. Thursday at the Seiling Library, 209 N Main, Seiling. Proceeds benefit the Long Food Bank. — 10:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, Oct. 17, at Oklahoma QuiltWorks, 9300 N Pennsylvania Ave.

  • #FunnyFriday: 5 things that'll make you laugh (Vol. 2, Oct. 9, 2015)

    Richard Hall | Updated: Mon, Oct 5, 2015

    It's Friday and, for most of us, the weekend is on the horizon. Work is winding down and you're trying to look busy at your desk. Let us help: check out this week's #FunnyFriday: 5 things that'll make you laugh. No. 5 - Kids and vodka don't mix No.

  • Parties Extra! video---Sheli Adler and Kris Dane---What's Cooking?

    Helen Ford Wallace | Updated: Thu, Oct 8, 2015

    [brightcove]4536223120001[/brightcove] Dave Morris, Kelly Dyer Fry, Sheli Adler, Kris Dane, Paige Dillard at The Oklahoman's video studio for Parties Extra! and What's Cooking.

  • The George goes dark; Founders Tower has a tall vacancy to fill

    Dave Cathey | Updated: Wed, Oct 7, 2015

    The George Prime Steakhouse, which opened atop Founders Tower last June, has shuttered. Officials with Founders Tower and owner Kevin George confirmed the news on Wednesday. Owner Kevin George opened his ambitious, ostentatious restaurant after many years as a partner with the Interurban Restaurant group but a litany of troubles dogged the concept before it ever opened. Despite purchasing the top floor in the spring of 2013 and hiring chef Josh Valentine that summer, George didn’t open his restaurant for another year, eight months later than the initial plan, because of assorted problems like flooding, outdated plumbing and an HVAC system that had to replaced in the space built in the early 1960s.

  • All you ever wanted to know about food and farming

    Ken Raymond | Updated: Wed, Oct 7, 2015

    Food Tank, a think tank devoted to helping the impoverished around the world establish sustainable farming practices, sent me this reading list yesterday. I'm only vaguely familiar with a few of the books, but that's not such a bad thing; now I've got a bibliography to guide me through all things food-related ... and you do, too. "A Taste of Generation Yum: How a Generation’s Love for Organic Fare, Celebrity Chefs and Microbrews Will Make or Break the Future of Food" by Eve Turow In 2012, Eve Turow set out on a mission to discover just why Millennials are so passionate about food.

  • 10 must-read quotes by famous Oklahomans

    Richard Hall | Updated: Mon, Oct 5, 2015

    Believe it or not, Oklahoma is the birthplace to many people who have gone on to become celebrities and whose names are recognized worldwide. Whether a political activist, a musician, an actor or an author, these Oklahomans have left their mark on the rock we call Earth. Here are 10 must-read things said by famous Oklahomans. [pagebreak] No. 10 - Chelsea Manning Better known as Bradly, Chelsea Manning, of Crescent, Okla., made worldwide news when it was revealed the she had provided top secret military information

  • Harry Potter, in stores Tuesday, Oct. 6

    Ken Raymond | Updated: Tue, Oct 6, 2015

    A couple weeks ago, I let you know about a new illustrated version of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." The version features drawings or paintings by Jim Kay, who was handpicked by Potter creator J.K. Rowling. She had this to say in a news release: "Seeing Jim Kay's illustrations moved me profoundly. I love his interpretation of Harry Potter's world, and I feel honored and grateful he has lent his talent to it." Words are fine and all, but I just got my hands on a copy of the book, and wow, is it ever gorgeous. Kay's illustrations bring a new appreciation of Rowling's breakthrough kids' novel. Everyone who followed the adventures of Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest will want a copy of this book, which will be

  • The only suit you will ever want to wear

    FashionInsight | Updated: Tue, Oct 6, 2015

    The upside to choosing high quality suits is that they can be dressed up or down easily depending on occasion. So the investment in a good suit pays off.