• Yo La Tengo looks back on 30 years of cover songs, Arlo Guthrie and playing live

    By Nathan Poppe Entertainment Writer npoppe@oklahoman.com | Published: Fri, Jan 29, 2016

    Yo La Tengo frontman Ira Kaplan talks about the band's past and what fans have to look forward to. The band is returning to Oklahoma City after a long dry spell, with a show Thursday at ACM@UCO Performance Lab.

  • 90 great songs that came out in 2015

    BY MATT CARNEY | Updated: Wed, Dec 30, 2015

    Listen up.

  • In praise of Courtney Barnett’s “Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit”

    BY MATT CARNEY | Published: Wed, Dec 9, 2015

    It's become this column space's tradition to spend the year's last dispatch regaling my favorite record of the year. This year, two minor changes in programming: 1) It's not the year's last column, which, yes, I know, deal with it you pedantic nerds. And 2) If you flip a few pages over you'll notice that my pick for the year's best record is Sufjan Stevens' articulate meditation on death and familial loss, “Carrie & Lowell.” Thing is, I already went on about it back in May.  So this year's love letter instead goes to my runner-up, Australian Courtney Barnett's charming and rambling, wise-beyond-her-years debut “Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.

  • The biggest stories in Okie music in 2015

    By Nathan Poppe, for LOOKatOKC | Updated: Wed, Dec 2, 2015

    When I look back on 2015, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what made all these Oklahoma artists stick out in the national music scene. There's not an exact formula for it, or one path to garner that spotlight. I'm not trying to make things sound mysterious. I'd even like to know for myself. That way, my barometer for following artists could have Doppler weather radar precision. I'm gunning for Gary England levels of accuracy. I do have one guess, though. It involves a lot of hard work and constant touring. I did my best to dig into both the meat and the potatoes of what's driving Oklahoma's rising stars from local and regional ranks into the big leagues.  Also, there's a couple of moments thrown in there that beg to

  • OKC Artists for Justice founders see activism as extension of creativity

    BY EBONY DALLAS | Published: Wed, Dec 2, 2015

    By Ebony Iman Dallas At the heart of every artist lies a sense of purpose. The desire to make meaning of the world around them and deeply seated emotions are fuels that drive them. This is why art and activism marry, effortlessly. This is how chaos seeded the minds of local poets Grace Franklin and Candace Liger (who also is a dancer) to create OKC Artists for Justice on Oct. 1, 2014. These women, along with a group of dedicated members, work to address “injustices committed against women of color through advocacy and support in the state of Oklahoma.” They currently are supporting the 13 women who have accused Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer, of stalking, sexual battery, forcible oral

  • PHOTOS: #LICKAtOKC Pet Submissions

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: Fri, Nov 20, 2015

    Our second annual #LICKAtOKC issue hit racks earlier this week, featuring some of the top pet photos we received.

  • #LICKatOKC: Share your pet photos with us!

    Tiffany Gibson | Updated: Tue, Nov 3, 2015

    It's that time of year again. You know, the one filled with sad puppy dog eyes, cats in sinks and costumes and all around cuteness. It’s time for another #LICKatOKC issue! Use the tag to submit your photos on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter from now until Nov. 4. We’ll select our favorites and reach out to the photographers to collect some information about their pets before the issue comes out on Nov. 18. You can also submit photos at http://NewsOK.com/Now/Submit or through the NewsOK Now app.  Ready? Set.

  • 'Unprecedented market': The trials and tribulations of the first-time Oklahoma City home buyer

    By Chris Turner For LOOKatOKC | Updated: Mon, Oct 26, 2015

    It's late on a Saturday night. I fumble around for my phone, desperate for word from my Realtor. Sure, the seller has 24 hours to respond to a bid, but maybe she's already made a decision. Maybe no one else submitted a bid and she has decided to sell me the granite counter-topped, Craftsman-styled, open concept house of my dreams. But if she was so quick to pull the trigger, does that mean my bid was too much? Goodbye, savings account. Hello, money pit. Or maybe she counter-offered. Or worse, maybe there's a bid war.

  • 5 great new songs from the last month

    BY MATT CARNEY | Published: Mon, Oct 12, 2015

    It's October's very own.

  • Twitter-sized reviews of the music you might have missed in 2015

    BY MATT CARNEY | Published: Thu, Sep 10, 2015

    And now, a post-mid-year look-back on 2015's standout records. Overall they could use a little more cowbell, but I ain't complaining. Rae Sremmurd — “SremmLife” Atlanta continues its reign as rap's most fun-having city, post-Bay Area hyphy. Courtney Barnett — “Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit” Come for the wiggly power-pop and lip-curling grunge, stay for the unassuming songwriting wit. Father John Misty — “I Love You, Honeybear” It should be so easy to ignore a songwriter dude as bitter and caustic as Tillman but, #damnitstrue. Carly Rae Jepsen — “E•MO•TION” Carly Rae one-upped Taylor for dedication to the ‘80s on a record that's about as good as big-budget pop

  • Cool new tracks for all those hot August nights

    BY MATT CARNEY | Published: Thu, Aug 27, 2015

    Can you feel it? I can feel it. New tracks, baby! Lil B & Chance The Rapper — “Amen” Chicagoan Chance the Rapper was part of a collaboration earlier this year that released an excellent record “Surf” under the name Donnie Trump and the Social Experiment. Last week he followed up on that by putting out a freebie mixtape in collaboration with the prolific Bay Area rapper Lil B, titled “Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape)” that proves the two to be a really provocative combination. Chance's rapid-fire onomatopoeia and heavily rhythmic style serve as foil to Lil B's slurry, slow rapping, which so often seems to pursue a certain mood or broader thematic idea greater than the literal meaning of the words he's saying.

  • Doggin' Trail: The Food Dude sets out in search of the metro's best hot dog

    BY DAVE CATHEY Food Editor dcathey@oklahoman.com | Published: Thu, Aug 27, 2015

    Frankly (apologies), the disparity for hot dog passion between Oklahoma City and Chicago or New York City is as wide as our proximity to Coney Island. But that doesn't mean we don't love us a good dawg. Just ask Schwab Meat Co., which has feasted on Oklahoma's appetite for hot links and wieners since 1912. The official hot dog of the University of Oklahoma is also the dog of choice for homemade coneys from Norman to Stillwater, Shawnee to Yukon, and the picnic frank most likely to cook over an open fire from Lake Thunderbird to Lake Overholser. Just ask the generations of folks who've kept two local hot dog vendors operating under the name Coney Island downtown since 1928 with a second store carrying the name in Capitol Hill