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Entertainment Writer and LOOKatOKC Editor Nathan Poppe is a documenter of all things entertaining. The Middle of Nowhere is his blog and a depository of everything that makes the Midwest unique. The coasts have a massive amount of influence on the country, but everything winds up funneling its way to the middle. So Poppe scoops it up and displays it all here. His other duties include editing the Weekend Life section and LOOKatOKC. He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Oklahoma State University and has collaborated with hundreds of local and national musicians. Poppe joined the Features section at The Oklahoman in March 2014.

  • 'Deadpool' takes dead aim on big, bloody laughs

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: 11 hr ago

    Porky Pig should've ended this film with a hearty "That's All Folks!" "Deadpool" is the trillionth Marvel comic book movie adaptation and first blockbuster of the year. It's also a borderline "Looney Tunes" cartoon. Think vigilante Bugs Bunny in a red suit. With lotsa guns. For the uninitiated, Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) is a popular antihero in the Marvel world and he's known for his healing powers, sense of humor and motormouth. You might remember that Ryan Reynolds ("Blade: Trinity") already portrayed a villainous incarnation of Deadpool in the universally panned "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." I excitedly saw that film opening night in college and still managed to force that performance out of my brain. For

  • 6 stray observations from Yo La Tengo at ACM@UCO Performance Lab

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Fri, Feb 5, 2016

    My glasses fogged up in seconds. The packed crowd at the ACM@UCO Performance Lab were putting off a serious amount of sweat and body heat during Thursday's Yo La Tengo concert. I walked into a sauna. Yo La Tengo hadn't been in Oklahoma City since 1992, when it performed at VZD's. They obviously received a warm welcome. Here's a few observations from the show: 1. Because of a surprise screening of "Deadpool," I missed the band's opening acoustic set. I'm full of regret. Yo La Tengo even ended the set with a cover (duh, it's a tour for an album of mostly covers) of "Oklahoma U.S.A." That's a great song by The Kinks in case you haven't heard it.

  • Oklahoma City rapper L.T.Z. phones it in with new single (Middle of Nowhere Debut)

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Wed, Feb 3, 2016

    What's Valentine's Day without a little heartbreak? Oklahoma City-based rapper Tony LeSure (aka L.T.Z.) has had his fair share, and he's preparing to release "Single's Awareness Day II," a sequel to his 2011 effort. Here's an exclusive first listen to the track "Hit me on my RAZR." "The album is a journey of what happens when you lose a girl," LeSure said in an interview with The Oklahoman.  LeSure, 25, walked me through the album. "SAD II" kicks off with a celebratory intro track that's inspired by the relief of ending a relationship. That's followed by "Fools Rush In," which takes a dig at the willingness of jumping into another relationship when everything seems so rosy.

  • U.K. duo Disclosure shares Oklahoma concert date

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Tue, Feb 2, 2016

    Call your local cobbler and set some time aside to get your dancing shoes shined. U.K. duo Disclosure is making its first visit to Oklahoma on May 13 at The Criterion. The Grammy nominated electronic dance artists are kicking off their tour in Mexico and making their way through North America this spring.  Tickets for the Oklahoma City show will be available beginning noon Feb. 5 via Disclosure’s site here. Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence make up Disclosure. They make the sort of slickly repetitive dance music that wraps tightly around your brain and never leaves. I love the track "When a Fire Starts to Burn." Disclosure will also perform at numerous festivals, including

  • Music lineup revealed for Bricktown's St. Patrick's Day Block Party

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Tue, Feb 2, 2016

    I recently turned 27 and so will Bricktown's St. Patrick's Day Block Party.  Neither of us have missed the opportunity to celebrate the occasion, and on March 17 the free, family-friendly party will kick off at 2 p.m and wrap at midnight.  Fun fact: the block party started in 1990 as part of the opening celebration for O’Briens, which was one of the first dining/entertainment options in Bricktown.  The music lineup boasts a healthy amount of Oklahoma City-based talent. Take a first look at the schedule.

  • Saint Loretto emerges, releases new song 'We Own the Night' (Middle of Nowhere Debut)

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Mon, Feb 1, 2016

    Evan Crowley doesn't sit still for long. "I don't want to skip a beat," Crowley said in an email. "I'm constantly writing and pushing myself to become a better writer, musician and performer." In January, the disbanded Okie pop rock project Paperscissor announced its final show. On Jan. 3, the band said goodbye at the 89th Street Collective. Crowley is already back at things under a new name, Saint Loretto. Here's the exclusive debut to his solo project's first single "We Own the Night." Crowley said he wrote "We Own the Night" around the time Paperscissor disbanded. He recorded every instrument on the track, but he's looking forward to more collaborative efforts

  • Yo La Tengo looks back on 30 years of cover songs, Arlo Guthrie and playing live

    By Nathan Poppe Entertainment Writer | Published: Fri, Jan 29, 2016

    Yo La Tengo frontman Ira Kaplan talks about the band's past and what fans have to look forward to. The band is returning to Oklahoma City after a long dry spell, with a show Thursday at ACM@UCO Performance Lab.

  • Oklahoma music on the move

    By Nathan Poppe, Entertainment Writer | Updated: Thu, Jan 28, 2016

    A look at what's going on in the Oklahoma music scene.

  • A real rock star: Members of KISS helped make the day of one Oklahoma man

    By Nathan Poppe Entertainment Writer | Published: Thu, Jan 28, 2016

    Malcom Wynn received the surprise of a lifetime Thursday when he got an opportunity to visit with four members of KISS.

  • Okie John Moreland to perform on 'Colbert' broadcast

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Wed, Jan 27, 2016

    Good news.  There's a another way to shed tears while listening to Oklahoma's John Moreland without people looking at your cry face. Moreland announced via Facebook on Monday that he's the musical guest for the Feb. 1 broadcast of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." The Tulsa artist will likely be performing a solo rendition of a song off of his acclaimed 2015 album, "High on Tulsa Heat." My esteemed colleague Becky Carman had this to say about the LP last year: "You can check Pitchfork, American Songwriter, The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal for high praise of “High on Tulsa Heat.” Or you can listen to it yourself.

  • Rick Springfield, John Mellencamp and Third Eye Blind among new Oklahoma concerts

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Mon, Jan 25, 2016

    April's going to be a busy month for music in Oklahoma. In addition to Norman Music Festival and Oklahoma's Songwriter's Festival ending April, three new shows were announced Monday morning. The Criterion shared information about Rick Springfield's successful Stripped Down tour, a Third Eye Blind concert and a tour stop from a hip-hop dance show. The Oklahoma City-based venue, located at 500 E Sheridan Ave., is still under construction but plans to open in time for its inaugural show with Ben Rector on March 26. Oh, and John Mellencamp is kicking off his tour in Tulsa. All that and more in this music roundup.

  • Dave Matthews Band shares Oklahoma concert date, celebrates 25 years

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Mon, Jan 25, 2016

    Dave Matthews Band is taking 2017 off from touring.  However, one of DMB's 26 upcoming 2016 summer tour dates will land the band in Oklahoma City. On May 17, Dave Matthews Band will perform two full sets at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. The tour kicks off May 11 at INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kan.  The tour will wrap up at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Wash, where the band has headlined more than 50 shows. Additional artists will also perform during the Labor Day weekend event (Sept. 2-4). Not a bad way to celebrate DMB's 25th anniversary. Dave Matthews Band has sold more than 20 million tickets since its inception and a collective 38 million CDs and

  • 'The Voice' partners Okie musician with fellow contestant

    By Nathan Poppe Entertainment Writer | Published: Fri, Jan 22, 2016

    Oklahoma City's Chase Kerby and Chicago's Hanna Ashbrook met in 2015 during executive auditions for "The Voice." Both artists are playing 8 p.m. Friday at VZD's alongside Beau Jennings and the Tigers.

  • Kacey Musgraves talks style, Roger Miller and sticking to her guns

    By Nathan Poppe Entertainment Writer | Updated: Wed, Jan 20, 2016

    Country artist Kacey Musgraves will make Diamond Ballroom debut Friday in Oklahoma City.

  • The Criterion announces three varied new acts

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Mon, Jan 18, 2016

    After keeping it local with its opening concert, The Criterion shared information on three shows featuring national musicians and a comedian. The newly released shows feature gospel musician and author Kirk Franklin (April 8), soulful rockers My Morning Jacket (April 27) and jokester Brian Regan (Dec. 3). Tickets for Kirk Franklin and My Morning Jacket will go on sale 10 a.m. Friday. Ticket information for Brian Regan will be released later in the year. Tickets can be purchased online at, at all Ticketmaster locations or by calling 1-800-745-3000. The Criterion is located at 500 E Sheridan Ave.

  • Josh Sallee shares fresh track 'SHEESH'

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Mon, Jan 18, 2016

    It's been a couple of weeks but Josh Sallee is finally ready to wish you a happy new year.  The Oklahoma City rapper teamed up with his go-to producer Blev and on Monday released his first song of 2016.  Check out the track below. Heads up, a couple lyrics are NSFW. Headphones at work. Blast it at home. "SHEESH" is the first of many new songs from Sallee and Blev. The track is a short, sweet exercise routine for Sallee's gymnastic flow and Blev's bombastic beats. If you like what you hear then keep your eyes on the duo. Blev's debut "Tough Love" will drop in Febuary and Sallee will follow with the "Hush Hush EP" in March.

  • The Oklahoman's 10 favorite films of 2015

    Updated: Thu, Jan 14, 2016

    The Oklahoman's Nathan Poppe, Brandy McDonnell and Matt Price, along with James Cooper and Gene Triplett, each share two of their favorite films from 2015.

  • Two Oklahomans among 2016 Oscar nominations

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Thu, Jan 14, 2016

    The Tinsel Twins' film might score Oscar gold. Enid's own Thad and Trent Luckinbill woke up to three Oscar nominations Thursday with their producing effort "Sicario," a critically lauded action thriller starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro. The twin brothers helped produce "Sicario" via Black Label Media, a Los Angeles based film finance and production company they run with Molly Smith. The film earned nominations for Sound Editing, Original Score and Cinematography. Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson was nominated for an Oscar last year for "The Theory of Everything" score and cinematographer Roger Deakins ("Skyfall," "Fargo") has been nominated 13 times.

  • OETA to air Beau Jennings' Will Rogers documentary in Oklahoma

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Wed, Jan 13, 2016

    Will Rogers fans should ready their TV remote controls. OETA is airing Beau Jennings' documentary "The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers" 10 p.m. Monday on OETA HD. Jennings spent several years completing the film and a companion album that explores the life of Will Rogers. The Norman-based musician's film premiered at deadCenter Film Festival in 2015 and has slowly made a push toward television.  "It's a little overwhelming," Jennings said in an interview with The Oklahoman. "I started sharing air dates on social media, thinking it'd be here and there, but after a few days I realized it was really all over the country. There was no way to keep up. It's a good problem to have, I guess.

  • Saying hello and goodbye to David Bowie

    Nathan Poppe | Updated: Mon, Jan 11, 2016

    I'm glad David Bowie took the time to say goodbye to me. If you have even a shred of interest in pop music then you've already heard the musician died Sunday. He was 69. His passing is obviously sad. Has any rock star cooler than Bowie had such a storied, varied career? His death carries a weight with musicians, artists, fashion fans, creatives, filmmakers and anyone who's ever turned on a classic rock station. When I walked into the office this morning, his brand new album was sitting next to my keyboard. I'd never bought a Bowie album or even written about him before today. Regardless, it felt like Bowie carefully planned this moment and deliberately left a departing gift.

Nathan Poppe Today at 1:23 AM Putting on pants and turning off the "X-Files" was well worth it for this @saintseneca show. 10/10. Would pants again.
Nathan Poppe Tue, Feb. 09 2016 10:42:56 PM CST @desark I've never listened to Karp, but I'm glad I caught y'all in Norman. Thanks for stopping in Oklahoma.
Nathan Poppe Tue, Feb. 09 2016 10:29:04 PM CST @beauedmondmusic I'm just happy to see LOOK finally getting used for its sole chocolate purpose.
Nathan Poppe Tue, Feb. 09 2016 04:48:23 PM CST @eblakejackson @chadosko Tell him to tell me more about it.
Nathan Poppe Tue, Feb. 09 2016 02:38:19 PM CST Pretty sure my song of the year just landed. @agiantdog rules.
Nathan Poppe Tue, Feb. 09 2016 01:52:31 PM CST It's @deadpoolmovie vs. @NathanPoppe. Ding. Ding. Review here:
Nathan Poppe Tue, Feb. 09 2016 10:55:39 AM CST The only real reason to see "Deadpool" is this gentleman.
Nathan Poppe Mon, Feb. 08 2016 03:10:38 PM CST One perk to this whole balding thing is that my hair handles the wind like a champ and a half. Like a honest to blog silver medalist.
Nathan Poppe Mon, Feb. 08 2016 01:56:18 PM CST Had an excellent chat with Patrick of @TitusAndronicus. Mark your calendars for the band's March 9 show at @opolisprod.
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 10:46:58 PM CST I'm speaking with Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus tomorrow. Was anyone at that house (basement?) show they played in Tulsa years ago?
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 08:19:18 PM CST Harry Nilsson's dogs are likely rolling in their graves because of those condiments.
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 08:13:37 PM CST Call the game early. @oliviamun's super suit just won the sports match. #XMunn
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 08:06:27 PM CST The Pokemon commercial is hugely disappointing just for the fact that we can't have real Pokemon or Misty.
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 07:52:05 PM CST Carl's Jr. was sticking it to terrorists AND vegetarians with the use of that Eagles of Death Metal track.
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 07:49:19 PM CST If the finale of "The Big Bang Theory" isn't a half hour orgy discussion then what were they even doing on that show?
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 07:41:12 PM CST Twenty minutes of just Janelle Monae dancing would be plenty of pure entertainment fire.
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 07:37:33 PM CST Finally, Coldplay gets the big career break they deserve. But seriously, why not give Janelle Monae that halftime show and Coldplay the ad.
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 05:24:42 PM CST @tzeeck October.
Nathan Poppe Sun, Feb. 07 2016 05:23:07 PM CST Good luck to @BRONCHOBAND in Super Bowl Fitty.
Nathan Poppe Sat, Feb. 06 2016 06:18:24 PM CST In helping sell merch at the OKC Folk Alliance fundraiser. It's upstairs at @theparamountokc.…