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  • Obama: No US military involvement in Ukraine

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is repeating his position that involving the U.S. military in Ukraine is not an option he is considering. Obama said Thursday that is because what's happening in Eastern Europe is not a situation that would be amenable to a military solution. Instead, Obama says Russia has to create an environment in which separatist forces that are occupying buildings in Ukraine disarm and begin negotiations with Ukraine's interim government. He says there must also be progress on reforms that meet the interests of various groups inside Ukraine, that elections be held and the country stabilizes its economy. He says thousands of Russian troops massed along the Ukrainian border were sent there a

  • Firework injures fans during Dodgers-Giants game

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    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Police say several people suffered minor injuries when a fan threw a firework onto a walkway at the San Francisco Giants ballpark during a Dodgers-Giants game. A loud bang was heard around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, with smoke visible above right-center field. Witnesses reported seeing a man in a Giants hat in the outfield bleachers throw a large firecracker into a group of people near a concession stand. At least five people reported injuries, including dizziness and temporary loss of hearing. Police spokesman Gordon Shyy says 21-year-old Paolo Pavone was arrested and booked on suspicion of willfully discharging and possessing an explosive, and discharging a firework in a public place. The Giants

  • Prosecutors win appeal in 1989 son killing case

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    PHOENIX (AP) — A retired detective who refused to take the stand again, asserting his right against self-incrimination, will be forced to testify at the retrial of an Arizona mother charged with having her son killed in 1989, the state Court of Appeals ruled Thursday. "As citizens, each of us has a duty to testify in criminal proceedings in our courts when called upon to provide relevant information," the three-judge panel wrote in its decision overturning a lower court judge's ruling that allowed the former officer to assert his Fifth Amendment right. The ruling is a major victory for prosecutors who insist Debra Milke is guilty and are planning a 2015 retrial. Authorities say Milke had two men shoot her 4-year-old s

  • Facebook rolls out location-sharing feature

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook users in the U.S. will soon be able to see which of their friends are nearby using a new feature the company is launching on Thursday. The "Nearby Friends" feature must be turned on by the user, so people shouldn't expect to broadcast their location unknowingly. It will use your smartphone's GPS system to tell your Facebook friends you are nearby — provided they have the feature turned on as well. Rather than share your exact location, it will show only that you are nearby, say, within half a mile. If you like, you can manually share a more precise location with a specific friend you'd like to meet up with. Friends can see where you're located in a particular park, airport or city block.

  • Obama disputes GOP version of immigration call

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he's surprised that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is accusing him of failing to work with Congress on immigration. Cantor said after the two men spoke by phone Wednesday that Obama still hasn't learned how to work effectively with lawmakers. Obama told reporters during a press conference Thursday that they actually had a "very pleasant conversation" and that he called the Virginia Republican to wish him a happy Passover. Obama says there was a mismatch between Cantor's stance in private and public. Obama supports a bipartisan Senate bill that has stalled in the House, where Republicans prefer a piecemeal approach. Obama said in a statement before their call that Republ

  • Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87

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    MEXICO CITY (AP) — A person close to the family has confirmed reports that that Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. He was 87. Garcia Marquez's magical realist novels and short stories exposed tens of millions of readers to Latin America's passion, superstition, violence and inequality. Widely considered the most popular Spanish-language writer since Miguel de Cervantes in the 17th century, Garcia Marquez achieved literary celebrity that spawned comparisons to Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. His flamboyant and melancholy works outsold everything published in Spanish except the Bible. The epic 1967 novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude sold more than 50 million copies in more than 25 languages.

  • Mercury found in remote national park streams

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    FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Federal scientists have found high amounts of mercury in fish caught in remote areas of national parks in the West and Alaska. The finding is included in a recently published study by the U.S. Geological Survey and National Park Service. Researchers say the vast majority of the 1,400 fish caught as part of the study had acceptable levels of mercury. But quantities in 4 percent of the fish gave them cause for alarm. Health officials say exposure to high levels of mercury can damage the brain, kidneys and a developing fetus. The study sampled fish from 21 national parks in 10 Western states, including Yosemite National Park in California and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

  • NC Sen. Hagan runs 1st ad, goes after Tillis

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    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — In a foretaste of a potential general election matchup, Democratic U.S. Senate Kay Hagan and Republican rival Thom Tillis released dueling ads Thursday about the health care law and a messy personnel matter in the office of Tillis, the state House speaker. Hagan released her first commercial in her bid to win re-election, a statewide radio spot criticizing Tillis, even though he's just one of eight candidates in the May 6 GOP primary. Tillis is the primary's leading fundraiser and has support of Republican legislative leaders in Washington. Hagan's ad assails the state House speaker for his comments on the health care overhaul law.


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  • Obama says he hopes Russia lives up to Ukraine agreement, past practice makes it unlikely

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama says he hopes Russia lives up to Ukraine agreement, past practice makes it unlikely .

  • Astronomers spot most Earth-like planet yet

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected — a distant, rocky world that's similar in size to our own and exists in the Goldilocks zone where it's not too hot and not too cold for life. The find, announced Thursday, excited planet hunters who have been scouring the Milky Way galaxy for years for potentially habitable places outside our solar system. "This is the best case for a habitable planet yet found. The results are absolutely rock solid," University of California, Berkeley astronomer Geoff Marcy, who had no role in the discovery, said in an email.

  • Obama sends condolences on S Korea ferry disaster

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is sending condolences to victims of a South Korean ferry disaster and says he will pay tribute during a visit to the country next week. Obama said at a White House news conference Thursday that the United States has an "unwavering commitment" to its ally South Korea in good times and bad. He says he will underscore that when he is in the country for a previously planned trip. He says U.S. Navy personnel are at the site where the ferry sunk off South Korea's southern coast. He sent condolences to the entire country, especially families of the 20 killed Wednesday.

  • Obama-Biden selfie stirs fresh controversy

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    WASHINGTON • The White House's selfie saga continues. Ten days after his top communications adviser suggested that the era of the White House selfie was ove r, the president on Wednesday posed for a selfie with Vice President Joe Biden as they were leaving a jobs-promotion event in Pennsylvania. (A selfie is a self-portrait with friends or famous people posted online). Republicans and some media critics pounced, declaring it the wrong message during a crisis in the Ukraine over Russian President Vladimir Putin's designs there. Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski, who has more than 106,000 followers, tweeted a shot of the Obama-Biden selfie with the caption, "Putin is out there skinning tigers with his bare hands and this is what we

  • Cyber cops: Target hackers may take years to find

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service investigators say they are close to gaining a full understanding of the methods hackers used to breach Target's computer systems last December. But the agency says it could take years to identify the criminals who stole some 40 million debit and credit card numbers of Target shoppers and other personal information from as many as 70 million people in the pre-Christmas breach. And it may take even longer to bring the offenders to justice. The federal investigation is complicated by the international nature of high-profile digital heists. The perpetrators are likely located overseas, which makes extradition and prosecution difficult.

  • UN: Iran cuts stock closest to nuke-arms grade

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    VIENNA (AP) — Iran has converted three quarters of a nuclear stockpile that it could have turned quickly into weapons-grade uranium into less volatile forms and is well on the way toward transforming the rest, the U.N. atomic agency reported Thursday. The development — agreed to by Iran under a nuclear deal it struck late last year with six world powers — leaves Tehran with substantially less of the 20-percent enriched uranium that it would need for a nuclear warhead. Iran denies any interest in atomic arms. But it agreed to some nuclear concessions in exchange for a partial lifting of sanctions crippling its economy under the deal, which took effect in January. Uranium at 20 percent is only a technical step away

  • Edmond mayor Charles Lamb says he'll seek re-election

    BY DIANA BALDWIN, | Updated: 5 hr ago

    The Oklahoman's Diana Baldwin chatted with readers Thursday about downtown Edmond roads, restaurants and businesses. Join her chat every third Thursday of the month at 2 p.m. Below is an unedited transcript of the chat. NewsOK 1:13 p.m. Hey everyone. We'll get started with our Edmond chat at 2 p.m., but you can start submitting your questions now. Diana Baldwin 2:01 p.m. Welcome to our Edmond live chat. Let's get started. John 2:01 p.m. What's going on with the public safety center? Diana Baldwin 2:03 p.m. If you haven't been to downtown Edmond lately, it is

  • Oklahoma lacks goals to promote walking, bicycling, report finds

    William Crum | Updated: 5 hr ago

    A survey by the Alliance for Walking and Biking finds small but steady increases around the country in the number of people walking and bicycling to work — but in measures of pedestrian and bicyclist safety, Oklahoma comes up short.

  • 87th Annual Academy Awards date set for Feb. 22

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    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The 87th annual Academy Awards will air live beginning at 8:30 p.m. EST from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on ABC on Sunday, Feb. 22. The date, announced on Thursday by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, marks the academy's return to their standard pattern after pushing the show back to March 2 this year because of the Olympics. 2015 Oscar nominees will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 15, which follows the academy's recent plan. 2014 nominations were announced Jan. 16. Voting for the 2015 nominees will begin on Dec. 29, 2014 and end on Jan. 8, 2015. The Academy Awards' annual luncheon for nominees is set for Feb. 2, 2015. Final Oscars voting will commence on Feb. 6, 2015. Votin

  • Researcher finds flaw in Samsung fingerprint check

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    BERLIN (AP) — A Berlin-based researcher says he has managed to fool the fingerprint-based security system on Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone using wood glue and a picture of the original print. Ben Schlabs, who works for Security Research Labs, says the trick is identical to the one hackers used to unlock Apple's iPhone 5s last year. The S5 flaw is potentially more serious because Schlabs says he was also able to trick the electronic payment app PayPal, which uses Samsung's fingerprint authentication. Schlabs says users concerned about security can choose to use a strong password instead of the convenient but flawed fingerprint system. A spokeswoman for Samsung in Germany wasn't immediately able to comment Thursday

  • Gold drops on improving U.S. economy

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    (c) 2014, Bloomberg News. Gold futures fell Thursday as signs of gains in the U.S. economy eroded demand for the metal. Consumer confidence rose from a nine-week low as Americans grew more upbeat about the economy, and jobless claims were close to the lowest in almost seven years, data showed today. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia factory index, a gauge of regional manufacturing, climbed to 16.6 in April, topping estimates by analysts. Gold dropped 1.9 percent this week. "These positive economic reports are pushing gold lower," Fain Shaffer, the president of Infinity Trading Corp. in Indianapolis, said in a telephone interview. "There's not really a compelling story to buy gold now, other than the situation in