• GOP convention veteran Tom Cole has some advice for Trump

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Tue, Apr 5, 2016

    IN backing away last week from his remarks about whether women should be punished for having an abortion if the practice is one day outlawed, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said that, “Like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.” When in doubt, it seems, every Republican politician running for national office invokes the name of Reagan at one point or another. And why not? Thirty-six years after he won election to the White House, Reagan remains the standard against which conservatives are measured. Yet U.S. Rep. Tom Cole, R-Moore, has a suggestion for The Donald: “If you're going to compare yourself to Ronald Reagan, you ought to act like Ronald Reagan.

  • Little to cheer about recent Obamacare milestone

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Tue, Apr 5, 2016

    SIX years on, defenders of Obamacare still sing its praises. They do so mostly from a safe distance — in college ivory towers, in media centers and from the pulpit. These defenders liked their doctors and got to keep them. Their employer-arranged health care plans steer them clear of the rocky shoals of bureaucracy, massive cost increases and diminishing choice. Yet for millions of others, the seas are stormy as we mark the sixth anniversary of Barack Obama signing the Affordable Care Act. The cost to taxpayers for Obamacare's website, HealthCare.gov, has been pegged at $2.1 billion, according to an analysis by Bloomberg Government. That's far more than the official number from the Obama administration.

  • Expansion of Medicaid not a budget cure-all for Oklahoma

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Mon, Apr 4, 2016

    THE news that Oklahoma's Medicaid program may cut provider rates by 25 percent due to the state budget shortfall will undoubtedly lead some critics to insist this would not be happening had Oklahoma expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Yet while the state would have received additional federal funds for Medicaid under Obamacare expansion, that money would have been used for new enrollees, not those currently in the program. The program would still face cuts this year and provider-rate reductions would likely still be on the table. Supporters of expansion often ignore that adding people to the program also increases costs that state government struggles to cover in a time of budget challenge.

  • Alarmists won't like it, but fossil fuel supply is abundant

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Sun, Apr 3, 2016

    IT seems what's good news for most of humanity is bad news for global warming alarmists. In a recent article in the Journal of Economic Perspective, researchers Thomas Covert, Michael Greenstone and Christopher R. Knittel ask, “Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels?” They conclude: No. This disturbs them, since the three are adherents of extreme global warming theory. Yet their findings should be welcomed by anyone happy that human existence is no longer quite so “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” as Thomas Hobbes described it. “Peak oil” theory has been around for decades; innovation continues to postpone its occurrence.

  • On trying to change presidential nomination rules

    The Oklahoman Editorials | Published: Sat, Apr 2, 2016

    MICKEY Edwards would probably be dismissed by Donald Trump as a has-been or a political lifer, because Trump is quick to scoff at anyone who doesn't see things as he does. And Edwards clearly doesn't agree with Trump's argument that rules for choosing the Republican nominee for president shouldn't apply to him. Trump has argued that he should be handed the Republican nomination even if he doesn't arrive at the GOP convention with a majority of delegates. Edwards, a Republican who represented Oklahoma in the U.S. House for 16 years, is among those saying poppycock to that. “Electing a U.S. president is not a schoolyard game, where goalposts change when bullies whine,” Edwards wrote recently at politico.com.

  • Contradictions abound in OK academic standards process

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Fri, Apr 1, 2016

    ONE hopes a rational process was used to develop and approve Oklahoma's new academic standards, but the conflicting and even self-contradictory comments of those involved suggest otherwise. In 2014, the Legislature approved House Bill 3399, repealing Common Core academic standards in English and math, replacing them with a prior set of state standards for two years, and requiring that new standards be developed. The new standards were submitted for legislative approval this year. Both the House and Senate passed resolutions approving the standards upon specific revision. But neither resolution passed both chambers, so the standards may now take effect as written without revision. That's worrisome because a growing number

  • Global competition, free trade are important to U.S. prosperity

    The Oklahoman Editorial | Published: Fri, Apr 1, 2016

    PUT a free trade-supporting Democrat in the White House (think Bill Clinton) and the favorability of free trade among Democrats goes up. Replace that Democrat with a Republican, and support for free trade among Democrats goes down. The inverse is also true. Incredibly, the political party (Republican) that's generally most supportive of free trade shows less support for it now than Democrats. Free trade is essential to American prosperity. Despite that, Donald Trump's popularity has more than a little to do with his remarks about trade. His support among certain Democrats has a lot to do with it. These trends are explored by international trade attorney Scott Lincicome in an article penned for The Federalist.