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  • Boston police safely blow up suspicious backpacks

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    BOSTON (AP) — Survivors, first responders and relatives of those killed in the Boston Marathon bombing marked the anniversary Tuesday with tributes that combined sorrow over the loss of innocent victims with pride over the city's resilience in the face of a terror attack. "This day will always be hard, but this place will always be strong," former Mayor Thomas Menino told an invitation-only audience of about 2,500 people at the Hynes Convention Center, not far from the finish line, where two pressure cooker bombs hidden in backpacks killed three people and injured more than 260 others a year ago.

  • Man charged with hoax near marathon finish line

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    BOSTON (AP) — A man taken into custody near the Boston Marathon finish line late Tuesday, the anniversary of the deadly pressure cooker bombings, had a rice cooker in his backpack and was being charged with possession of a hoax device, police said. The man was stopped by an officer who saw him acting suspiciously, including walking down the middle of a street barefoot in pouring rain, Police Superintendent Randall Halstead said. The man dropped the backpack and told the officer it contained a rice cooker, he said. The incident took place hours after ceremonies to mark last year's Boston Marathon bombings, in which two pressure cooker bombs hidden in backpacks exploded, killing three people near the finish line and injuring

  • Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper pay raise bill headed to Gov. Mary Fallin

    BY RANDY ELLIS, Capitol Bureau | Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    A bill clearing the way for state trooper pay raises was approved unanimously Tuesday by the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is headed to the governor.

  • Louisiana man dies after head-on collision in Oklahoma

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: 4 hr ago

    Tilman Palmer, 76, of Amite City, La., was driving a pickup about 5:55 a.m. Monday on State Highway 48 near Sapulpa, when another pickup hit his head-on, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported.

  • Police: GPS helped solve, didn't deter killings

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — GPS technology helped police link two convicted sex offenders to the rapes and killings of at least four women in California, but the mother of one victim said Tuesday that the monitoring system should have done more to prevent the crimes in the first place. "If they were monitored correctly, then maybe none of this would have happened," said Jodi Michelle Pier-Estepp, the mother of victim Jarrae Nykkole Estepp, whose naked body was found March 14 on a conveyor belt at an Anaheim trash-sorting plant. The situation has raised new questions about the effectiveness of the devices that are supposed to deter criminals by keeping them away from forbidden area such as schools and playgrounds and from anyon

  • Alleged Hillary Clinton shoe thrower detained

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    PHOENIX (AP) — A federal magistrate on Tuesday ordered a Phoenix woman to remain jailed until she is returned to Las Vegas to face federal charges alleging she threw a shoe at Hillary Rodham Clinton during a speech. Alison Michelle Ernst, 36, read documents, talked to her lawyer and sat on the edge of her seat as she waited for her initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Logan in Phoenix. Ernst, wearing a turquoise-colored hooded jacket and jeans, was arrested late Monday after federal prosecutors in Las Vegas filed charges Sunday accusing her of trespassing and violence against a person. The federal charges increase the possible consequences for Ernst if she is convicted of throwing a shoe at the forme

  • Barresi opposes bill to cut state testing in social studies

    BY ANDREA EGER, Tulsa World | Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    The Oklahoma State Department of Education issued a statement Tuesday announcing State Superintendent Janet Barresi’s opposition to legislation that would eliminate three state tests in social studies and geography. Authored by State Senators Mark Allen, R-Spiro, and Tom Ivester, D-Elk City, Senate Bill 1654 would prohibit the state Board of Education from developing and administering tests for grades 3-8 not required by federal law and remove the requirement for social studies testing in grades five and eight, as well as geography testing in grade seven. In the press statement, state education officials said that while the high stakes, end-of-instruction exam in U.S. History would remain in place for high schoolers, eliminating the assessments would “de-emphasize” social studies instruction in elementary and middle schools. Read the rest of this story at .

  • Robot sub returns to water after 1st try cut short

    Updated: 6 hr ago

    PERTH, Australia (AP) — A robotic submarine looking for the lost Malaysian jet continued its second seabed search on Wednesday as up to 14 planes were to take to the skies for some of the final sweeps of the Indian Ocean for floating debris from the ill-fated airliner. The U.S. Navy's Bluefin 21 submarine began its second 20-hour underwater mission on Tuesday after cutting short its first because the ocean waters where it was sent were too deep, officials said. The unmanned sub is programmed to hover 30 meters (100 feet) above the seabed, but it started searching atop a patch that was deeper than the sub's maximum operating depth of 4,500 meters (15,000 feet), the search coordination center and the U.S. Navy said.

  • Oklahoma City sets record low Tuesday

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: 6 hr ago

    The record low for April 15 was recorded early Tuesday in Oklahoma City.

  • New York Police Department says it has ended Muslim surveillance program that sparked outrage

    Updated: 7 hr ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — New York Police Department says it has ended Muslim surveillance program that sparked outrage.

  • Edmond mayor plans to run again for office

    By Diana Baldwin, Staff Writer | Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    Charles Lamb intends to run for mayor in 2015. Lamb wants to be mayor when the new $27.5 million public safety center complex is completed in the summer of 2015.

  • Oklahoma State football: Seminoles riding high in the spring

    Berry Tramel | Updated: 8 hr ago

    OSU opens the 2014 season against defending champion Florida State on Aug. 30 at JerryWorld in Arlington. It’s a case of bad timing. An OSU-Florida State game to open the 2013 season would have been rich; the ’13 Cowboys could have stood up to the Seminoles.

  • Many questions about mom accused in infant deaths

    Updated: 8 hr ago

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Investigators are reconstructing a mysterious decade from Megan Huntsman's life as they try to figure out how she concealed seven pregnancies before allegedly strangling or suffocating her newborns. Utah investigators are examining DNA from the babies to determine who the parents are, studying the bones to find out how long ago the babies died and interrogating family members and talking to neighbors in pursuit of clues about how she did it. They are trying to determine why she did it and who else, if anybody, knew about it or was involved. During the timeline she's given, she lived in the house with her now estranged husband and their three daughters.

  • VIDEO: Full footage of the Nick Collison-Austin Rivers scuffle

    Anthony Slater | Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    Austin Rivers and Nick Collison got into a second-quarter scuffle on Monday night, leading to a double-ejection.

  • Oklahoma AG files anti-discrimination lawsuit

    Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma’s attorney general has filed an anti-discrimination lawsuit against a Miami restaurant and its owner over allegations of sexual harassment of employees. The lawsuit filed Tuesday in Ottawa County District Court is the first legal action filed by the newly formed Office of Civil Rights Enforcement in Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s Office. The lawsuit was filed against Chinese Chef’s Buffet, Inc., and owner Yun Chang. It alleges Chang preyed on waitresses by engaging in sex discrimination, sexual assault and other forms of sexual harassment. Victims of the alleged harassment included women who were living in a shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

  • Oklahoma Senate Oks limits on abortion drug

    By SEAN MURPHY | Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to further restrict the use of abortion-inducing drugs in Oklahoma in a bill written in direct response to a recent state Supreme Court decision. The Senate voted 37-5 for the bill that now heads to Gov. Mary Fallin, who previously signed a similar measure. The bill would prohibit off-label uses of certain abortion-inducing drugs by requiring doctors to administer the drugs only in accordance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration protocol. A similar bill was approved by the Legislature and signed in 2011, but that measure was declared unconstitutional by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, which ruled that it effectively banned all drug-induced abortions in

  • Appeals court rules in favor of fired Oklahoma police officer

    BY RHETT MORGAN, TULSA WORLD | Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    A veteran Owasso police officer fired in 2011 because he violated the department’s use-of-force policy has won an appeal that asked the city to enforce an arbitrator’s decision to reinstate him. In a decision filed Tuesday, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals reversed a January 2013 Tulsa County decision by Associate District Judge Dana Kuehn, who found that reinstating Mike Denton would pose “a special risk of injury, physical and psychological, to citizens and, if he is allowed reinstatement, the department will be faced with explaining why Owasso allows abusive conduct by its officers, which is against the law.” Presiding Judge Larry Joplin wrote the majority opinion for the appellate court. Judge Robert Bell concurred and William C. Hetherington Jr. dissented.

  • Suspect in Kansas shootings faces murder charges

    Updated: 9 hr ago

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — The white supremacist charged in shootings that left three people dead at two Jewish community sites in suburban Kansas City made his first court appearance Tuesday. Wearing a dark, sleeveless anti-suicide smock, Frazier Glenn Cross sat in a wheelchair as he was escorted to a video room for the hearing. He stood under his own power to face the judge, crossing his arms and speaking only when answering routine questions from the judge. He requested a court-appointed lawyer. Cross is being held on $10 million bond and his next court appearance is scheduled for April 24.

  • 5 Things to Know about Tax Day

    Updated: 9 hr ago

    The deadline for filing taxes is midnight Tuesday. Here are five things to consider as the deadline nears. 1. YOU MAY NOT FACE MUCH OF A DEADLINE If you're due a refund — and about three-quarters of filers typically are — missing the April 15 deadline will not get you in trouble. Penalties for late filing apply only to people who owe money. 2. WHAT IF YOU JUST CAN'T GET IT DONE IN TIME? The IRS allows taxpayers to file for extensions, giving them an additional six months. However, those who owe money must pay at least 90 percent of the total by midnight on the 15th to avoid a failure-to-pay penalty. 3.

  • Oklahoma House passes state trooper pay raise bill

    Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma House has given final passage to legislation to raise the salaries of Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers. The House voted 94-0 without debate Tuesday and sent the bill to Gov. Mary Fallin to be signed into law. The measure was previously approved by the state Senate. The bill by Rep. Scott Martin of Norman provides for an across-the-board pay raise for troopers and is based on the recommendations of a recent study on state employee compensation. That study shows troopers should receive a pay raise of between 14 percent and 20 percent. Officials say the bill would cost about $8.5 million annually when fully implemented. A starting trooper is currently paid about $38,000 a year.