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Richard Hall is an award-winning newsroom developer, editor and blogger for NewsOK. He was born in Austin, Texas, spent his childhood in southern California and has lived in Norman since 1999. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2008.

  • What if America's money celebrated scientific history?

    What if America\'s money celebrated scientific...

    Richard Hall | Updated: Thu, Apr 21, 2016

    As you all have heard by now, American paper currency is getting a historic makeover: Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson as the face of the $20 bill. One discussion on reddit has people talking about what American paper money would look like if it also celebrated scientific history.  I love the idea, and the design that artist Travis Purrington came up with a couple of years ago is absolutely beautiful.

  • 6 facts about Oklahoma's earthquakes

    6 facts about Oklahoma\'s earthquakes

    Richard Hall | Updated: Tue, Mar 29, 2016

    Who would've thought Oklahoma would ever be known for its earthquakes? Yet, here we are, us Okies, in the quake capital of the nation. Here are 6 things to know about Oklahoma's earthquake problem. 6. Logan County Logan County has had the most earthquakes since recording began in 1931. As of this writing, the number stands at 389. Yet the United States Geological Survey says Logan County has a low quake risk.

  • 8 reasons why Oklahoma women have it tough

    8 reasons why Oklahoma women have it tough

    Richard Hall | Updated: Mon, Mar 7, 2016

    Like any state, Oklahoma has its ups and downs. But a new study shows the state is one of the worst for women. Here are 8 reasons why Oklahoma ranks as the 9th worst state for women. 8. Voting Oklahoma ranks 48th in the nation for the percentage of women who voted in the 2012 presidential election. This is due in part to lack of online voter information tools and the fact that politicians vying for the presidency didn't spend a lot of money on advertising in the state.

  • 30 of the most controversial things Donald Trump has ever said

    30 of the most controversial things Donald...

    Richard Hall | Updated: Thu, Feb 25, 2016

    Whether or not you support Donald Trump's bid for the American presidency, we can all agree the man has said some truly controversial things over the years. And perhaps part of his allure is that he simply doesn't care, which might explain why he's leading the polls in Oklahoma by a staggering amount. In preparation for the Donald's rally at the Cox Convention Center tonight, here are 25 of the most controversial things Trump has ever said. 30. On his smarts Sorry

  • 10 Kevin Durant quotes that will inspire you

    10 Kevin Durant quotes that will inspire you

    Richard Hall | Updated: Thu, Feb 11, 2016

    Kevin Durant is one of our state's favorite people. When he's not leading the Thunder on the court, he's leading by example in the community, and we love him for all of it. And, he has a way with words. He seems to know the exact thing to say at the most proper time. So, let's take a look at 10 times Kevin Durant said something that inspired us. 10. On character

  • 5 ways Oklahoma is an unsafe state

    5 ways Oklahoma is an unsafe state

    Richard Hall | Updated: Mon, Feb 1, 2016

    As much as we might love Oklahoma, we can all agree it has some room for improvement. WalletHub recently ranked the nation's safest states to live in (including the District of Columbia) and Oklahoma came way at the bottom of the list at 49th. They used five dimensions to determine the rankings: financial safety, road safety, workplace safety, natural disasters, and home and community safety. What factors caused this beautiful yet obviously flawed place to rank so low? Let's take a look. 5.

  • Stillwater tops Norman in 'best cities for football' list

    Stillwater tops Norman in \'best cities for...

    Richard Hall | Updated: Tue, Feb 2, 2016

    OSU fans rejoice, OU fans grumble: Stillwater routs Norman on the list of best cities for football in 2015. While neither city cracked the top 50 in the 245-city list, Stillwater came in at No. 92 and Norman was ranked 167 in the recent WalletHub findings. Tulsa wasn't far behind at 195. The number crunchers looked at 18 metrics, including fan engagement, ticket prices, and the number of pro and college football teams and performances. And, because of that, don't be too bummed about these Oklahoma cities not being closer to the top of the list since the state lacks an NFL team.

  • Coconut technology is off the charts these days

    Coconut technology is off the charts these days

    Richard Hall | Updated: Fri, Jan 29, 2016

    If you're a fan of coconut water but don't live in the United Kingdom, then you might grow a little jealous after you feast your eyes on this: That there is a genuine coconut with a pull top, like what you find on soda cans across the world. It's made by Marks & Spencer and is currently only available in the UK for about $4.25. That's not a bad deal considering the flesh is still consumable/usable once all the water is sitting in your gut.