• Report: Sam Bradford-Eagles extension talks break down

    Updated: Wed, Sep 9, 2015

    Sam Bradford is betting on himself. The former OU quarterback and the Philadelphia Eagles have tabled talks of a contract extension which would attempt to commit him to the team beyond this season, according to ESPN reports. ESPN's Ed Werder writes that a source says "incredible preseason success changed the negotiating dynamics." Following an offseason trade to the Eagles from the St. Louis Rams, Bradford has looked sharp in a small sample size this preseason, completing 13-of-15 passes (86.7 percent) for 156 yards to go with three touchdowns and no interceptions. Bradford is set to make $12.95 million this year, the final year of his originally rookie contract from the Rams, when he was drafted No. 1 overall in 2010.

  • Seahawks' Bennett calls out Sam Bradford, mediocre quarterbacks as protected, overpaid

    Published: Tue, Aug 25, 2015

    Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett made it clear Tuesday that he isn't a fan of the inflated market for NFL quarterbacks. He's also not fond of the way some of them react to getting hit. Former OU quarterback Sam Bradford falls into both categories for Bennett, who is wrangling for a new contract.  During an interview with Brock and Salk  on 719 ESPN Seattle on Tuesday, Bennett said that "quarterback is the only position in the NFL you can be mediocre at and get paid," using quarterbacks such as Philadelphia's Bradford and Miami's Ryan Tannehill as examples. "At every other position, you can't be mediocre," Bennett said. "If I was Ryan Tannehill and the most games I ever won was seven, how could you get a $100 million for that? I guess that's the value of the position." Bennett then brought up Bradford, who has been the focus of a controversial play involving Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. In a preseason game last Saturday, Suggs was flagged for roughing the passer on a hit on Bradford  that was later deemed a legal play by the NFL . Bradford was playing in his first game since tearing his ACL in 2014 playing for the St. Louis Rams. "There's some mediocre quarterbacks in the NFL that make a lot of money," Bennett said. "You take a guy like Sam Bradford -- he's never played really in the last three years, but he's made more money than most guys in the NFL. Bennett continued: "Then quarterbacks get protected more than any other player. I mean, he gets hit in his knees and he's about to cry. 'They hit me in my legs.' Everybody gets hit in their legs. Every play somebody tries to hit me in my legs. So what makes him different? What makes his life better than mine? I've got kids. I've got stuff I like to do on the weekend. But because he gets hit in his legs, he gets a flag. He gets up with a sad face like the world just ended because he got hit. I mean, you got hit in an NFL game. Who cares? Get back up and be like, 'Good job.'"

  • Chip Kelly refutes NFL's interpretation of hit on Sam Bradford

    Published: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Quarterback Sam Bradford was not running a zone-read play when he was hit low by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Monday. In the Ravens-Eagles preseason game on Saturday, Suggs was flagged on the play for a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty, but the NFL came back on Monday and said a flag should not have been thrown on the play. Kelly refuted what NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino called "not a foul by rule." "He said it was a read-option play, but it wasn't a read-option play," Kelly said. "I know our quarterbacks can get hit on a read-option play, but not every run we have is a read-option run. We run sweep, power, counter, trap -- all of those things out of the gun. "Everyone in the league runs shotgun runs. Are they going to hit every quarterback in the league when they hand off in the shotgun? That's up to the league. I think it would be troubling for the league if every quarterback in the shotgun can be hit." The play has drawn up more controversy than most low hits, considering Bradford was playing in his first game in a year since tearing his ACL playing for the St. Louis Rams in the 2014 preseason.

  • Hit on Sam Bradford a legal play, according to the NFL

    Published: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs says Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford left himself open to a big hit by running the read option in Saturday's preseason game. Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters believes Suggs intentionally targeted Bradford's knees. The NFL has determined that the hit was OK. NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said Monday that Suggs' hit on Bradford was a legal play and shouldn't have resulted in a flag. Bradford's had two ACL surgeries since entering the league in 2010. Suggs says the Eagles shouldn't put their quarterback with an injury history at risk by running a read-option offense. "When you run the read option, you have to know the rules," Suggs said, via  The Baltimore Sun . "If you want to run the read option with your starting quarterback that's had two knee surgeries, that's on you. That's not my responsibility to update you on the rule."

  • Report: Bradford 'in control' in Eagles practice | Philly.com

    Published: Thu, Aug 20, 2015

    Sam Bradford had a few red-zone struggles, but reportedly had a strong final full practice before Saturday's preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. In the second of three joint workouts this week against the Ravens, Bradford led the Eagles on a nine-play scoring drive against Baltimore's defense in team two-minute drills, according to Philly.com, capped off by a touchdown run by Kenjon Barner. Friday's Eagles practice will be a light workout, so it was Bradford's last chance to get some live work in before his expected preseason debut Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field. Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Thursday he's made no guarantees about playing time on Saturday. Bradford was held out of the Eagles' first preseason game last week against the Indianapolis Colts. 

  • Sam Bradford's accuracy getting Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner comparisons in Eagles camp

    Updated: Thu, Aug 20, 2015

    Kurt Warner-like accuracy coming from Sam Bradford? Hold on. Peyton Manning-like accuracy coming from Sam Bradford? That’s what Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole is hearing out of Philadelphia Eagles camp. The former OU quarterback is apparently making an impression on offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, who is reportedly lumping Bradford’s accuracy in with two of the best to ever throw. “He (Shurmur) believes that Bradford can throw the ball on the move to a receiver and pinpoint it at any time,” Cole said. “All of that has led to great confidence in Bradford as they go through training camp.” That accuracy has yet to reveal itself fully in Bradford’s NFL career. Completion percentage can't be the sole measure of a quarterback's accuracy, but it's an important one. Bradford has a 58.6-percent completion percentage in 49 career games, which ranks him 25th among active quarterbacks . You have to take into account that Bradford hasn’t only played 16 games twice in five seasons, and he’s never played with a Pro Bowl-caliber receiver. In Bradford's time in St. Louis, no player registered more than 800 yards receiving. Bradford was absurdly accurate in college and must be showing flashes of his OU days (64.3 completion percentage) in practice with the Eagles, and that’s a good sign. But Manning and Warner are each tied for fourth all-time in completion percentage (65.5 percent). Lofty comparisons. Maybe Chip Kelly's offense, some good health, better receivers and more reps can help Bradford live up to Shurmur's hype.

  • Sam Bradford won't play in Eagles preseason opener

    Updated: Fri, Aug 14, 2015

    Eagles coach Chip Kelly said he has decided not to play Sam Bradford Sunday in the preseason opener, because he has only been working full-squad for a few weeks. Per Philly.com, Kelly said he thought Bradford was disappointed with the decision to hold him out, but "it wasn't a debate." Bradford will play in the Eagles' second preseason game on Aug. 22 against the Baltimore Ravens. Bradford is in his first training camp since tearing his ACL last preseason with the St. Louis Rams. Bradford has taken first-team reps with the Eagles in preseason camp, but Kelly is being cautious with the former No. 1 overall pick. Will DeMarco Murray play Sunday? Bradford's former OU teammate has missed some practices this week but his status for the first preseason game will be determined at Saturday's practice.