• A Clear Guide To Managing Wires In Your Home

    Brendan Kurie | Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    If you have technology, you have to deal with wires. And sooner or later, those wires entangle with each other to form a kudzu-like mess where they become indistinguishable in a sea of entanglement.

  • Scott Meacham says Oklahoma needs to boost 'deal factories' to move forward in science and technology

    Published: Tue, Aug 25, 2015

    Scott Meacham discusses how additional investors are needed for help those developing innovations.

  • UTEP part of prestigious water treatment grant

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    University of Texas at El Paso academics are part of a multi-university team that received a five-year, $18.5 million National Science Foundation grant to clean drinking water using nanotechnology. UTEP, Rice University, Arizona State University and Yale University will use the grant to establish an Engineering Research Center in Houston to develop cheap, mobile treatment systems that use nanotechnology rather than chemicals to clean water. The systems could be used in rural areas, humanitarian and emergency responses or industrial wastewater reuse, like in oil and gas fields, UTEP project leader Jorge Gardea-Torresdey said. "Drinking water is a very important subject," said Gardea-Torresdey, chairman of UTEP's chemistr

  • Boulder Valley school board eyes putting broadband question on November ballot

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    The Boulder Valley school board on Tuesday will consider asking voters to exempt the district from a 2005 state law that limits local governments and school districts from offering internet services. Boulder Valley owns about 100 miles of high-speed fiber-optic network that could be made available. "Our interest isn't in becoming an internet provider, but in increasing access," said Boulder Valley Superintendent Bruce Messinger. "We have greater capacity than what we need today for schools." The November ballot issue, if approved by the school board and voters, would give the district the authority to offer broadband service to the public.

  • Chinese company acquires Oklahoma City firm Cytovance Biologics

    By Paul Monies Business Writer pmonies@oklahoman.com | Published: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Hepalink USA, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., said the acquisition will allow it to accelerate Cytovance's expansion plans.

  • 3 Scary Reasons You Should Make Sure Spam Filters Are Working

    Veronica Davis | Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Everyone with an email should double check that their spam filters are working, as you never know what scary spam messages will come through and the damage they'll cause. Here are three examples of recent threats.

  • Driverless Construction Truck

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Royal Truck & Equipment Inc., demonstrates its self-driving crash truck, Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, in Bethlehem, Pa. The company's self-driving truck will make its debut at highway construction sites in Florida by the end of the year under a state Department of Transportation pilot program.

  • Video Game Haiku Review - "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition"

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Title: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Format: Xbox One Price: $39.99 Developer: The Coalition/Splash Damage Publisher: Microsoft Studios ESRB Rating: M (Mature, 17+) The Grade: B Gears of War: UE Haiku Review Marcus Fenix rocks Defeat ugly Locust Horde But where is the rest? What’s it all about: The story of “Gears of War” thrusts gamers into a battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a race of creatures that surface from the depths of the planet. Players step into the role of Marcus Fenix, a disgraced former war hero who seeks redemption as he leads his team against an onslaught of warriors from below.

  • Local library is more than books

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    The staff at the local branches of the Eastern Oklahoma District Library System do a lot of things well. They help people. They provide computers, printers, copiers and other equipment and services. They offer meeting rooms, quiet places to read or study, fun spaces with activities for children, and public restrooms. They even provide free wi-fi, with some libraries doing so 24-7 in the parking lots. And, of course, they lend books. Books, magazines, DVD’s, video games, some that patrons can hold in their hands, some they receive via the internet. And members of the library staffs believe that all these services make a difference in the lives of their patrons and the culture of their communities.

  • Elective ultrasounds grow despite FDA warning

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    With advances in technology, many parents-to-be can start bonding with their baby before it is ever born — recording their heartbeat, seeing their face and watching their movements as they happen in 4-D. “Technology is getting better and better and better,” said Barb Jaegle, registered sonographer with Mosaic Life Care with 32 years of experience. “It’s a great field to be involved in.” The growing field of elective, or “keepsake,” ultrasounds can allow parents-to-be to go beyond basic diagnostic 2-D images to get keepsake images and videos, see 3-D and 4-D images and record the baby’s heartbeat.

  • Twitter shuts down 30 sites dedicated to saving politicians' deleted tweets

    Published: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Twitter has shut down a network of sites dedicated to archiving deleted tweets from politicians around the world. The sites — collectively known as Politwoops — were overseen by the Open State Foundation (OSF), which reported that Twitter suspended their API access on Friday, August 21st. Twitter reportedly told the OSF that its decision was the result of "thoughtful internal deliberation and close consideration of a number of factors," and that the social media site didn't distinguish between politicians and regular users. "Imagine how nerve-racking — terrifying, even — tweeting would be if it was immutable and irrevocable?" Twitter reportedly told the OSF. "No one user is more deserving of that ability than another. Indeed, deleting a tweet is an expression of the user’s voice."

  • Wiz Khalifa forced to the floor and handcuffed for riding a ‘hoverboard’

    Published: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Rapper Wiz Khalifa was forced to the ground and handcuffed at Los Angeles international airport on Saturday after refusing to dismount his "hover board" — a self-balancing, two-wheeled scooter. Video footage posted to Twitter and Instagram shows Khalifa talking with US customs officials before being pushed to the floor and handcuffed by three officers. The officers can be heard telling the rapper to "stop resisting" multiple times, with Khalifa calmly replying "I'm not resisting sir, I'm not resisting." Khalifa later tweeted about the incident, saying: "All because I didn't want to ditch the technogy [sic] everyone will be using in the next 6 months. Do what you want kids." He later added: "I stand for our generation and our generation is gonna be riding hover boards so if you don't like it eat a dick!"

  • Ashley Madison Hack: Islamic preacher Hamza Tzortzis 'found' on leaked list

    Published: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    Islamic preacher Hamza Andreas Tzortzis has been allegedly "named" on the leaked list of members of the adult website Ashley Madison. However, the well-known preacher has denied that the account belonged to him. Tzortzis has also denied signing up for an account on Ashely Madison, the infidelity dating website -- which was recently attacked by hackers who leaked the names of hundreds of thousands of its members -- and said that it was a conspiracy by hackers to defame him. Tzortzis, a member of the Islamic Education and Research Academy, is known for his debates with atheist Richard Dawkins.

  • San Juan College library pilots mobile hotspot program

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    FARMINGTON — The San Juan College library is implementing a pilot program to loan mobile hotspots to students without Internet access at their homes. The library purchased 10 mobile hotspots and data plans for college students to use for a week at a time, allowing them to research and access library resources away from campus. The pilot program was started during the summer and will continue as classes start Monday. Director of Library Services Christopher Schipper said he sees students working in the student lounge outside the library and other common areas late at night to finish work they can't accomplish at home.

  • 3 easy steps to upgrade your computer to the latest operating system

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    (BPT) - When it comes to your computer it’s a PC or Apple. And, if you have a PC, your machine runs on a Microsoft operating system. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re in luck because the new Windows 10 is finally here and there are plenty of reasons to love this new operating system. “Microsoft combined the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8,” says tech guru, Mario Armstrong. Windows 10 has been designed to offer you optimal performance on every device it runs so you can enjoy a Windows 7-like experience when using your computer or a Windows 8 experience on your mobile device.

  • Hunt ISD OKs technology initiative

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    HUNT — Hunt Independent School District students will have the option to own their Apple iPads thanks to the Anytime, Anywhere Technology initiative. Last year, HISD students used the device as a learning tool through a technology-based curriculum the schools provide, while the devices remained on campus. “Our goal is to get one-to-one, and where every kid has access to a tablet,” said superintendent Crystal Dockery. The board of trustees voted unanimously Thursday to approve the program. Starting today, all students will be considered first-year participants. This means for a yearly fee of $50, which goes toward the total price of the iPad and insurance, students will have full access to the device bo

  • DERMALOG Honored With Biometrics Prize

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR DERMALOG IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS GmbH - This image released on Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, shows the biometric installation from Germany’s largest biometrics manufacturer, DERMALOG, which has successfully registered over 18 million bank customers in Nigeria. The consulting company Frost & Sullivan has awarded DERMALOG, and its customized solutions and products for Africa, with the “2015 African Biometrics Company of the Year Award”. More information at http://www.apassignments.com/newsaktuell.

  • Thailand Explosion

    Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    In his image provided by Initium Media Technology, Hong Kong journalist Hok Chun Anthony Kwan sits in a cell Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, after he was detained Sunday at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, for carrying body armor and a helmet onto a flight bound for Hong Kong. Kwan, who was in Bangkok covering the aftermath of last week's bombing, is being charged with possessing an illegal weapon, which carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

  • MoDOT brainstorming highway of the future

    Updated: Sun, Aug 23, 2015

    Solar panels, energy harvesting and truck platooning are just some of the high-tech ideas that may be studied by state highway officials in search of future innovations for Missouri’s roads. The Missouri Department of Transportation is currently soliciting suggestions from industry, institutions and individuals that could lead to new technologies in constructing highways. In early June, the agency announced it is seeking proposals that could be used in a laboratory setting, for building the first part of what might eventually turn out to be a future Interstate 70. The initiative has been named “Road to Tomorrow.

  • Going viral: Boulder Valley companies in the heat of battle to improve tools and treatments for a host of deadly outbreaks

    Updated: Sun, Aug 23, 2015

    At Boulder-based ViroCyt LLC, a bioscience start-up, the mission is to help drug companies, the government agencies that regulate them, and sometimes the government's own fighters, count viruses. Fast. For Broomfield-based Corgenix, the job is all about helping aid workers in the field use a sort of instant litmus-test to screen for the presence of the wildly contagious ebola virus. At Crystal Diagnostics, another Broomfield bioscience firm, the work centers on a machine that uses liquid-crystals and light to identify not just the presence of Ebola, but other viruses as well.