• China says 'harmful info' must be managed after VPNs blocked

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    BEIJING (AP) — Responding to reports that China is blocking VPN services that let users jump the Great Firewall, an Internet official said Tuesday that "harmful information" must be managed. Wen Ku, director of telecoms development at the Ministry of Industry and Information, declined to elaborate on what "harmful" meant and did not respond directly to allegations by tech companies and specialists over the past week that China has been blocking some virtual private network services. "In China, internet development must follow Chinese laws and regulations. Certain harmful information should be managed according to Chinese laws," he told a news conference. He also said that China would introduce new Internet regulatory

  • Family of missing Tech student Gordon Fang-Wong headed to California with money, weapons

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    The parents of formerly missing Texas Tech student Gordon Fang-Wong are currently en route to California in the hopes of rescuing the 19-year-old from what they fear is a cult. Hon Wong, Fang-Wong’s father, contacted local media Sunday evening to report he and his wife were traveling to the West Coast after receiving several confusing phone calls and messages from his son. Wong said he is bringing guns and money with him to protect himself and aid his son’s return. “If you disappeared, and someone put you in that situation, wouldn’t you want your parents or loved ones to get you out?” Wong said. On Monday, officials with the Dallas division of the FBI said they were planning to investigate Wong’s situation f

  • ‘Orthopedic Capital Of The World’ Is Still Hiring Despite Health Law Tax  

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    WARSAW, Ind. – Tom Till eyes the morning’s email to see who’s angling to hire his students: A local employer, which had already hired 23 people in less than a year, says it needs three more to help make the artificial hips, knees and other devices manufactured here in the self-proclaimed “Orthopedic Capital of the World.” “Everyone is going gangbusters,” said Till, who oversees an advanced manufacturing program at Ivy Tech Community College in this lake-dotted region two hours north of Indianapolis. Till’s bullish view of the medical device industry – he says he can’t crank out graduates fast enough — contrasts sharply with what industry lobbyists are telling lawmakers in the nation’s capital. They say

  • ATK Iuka a player in NASA's plan for deep space exploration

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    IUKA, Miss. (AP) — ATK Iuka played a significant role in the recent historic NASA Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 to deep space. The Tishomingo County manufacturer produced four large composite ogive panels for the crew capsule and 14 other large composite structures for the Delta IV Heavy rocket for the mission. The ogive panels are the exterior skin of the crew module that provides protection from the extreme temperatures of space. "The mission marked a major milestone toward America's new exploration journey to deep space," said Bryan Warren, Sr. Communications Manager for ATK. "We're quite proud to be a part of the journey.

  • The drone debate hits close to home for White House

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — The drone-control debate has hit uncomfortably close to home for the White House, thanks to an apparently hapless operator who sent his quadcopter crashing inside the presidential compound. Questions persist about why the night-owl drone operator would be flying it within range of the White House at 3 a.m. but the Secret Service's early investigation suggested he meant no harm. Even so, the crash inside the compound Monday pointed to the risk of increasingly commonplace drones penetrating the presidential security bubble, with more dangerous intent. And it highlighted the challenge of setting controls on this expanding frontier.

  • Japan turns to 'I am Kenji' Facebook page on hostage crisis

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    TOKYO (AP) — The plight of freelance journalist Kenji Goto, taken captive by Islamic State group militants, has gripped Japan, and the people's hopes for his safety are now on Facebook with a simple, unifying plea: "I am Kenji." The video, posted online last week, showing Goto and another Japanese hostage, has dominated mainstream media here, a peaceful and relatively crime-free nation unaccustomed to such violence. But as government officials made stately pronouncements on TV news, regular people were taking action of their own — online, with some rallying to Goto's support and others mocking the terrorists with images — in a quiet but massive show of defiance.

  • University of Arkansas offers culinary training program

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — A new multidisciplinary program at the University of Arkansas will offer students a unique learning experience in France. The Experiential Learning in Culinary Sciences program has two options. They include a full semester during the spring, which is already under way, and a 10-week summer program, which is now accepting student applications. Both programs feature an intensive one-week French language course, and three weeks of culinary and food innovation workshops followed by an internship with a restaurant or in the food industry, depending on the students' major. Classes include areas related to food science, food supply and food services. The program is open to all students.

  • Facebook suffers outage affecting users worldwide

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    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Facebook suffered a widespread outage lasting roughly 40 minutes on Tuesday affecting users in the United States, Asia, the U.K. and Australia. The social media giant's Instagram service was also briefly inaccessible. A South Korea public relations company that represents Facebook said the company was "working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible." It did not explain what caused the outage. Facebook has about 1.25 billion users and Instagram has some 300 million. News of the Facebook outage set rival social network Twitter alight. It comes ahead of Facebook reporting its quarterly earnings on Wednesday. As access to Facebook returned in Asia, some users reported tha

  • After roughly 40 minute outage, Facebook again accessible in US, Asia, other regions

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    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — After roughly 40 minute outage, Facebook again accessible in US, Asia, other regions.

  • Study gauges states on preparation for innovation economy, and finds Oklahoma lacking

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    Earlier this month, I wrote about Oklahoma’s overall ranking in the 2014 State New Economy Index, a study based on 25 key indicators produced by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. A quick refresh: In the report, Oklahoma was ranked 48th. The report is a data-driven view of the problem that many of us who live and breathe innovation as the path to expanded jobs and wealth in Oklahoma battle every day. But frankly, it was disconcerting surprise that only two states — Mississippi and West Virginia, homes to coal mines and those annoying kudzu plants — ranked lower than Oklahoma. Adams Nager, an economic research assistant at the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation and author of the report,

  • Technology briefs for Jan. 27

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    Oklahoma briefs Back40 Design garners honors Edmond-based Back40 Design has been named the 2014 Small Business of the Year at the Edmond Chamber’s annual awards banquet. Back40 Design provides web marketing services and publishes Outlook magazine, both of which emphasize promoting nonprofit and community efforts. “It’s such an honor to even be nominated for the award, but really it’s not just about us — it’s for all the small businesses in Edmond because we are the backbone of our economy,” Back40 Owner Dave Miller said. IMWell Health set to build clinic Fort Smith, Ark.-based IMWell Health said Monday it will build a new clinic at 6912 E Reno in Midwest City.

  • Facebook's Instagram service says it is aware of outage and is working on a fix

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    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Facebook's Instagram service says it is aware of outage and is working on a fix.

  • Facebook suffers widespread outage affecting users in United States, Asia

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Facebook suffers widespread outage affecting users in United States, Asia.

  • NET SMARTS: Lamar students learn online safety

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    Lamar Elementary students recently learned how to use their net smarts. They participated in an interactive program presented by Rebecca Lake, outreach coordinator for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, about staying safe online and in the real world. The center, which works with law enforcement, families and professionals on issues related to missing or exploited children, notes 80 percent of children age 5 and under go online at least once per week, and during the program, the show of hands from the kindergarten and first grade students at Lamar, seemed to show they were fairly active online. During the presentation, the students told Lake they liked to play games, read jokes, watch videos and lis

  • Border Protection lends a hand for Super Bowl security

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    GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Black Hawk helicopters and truck-sized X-ray machines that are typically deployed along the U.S.-Mexico border have been brought to the Super Bowl venue to assist with the security effort. U.S. Customs and Border Protection showed off the technology Monday as it helps with Super Bowl security. Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske was on hand for a demonstration of the agency's Black Hawks and large mobile X-ray machines that are used to detect contraband and explosives. The helicopters and X-ray machines are from Tucson and Nogales, some of the busiest spots in the nation for the smuggling of drugs and immigrants. Kerlikowske said Arizona's border with Mexico still has adequate security while some eq

  • France’s state-owned rail company may invest in Texas’ bullet train

    Updated: 10 hr ago

    FORT WORTH, Texas — A company that operates France’s national high-speed rail network is exploring a possible investment in Texas bullet trains. “We’re here to listen, learn and evaluate,” Alain Leray, president and chief executive of SNCF America Inc., said Monday during a visit to downtown Fort Worth. Leray and a colleague with SNCF, France’s state-owned railway company, attended a two-hour meeting of the Texas high-speed rail commission and later met privately with officials planning the project. The high-speed rail commission was formed a little more than a year ago by the Texas Department of Transportation to plan for a possible bullet train network connecting Houston, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Aus

  • Manfred knows he'll get hit as commish _ his name is on ball

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    NEW YORK (AP) — Rob Manfred knows he'll get pounded now that he's baseball commissioner — his name is printed in blue script on the sweet spot between the seams of every big league ball. "Probably good if I get hit hard," he said, smiling and laughing, during an interview with The Associated Press. "A little more offense. We don't have to deal with that issue." Manfred's desk on the 31st floor of baseball's Park Avenue offices was tidy on Monday morning, the first business day after he succeeded Bud Selig and started a five-year term as commissioner. Having worked for MLB since 1998 as an executive vice president and then as chief operating officer, he didn't have to move into a new office.

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  • Fort Worth science museum gets $1 million gift

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    A $1 million donation will enable the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History to focus on new technology for its digital learning programs. Museum officials said they hope to raise another $1 million to match the donation from the Kleinheinz Family Foundation, which was announced Monday. The money will go toward upgrading technology for the institution’s science, math and language literacy programs, which run from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, along with its public programs for families and adults. “The gift is really a vote of confidence relative to our five-year strategic plan,” museum President Van A. Romans said. “There are a number of things going on and one of the things we have to address is technol