Tiffany Gibson
Digital News Assistant Enterprise Editor

Tiffany Gibson has worked for the Oklahoman since August 2011 and is a member of the enterprise team and digital desk. In addition to writing and web editing, she also creates multimedia features for the website and maintains social media accounts. A Tennessee native, Tiffany is a Lady Vols fan and rollergirl.

  • Writer’s Room - College and Mental Health Challenges

    BY TIFFANY GIBSON, | Updated: Tue, Dec 8, 2015

    The percentage of young adults reporting significant mental health problems has tripled since the 1980s. Enterprise intern Bradon Long talks about his recent story on college students dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Writer's Room - The Value Of Volunteering

    BY TIFFANY GIBSON, | Updated: Wed, Nov 25, 2015

    Why do Oklahomans volunteer? Which organizations need the most help and when? Enterprise reporter Matt Patterson talks about his upcoming story on volunteering and how you can get involved during the holidays and throughout the year.

  • What are you thankful for?

    BY TIFFANY GIBSON, | Updated: Wed, Nov 25, 2015

    What are you thankful for? We asked a few people in downtown Oklahoma City to write down what they're thankful for this holiday season.

  • Trivia Tuesday: Thanksgiving traditions, Oklahoma history

    Tiffany Gibson,Linda Lynn | Updated: Tue, Nov 24, 2015

    We put a few people to the test for a special Thanksgiving edition of Trivia Tuesday. Watch the video above to see how they did. You can also play along and post your answers in the comments below.  Questions compiled by Ed Godfrey Q1: What traditional Thanksgiving day dessert is part of Oklahoma’s official state meal? a. Pumpkin Pie b. Pecan Pie c. Sweet Potato Pie d. Mince Meat Pie Q2: What year was the Thanksgiving Day “Game of the Century” between OU and Nebraska? a. 1915 b. 1950 c. 1987 d. 1971 Q3: What is Oklahoma’s state game bird?

  • Share your fall foliage photos with us!

    Tiffany Gibson | Updated: Mon, Nov 23, 2015

    The holidays are right around the corner, the cold is creeping in and the leaves are changing, so let's see some fall foliage photos before it's too late. Tag your photos with #OKFallFoliage on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter through Nov. 25 for a chance to win a $50 gift card from Bedford Camera & Video. We're giving away five to our top winners. And, we'll even run some of the photos in The Oklahoman and feature them in a gallery on

Tiffany Gibson Sun, May. 01 2016 09:43:46 PM CST Plural Eyes is changing my life on this latest project. 🎬❤️🎬
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Tiffany Gibson Sun, May. 01 2016 03:30:07 PM CST RT @UndiscoveredVid: #GoProSummer is back! This week we talk about using an egg timer to create moving timelapses h
Tiffany Gibson Fri, Apr. 29 2016 12:28:48 PM CST Pt 2: "That she needed more rest or wanted to stay home to attend one of her daughter's recitals.." So wrong. 😞 😞
Tiffany Gibson Fri, Apr. 29 2016 12:26:49 PM CST Wow. "In what is a further insult, USA Basketball seemed to hope she would then opt to say this was all her choice."
Tiffany Gibson Fri, Apr. 29 2016 12:26:17 PM CST USABasketball's failure to offer answers fuels speculation around Candace Parker's exclusion
Tiffany Gibson Fri, Apr. 29 2016 08:58:47 AM CST @stevelackmeyer Nevermind. Enjoy your trip.
Tiffany Gibson Fri, Apr. 29 2016 08:46:21 AM CST @stevelackmeyer Chatting today?
Tiffany Gibson Thu, Apr. 28 2016 03:10:45 PM CST deadCenter Film Festival announces official 2016 selections
Tiffany Gibson Wed, Apr. 27 2016 09:15:48 AM CST RT @IndianaFever: .@Catchin24 is headed to Rio! This is the fourth time Catchings has made the Olympic team. #RoadToRio #USABWNT https://t.
Tiffany Gibson Wed, Apr. 27 2016 09:11:49 AM CST Wow. I can't believe @Candace_Parker isn't on this team. Very disappointing.
Tiffany Gibson Tue, Apr. 26 2016 08:32:55 PM CST @steven4220 @NWSNorman @NewsOK @okmesonet 74 mph winds at 810 pm
Tiffany Gibson Tue, Apr. 26 2016 06:30:24 PM CST RT @ounwcm: 630pm - low level wind shear increasing central OK. Could lead to increased tornado potential next few hours. Stay alert!!
Tiffany Gibson Tue, Apr. 26 2016 02:25:17 PM CST RT @NewsOK: Suffer from storm-related anxiety? Help is available #okwx
Tiffany Gibson Tue, Apr. 26 2016 11:20:12 AM CST @mkimball011 That is unbelievable. Oh well. Time to get ready to dominate this season. #GOSparks
Tiffany Gibson Tue, Apr. 26 2016 10:52:34 AM CST @mkimball011 WHAT?!! 😡😡😠😠 SHE'S ONE OF THE BEST IN THE GAME!
Tiffany Gibson Sun, Apr. 24 2016 09:36:03 AM CST RT @UndiscoveredVid: This week we look at footage from our fight choreography rehearsal: #actionfilm #filmmaking ht
Tiffany Gibson Sat, Apr. 23 2016 05:49:05 PM CST Just wrapped the longest day of shooting so far on our latest short film. Huzzah! Now, nap time.
Tiffany Gibson Sat, Apr. 23 2016 05:18:22 AM CST Early morning shoot got me like 😴💤💤 #FilmLife
Tiffany Gibson Fri, Apr. 22 2016 11:11:17 AM CST RT @NewsOK: Harkins Bricktown 16 to show Prince's "Purple Rain"