• Kentucky broadcasters honored at AP journalism awards

    Updated: 9 hr ago

    LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — The Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters announced its News Excellence Awards for 2014 Saturday night in Lexington.

  • Nearly 17 million watch Jenner interview

    Updated: 15 hr ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — Former Olympian Bruce Jenner reached an audience of just under 17 million people for his declaration in an ABC News interview that he identifies as a woman. The Nielsen company said Saturday 16.9 million viewers watched the interview on ABC's "20/20" newscast Friday night. The audience was the biggest for a non-sports show on a Friday night since 2003, which would exclude Olympics broadcasts. Friday is generally a light night for television viewing because so many people have plans outside the house. It was also the biggest audience for ABC's "20/20" newscast on a Friday night in 15 years. Nielsen said viewership peaked just after 10 p.m. with 17.2 million viewers.

  • Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender, says 'I am a woman'

    Updated: 16 hr ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — Former Olympian Bruce Jenner reached an audience of just under 17 million people for his declaration in an ABC News interview that he identifies as a woman. The Nielsen company said Saturday it was the biggest audience for a non-sports show on a Friday night since 2003, which would exclude Olympics broadcasts. Friday is generally a light night for television viewing because so many people have plans outside the house. It was also the biggest audience for ABC's "20/20" newscast on a Friday night in 15 years. Nielsen said viewership peaked just after 10 p.m. with 17.2 million viewers. Nielsen Social also estimated that there were 972,000 tweets sent Friday night about the Jenner interview.

  • Bruce Jenner: My brain is more female than male

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner told the world that "for all intents and purposes, I am a woman" in an extraordinary television interview aired Friday about gender confusion he first felt as a youngster trying on his mother's and sister's dresses. The 1976 decathlon champion, known better to a new generation as the patriarch of television's omnipresent Kardashian clan, took out his ponytail to let his long hair flow past his shoulders. "I'm not this bad person," said Jenner, who hoped the two-hour interview could help others struggling with gender identity issues. "I'm just doing what I have to do." The E! Entertainment network announced that Jenner would be part of a documentary series about the

  • 'Watch out, Russians': Wright gives ambassador 'power dress'

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — "House of Cards" star Robin Wright has given the real-life U.S. ambassador to the United Nations a "power dress" fitting of the name. In the latest season of the popular Netflix series, Wright plays the ambassador role that Samantha Power takes on every day. The two spoke together Friday at the Women in the World conference, and Wright pulled out one of her dresses from the show and tossed it to the ambassador. Power laughed and said, "Watch out, Russians." She added, "I think I would be more effective if I had Claire Underwood's wardrobe." The two discussed their interests in Africa, particularly the Congo.

  • Redskins WR DeSean Jackson set to appear on BET reality show

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson is coming to reality TV. He'll be the focus of a BET show premiering in June called "DeSean Jackson: Home Team." The network says Friday that the premise of the show is that Jackson's "life is actually run by a core group of women, including his 'momager' Gayle, his sister and assistant A'Dreea, his publicist Denise and his new girlfriend, Kayla." BET adds that this group of women is "determined to keep DeSean on the straight and narrow, which is something that he desperately needs." Jackson has played seven NFL seasons, the first six with the Philadelphia Eagles. He led the Redskins last season with 1,169 yards receiving and six touchdown catches.

  • Kardashian family to watch Bruce Jenner's interview together

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Kim Kardashian says her family plans to watch Bruce Jenner's Friday night TV interview as they do most things, which is together. Kardashian told reporters in New York at Friday's Variety Power of Women event — where she was being honored along with Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn Close and Rachel Weisz — that people assume there's a divide in her family, which isn't true. "We always support each other. Our family is super supportive of everything that we do and you know we're gonna watch the special tonight and support Bruce and watch it with him tonight." Jenner's two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer is set to air on ABC at 9 p.m. EDT Friday. Kardashian said she planned to catch a fligh

  • Sawyer Sweeten of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' dies at 19

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Sawyer Sweeten, who played one of Ray Romano's twin sons in the CBS comedy "Everybody Loves Raymond," has died. He was 19. Sweeten killed himself, his sister Madylin Sweeten, said in a statement. There were no other details. Madylin, and Sawyer's twin brother Sullivan, all played the children in the sitcom's fictional Barone family. The hit comedy aired for nine seasons before ending in 2005. Sawyer Sweeten was a toddler when the series began. In a statement Madylin, who is four years older than Sawyer, said the family was requesting privacy. "We beg of you to reach out to the ones that you love," she said. "Let them have no doubt of what they mean to you.

  • Ducking the spotlight, some stars decide to skip NFL draft

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    The hat-and-hug routine with the NFL commissioner that has become a rite of passage for many college football stars on draft night is not for everybody. The waiting is the hardest part, even for players good enough to be invited to the draft, and some prefer to do it away from the ever-present eyes of a national television audience. "I know that the draft is really a great event and a great thing to go to," said University of Pittsburgh offensive tackle T.J. Clemmings, a potential first-round pick who declined an invitation to attend the draft in Chicago next week. "It also can be pretty stressful. Nobody knows where they're going to go. But the wait, I'd rather have that wait with my friends and family here at home in New Je

  • Fox to show Supercross live on its main network

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    Motocross' television coverage roughly 20 years ago typically came a week after the race, unless a local station came out to the track to do a story. About 10 years ago, the sport came a little closer to TV relevance when the races were shown on a one-day delay, then took a huge step in 2013 when competition went on live TV. The evolution of motocross makes a mammoth move Saturday afternoon, when the Supercross race at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, will be carried on Fox, the first time the sport will be shown live on a major network. "It's been a long history of us trying to steer the direction of Supercross to get here," said Ken Hudgens, COO of Feld Motor Sports, which operates Supercross.

  • MLB's pace of play initiatives felt in TV production too

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    When Phil Orlins produced "Sunday Night Baseball," a clock started ticking down in his head the moment the last out ended an inning. Now, a real timer counts down in the ballpark during commercial breaks. The networks televising Major League Baseball games always had to weigh whether they could squeeze in one more replay or anecdote before the next pitch. Starting this season, they must factor in the sport's renewed efforts to speed up play. To the viewer at home, the initial impact is barely perceptible: an announcer wrapping up an inning a bit more succinctly after the third out, or a graphic not shown until a foul ball. Commercial breaks remain the same lengths, but teams now face a deadline for the first pitch of the next

  • Jake Tapper to host Sunday program on CNN

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Jake Tapper will take over as host of CNN's Sunday morning public affairs program "State of the Union" in June. The former ABC newsman, who hosts a weekday afternoon program on CNN, replaces Candy Crowley. She left CNN in December and a rotating series of substitutes has been filling in ever since. CNN chief Jeff Zucker on Friday called Tapper a "terrific interviewer who doesn't stop until he gets answers." It's a time of transition for the Sunday shows. CBS' Bob Schieffer just announced his retirement and he'll be replaced by John Dickerson this summer, and Chuck Todd took over last year on NBC's "Meet the Press.

  • Comcast deal may be dead, but cable consolidation will go on

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Even though Comcast's $45.2 billion bid for Time Warner Cable is dead, consolidation among the companies that pipe in our TV, phone and Internet will carry on. Combining the No. 1 and No. 2 U.S. cable companies would have put nearly 30 percent of TV and about 55 percent of broadband subscribers under one roof, along with NBCUniversal. That appeared to be too much concentration for regulators. Comcast and Time Warner Cable said Friday morning that they would drop the deal in the face of opposition from regulators. But cable companies are likely to keep merging as online video options proliferate, the number of cable and satellite TV subscribers slips and costs rise for the shows, sports and movies piped

  • Oprah's household items going to highest bidder

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    CHICAGO (AP) — Oprah Winfrey is selling the furniture, artwork, household items and clothing that once filled her Chicago home. In the market for size 10 yellow patent leather designer shoes? How about a hand-painted porcelain soup tureen valued at $6,000 to $8,000? More than 500 items with price points from $50 to $120,000 are going on the auction block Saturday. The low estimate for everything in the sale is about $800,000. Colleen Gleason, director of estates and appraisals at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, says there's no upper limit on the bidding. Proceeds will benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation. Winfrey announced last month that she's closing Harpo Studios in Chicago, where she mad

  • Smithsonian series chronicles lives of oil patch residents

    Updated: Fri, Apr 24, 2015

    A documentary on the Smithsonian Channel will chronicle the lives of residents and workers in the North Dakota and Montana oil patch. "Boomtowners" will start airing Sunday. The six-episode series is the latest television project aimed at capturing the complexities of life in the Bakken shale region. The area has attracted thousands of workers from around the country and their families as they seek high-paying jobs in the oil fields. The documentary focuses on several people including a judge whose caseload has soared, a Phoenix-native trucker who hauls oil across the region, and an oil field worker who's a street preacher on his days off. David Royle with the Smithsonian Channel says the oil boom is a "matter of great

  • Spoiler alert: Shocking 'Grey's Anatomy' episode!

    Updated: Thu, Apr 23, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — If you haven't seen Thursday's "Grey's Anatomy" and plan to — spoiler alert! Out of nowhere, the episode walloped viewers with the shocking exit of — wait for it — Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, the reigning heart-throb and a charter member of the long-running ABC medical drama. Played by Patrick Dempsey, making a surprise departure from the series, Shepherd died from injuries suffered when he was blindsided by a truck. This was after he had stopped while on the road to administer aid to four people injured in a gruesome two-car crash. He had stabilized them all by the time medics arrived and whisked them away to a small, local hospital.

  • American Indian actors quit Adam Sandler movie over names

    Updated: Thu, Apr 23, 2015

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A group of American Indian actors walked off the set of an Adam Sandler movie this week over complaints about stereotypes, offensive names and scenes they say disrespected Native American religious practices. Actor Loren Anthony told The Associated Press on Thursday that he and eight others quit the production of the satirical Western "The Ridiculous Six" after producers ignored their concerns about its portrayal of Apache culture and the inappropriate use of props. Anthony said the script included offensive names for Native American female characters and a scene where a Native American woman urinated while smoking a peace pipe. Another scene used chicken feathers on teepees, he said. "Right f

  • Dr. Oz mounts spirited defense against critical letter

    Updated: Thu, Apr 23, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Dr. Mehmet Oz says last week's letter from 10 doctors who accused him of promoting "quack treatments" on his TV show was spurred by his support of labeling for genetically modified foods — a position he says some if not all of those accusers oppose. Oz devoted a portion of Thursday's show to his response to what he called "a brazen letter" sent to Columbia University, where he is vice chairman of the surgery department and performs heart surgery at Columbia's affiliated hospital. The letter urged the university to remove him from its faculty. He noted that the letter's lead author specializes in biotech and has campaigned against such labeling of foods. Oz said the letter was meant to silence him and

  • Reports say Comcast plans to drop $45B Time Warner Cable bid

    Updated: Thu, Apr 23, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast is abandoning its $45.2 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable, according to media reports. Bloomberg News and The New York Times both said Thursday that the cable company is planning to drop the bid after pushback from regulators. They both cited unidentified people with knowledge of the matter. Comcast may make an announcement as soon as Friday, Bloomberg said. Comcast and Time Warner Cable declined to comment. Combining the No. 1 and No. 2 U.S. cable companies would put nearly 30 percent of TV and about 55 percent of broadband subscribers under one roof. That would give the resulting behemoth unprecedented power over what Americans watch and download.

  • CBS books prime-time Letterman highlight show

    Updated: Thu, Apr 23, 2015

    NEW YORK (AP) — David Letterman is getting a prime-time goodbye from the folks at CBS. The network said that comic Ray Romano will host a 90-minute tribute to Letterman's television career. It will air on Monday, May 4 starting at 9:30 p.m. EDT. Letterman will retire May 20 after 6,028 late-night shows over 33 years on CBS and NBC. CBS said the special will "mine the video vault" of highlights from some of his best interviews and comedy, including his signature Top Ten lists and stupid human and pet tricks.