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Movie review: '2 Guns'

‘2 Guns' brings action and laughs, and leaves out the slapstick.
Oklahoman Published: August 2, 2013

This summer's answer to the buddy cop flick is “2 Guns” — an action-comedy with a twist because the cops themselves are unaware of the fact that they are both undercover agents and the reality of their precarious relationship.

Drug enforcement agent Robert “Bobby” Trench (Denzel Washington) is undercover, working to take down a drug cartel kingpin with likewise undercover naval intelligence officer Michael “Stig” Stigman (Mark Wahlberg).

After a failed attempt at infiltrating the organization of drug cartel kingpin Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos), the duo find themselves on the run, forced to come clean about who they are and work together.

The duo, thinking that they're holding up a bank to steal $3 million of Greco's money, end up finding over $43 million of the CIA's illegally gotten gains.

Bill Paxton (“Big Love,” “Twister”) brings an unusual but welcome flavor to the film as Earl, the shady CIA boss with a Texas southern drawl who is angered and willing to do anything or kill anyone to get his money.

Bobby and Stig painfully come to the realization that the people they trust most are not exactly what they pretend to be.

The sultry Paula Patton (“Precious,” “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”), who co-starred with Washington in “Deja vu,” joins him again, and their on-screen chemistry is evident again as she plays Bobby's lover, drug enforcement handler and double-crosser.

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