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Movie review: '2 Guns'

‘2 Guns' brings action and laughs, and leaves out the slapstick.
Oklahoman Published: August 2, 2013

Quince, Wahlberg's equally shady naval intelligence commander and best friend, is played by Oklahoma native James Marsden (“X-Men” series, “Straw Dogs,” “The Box”), and the relationship between all four characters is both complex and deceptive.

Washington shines, bringing a suave smile, laid-back strut but sharp, quick-witted tongue to the character of Bobby, while the sexy Wahlberg plays up his good looks and charm as Stig, showing off his comedic acting talent.

The love triangles, plot twists, hilarious repartee and heart-stopping action make “2 Guns” worth the money and an entertaining two hours. The danger to Bobby and Stig is imminent and extreme throughout the movie, the rapport they have makes for witty, hilarious, back-and-forth banter, and most importantly, the slapstick elements of some buddy cop comedies are thankfully missing.

— Tiffany M. Poole