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Movie review: 'Butter'

Having a taste for “Butter” depends almost entirely on whether you find the comedy of condescension and ridicule a hoot or a very cheap form of amusement.
Oklahoman Published: October 5, 2012

Almost absurdly well-adjusted and even-keeled for her age and background, Destiny is revealed as the Mozart of butter carvers. Faced with likely defeat in both the regional and state competitions, where Destiny does remarkable work sculpting the Freedom Train and a pieta-like rendering of herself and her imagined real mother, Laura resorts to deceit in league with a good-ol'-boy former flame (an amusing cameo by Hugh Jackman), revealing her whiny, self-pitying true self in the process.

Playing a thoroughly unpleasant character, Garner, who also coproduced, somewhat overdoes Laura's initial phoniness and her overriding shrillness. That someone, nay, anyone, would become so psychotically preoccupied by butter carving is part of the joke. When she discovers that her husband, whom she once regarded as worthy of high office, has cheated on her with a stripper, she sweeps it under the rug of her artistic ambitions.

Wilde lives up to her name as the go-for-broke exotic dancer as dim as she is unlucky, while the rest of the cast, excepting the dignified Shahidi, works in bright-eyed caricature mode.

— Todd McCarthy, Associated Press