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Movie review: 'Chasing Ice'

“Chasing Ice” shows the stark visual aspect of an inconvenient truth.
BY DENNIS KING Modified: January 17, 2013 at 5:11 pm •  Published: January 18, 2013

Much of the imagery captured here — time-lapse sequences of shrinking glaciers and masses of ice “calving” (or detaching) from huge glaciers — possess a terrible beauty. To watch a hunk of ice the size of several football fields fall into the sea and break apart is a disturbing sight that demonstrates nature's raw brawn as well as its ultimate sensitivity to the meddling hegemony of man.

Balog's assertion is that shrinking glaciers are our canary-in-the-coalmine indicator of looming “apoco-geologic” change. They are, he says, “the place where you can see climate change happening.”

While at times “Chasing Ice” verges on celebrating Balog as an intrepid environmental warrior with a bit too much Indiana Jones bravado, the film nonetheless stands as an engrossing tribute to the rugged art of nature photography as well as an impassioned visual plea for action that, coming so close in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and its widespread devastation, should cause even hard-core skeptics to sit up and take notice.

— Dennis King