Movie Review: Gleefully 'Ted' can be cuddly, too

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane flings zingers and bombs with help from Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. “Ted” is a movie for former children, not current ones.
Oklahoman Published: June 29, 2012

Many of the jokes land with a thud, and just as many hit their targets. But “Ted” tips toward something better than just beer brawls and poop jokes because MacFarlane makes the audience care about a teddy bear. Ted is a well-rounded character: he might have disgusting tendencies and a voracious sexual appetite, but he also loves John, and John loves him. By the end of “Ted,” viewers will get a sense that this bear and his best friend would do anything for one another. MacFarlane has his heart in the right place, and it shows in how “Ted” plays out between the scathingly nasty parts.

One note of caution: parents should not look at the cute poster for “Ted” and think this might be right for their kids just because there's a fuzzy friend in the picture. This is a comedy for former children, not current ones.

George Lang

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R1:463 stars

Starring: Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale. (Crude and sexual content, pervasive language, and some drug use)

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