Movie Review: 'Jack the Giant Slayer'

Bryan Singer's “Jack the Giant Slayer” takes a centuries-old fairy tale and makes it fresh, energetic and wide-eyed in a way that stays faithful to the spirit of magical storybooks but resizes the story in all the right ways.
Oklahoman Published: March 1, 2013

What Jack encounters at the top of the stalk is an entire army of lumbering grotesque oafs led by General Fallon (voiced by Bill Nighy), a colossus with a smaller secondary head growing out of his collarbone. The arrival of mortal men in their realm stirs up the giants, and Isabelle is captured. The crisis gives the king's shifty courtier Roderick (Stanley Tucci) a chance to make a power grab, forcing Isabelle's faithful knight Elmont (Ewan McGregor) and Jack to make another ascent to wage war with the giants.

Hoult approaches Jack with refreshing innocence and earnestness, characteristics that Singer does his best to evoke throughout the entire film. The effects are better than most of the marketing for “Jack the Giant Slayer” might suggest — the motion-capture technology on the giants is impressive, and the computer animation on the beanstalk strongly conveys the idea of a massive, sky-high plant towering over the kingdom. With a committed cast and a story that does justice to the folk tale, “Jack the Giant Slayer” offers big surprises.

George Lang

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