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Movie review: 'Life of Pi'

Director Ang Lee makes an art-house film in 3-D.
BY GENE TRIPLETT Entertainment Editor Published: November 21, 2012

Lee — who broke new ground with the poetic, gravity-defying effects of 2000's “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” — proceeds to immerse the audience in a harrowing and beautiful oceanic world of multihued blues, greens and grays, glass-like calm and life-threatening mountainous swells, blizzards of flyingfish, luminescent sea life, star-splattered skies, shadowy sharks and one majestic and graceful humpback whale.

Through Lee's unprecedented mastery of 3-D technology, and the additional magic of CGI, the audience is right there with the courageous boy and the ferocious beast, as Pi's resourcefulness gradually achieves an uneasy peace with the animal and the possibility of survival for both of them as they drift together across the ocean in the confines of the lifeboat.

But more, the stunningly vivid visuals serve to enhance the emotional impact of Pi's faith-testing journey, and the spiritual message that this heartbreaking and magnificently heartfelt film so effectively imparts.

— Gene Triplett